Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
FluffyCrocodiles chapter 152 . 5/24
As always the story is very well written and more importantly it is well thought out. Me even making this comment feels like sacrilege because of what might happen to the story if you hadn't thought of this. But in CH 151 dear JoJo got the VOWP cellular services power. Later expanded to the fact that it would allow him to call anyone no matter their state. Wouldn't that allow him to call his Passenger?
J4C00B0 chapter 52 . 5/24
I feel much better about the aftermath, there are still things that I dislike but hey, I'm already being very picky.
I don't know if I had already expressed my gratitude for this work. Although maybe I should stop reading so much of this in a day...
J4C00B0 chapter 48 . 5/24
I hate this chapter, I'll quickly continue reading and not think about this, my faith at this moment is too much to doubt you because of a single chapter that I don't like.
J4C00B0 chapter 42 . 5/24
This party is getting VERY crazy.
I love this.
J4C00B0 chapter 37 . 5/23
I don't know when the last time I commented was, I've become obsessed with history.
I must admit that I didn't love Bakuda's part, I have no idea if the character is the problem for me, other than that the story still has me enchanted.
You are introducing more lore that I don't know and I took a trip through the wiki to understand better, even so, if I get confused in the following chapters, I will blame it on my zero desire to read the original story.
J4C00B0 chapter 23 . 5/22
Well now I want that pair of idiots dead... I usually don't even pay attention to them, interesting.
J4C00B0 chapter 16 . 5/22
I discovered this story today... it's beautiful, thank you, seriously, thank you for creating this story, I have a lot of story to enjoy, even if there came a point that I didn't like, what I enjoyed this story has been wonderful.
Lord Roustabout chapter 158 . 5/22
I have been swamped recently, so I will be taking another week to finish the next chapter. My apologies for the short notice on this delay, but I don’t want to have to put out a half-chapter or something rushed and unpolished.
CereysKerrigan chapter 158 . 5/19
A tinker having to socialize? Perish the thought.
doraemax chapter 158 . 5/19
I love Aisha... she's not just humanizing them, she pushes Joe to challenge his limits (which IS NOT EASY anymore), plus she always knows what's important. hehe. And yes, Joe with Crystal Pelham is a solid choice. He could do better for sure...but She is in no way a bad choice for a date.
Nysk chapter 158 . 5/18
Love the story.
Desperately want more.
I do have one worry... that everything will drop at once.
Leet & Uber's Game World, Finding out March is still alive, Bakuda going on a last-ditch bombing spree to get her hands on Panacea (coinciding with Bonesaw appearing and trying to get her), a Confrontation with the Butcher, the 9, the Travellers getting angry and doing something/anything to get The Forge's Attention.
All the makings of one hell of a bad day.
I hope these events will play out slowly instead of all at once, but as an author, I know I would be hard-pressed both to write such a massive collection of events and want to do it to create tension.
I look forward to more and hope life finds you well.
Guest chapter 128 . 5/16
Battlestar Galactica Resurrection technology. Just a thought
gerald.lenard123 chapter 158 . 5/17
Can I just express how much I hate you for that Cliff hanger On another note.
Thank you for the chapter
insanecoop chapter 6 . 5/16
What the F is this nonsense, seriously? Did all the reviews come from just 500 people reviewing the story 100times?.
Oh look at this massive list of all the reasons why a bomb tinker is bad, why Coil is so bad, why the underside boss is so bad. Let me agree to work with them for what might be the Fing lamest set of reasons I have ever read?, seriously, did you spend all this time building up a character just to throw it away with what might be some of the most dumb decisions I have ever heard?.
And this nonsense about Taylor being the most important person... wtf, are you high? By his mere existence the convoluted almost impossible series of events that lead to her being able to kill Sion are no longer possible. Not unlikely, not 1 in 14,000,605 but actually impossible.

You said she's stronger than an unlocked Celestial forge?
what ever you have, must be some good sht as you as high as a kite. Lets examine ONE completed unlocked pathway...

Epansion of the Mind: As with all those within the Amalgamation, you have been ascended up the toposophic tree. You become the equal of a basic transapient, with tens of thousands of times more processing power than a human, microsecond reaction times, the ability to partition different streams of thought, eidetic memory, focus on and alter your subconscious actions, drastically enhanced reasoning and deduction, the ability to speed up or slow down your different streams of thought at will and a slew of other mental enhancements.

In essence multiple streams of thought at the speed of light with enough processing power and intuitive reasoning to deduce how to kill Sion or get around the path to Victory a thousand times over

That's ONE unlocked... Fing One.

Why not say that the Neutrino's are having a phycial effect for the first time on the universe so Sion can only be defeated by maracas as that would make about as much sense as what you said in this chapter.
Nysk chapter 124 . 5/16
I do hope there will not be more whispered appearing.
YAY JEDI. Will he fall to the Darkside?
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