Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
Nysk chapter 107 . 5/15
Wow, I both like and HATE the idea of Victor or anyone gaining powers from the Forge... I do hope he is wrong and when it comes out they dust him on principal.
Nysk chapter 106 . 5/15
Wonder where this will lead.
Nysk chapter 105 . 5/15
Enjoying the work.
No idea of what all fits into the cosmic forge as rolls or costs but I have suggestions for places to see tech.
Battlelords of the 25th Century (Includes Genetic Creature Creation, Gravitic/Microwave/Psychic Weaponry, and other weaponry.)
More Robotech
More Star Trek (BORG SHIELDS)
Clockwork/Steampunk Aesthetics.
More Robotech
Heavy Gear (by Dream Pod 9/Lot's of Mech Stuff)
More Robotech
So many sources, but I'm sure you are aware of it.
As always, thanks for writing!
seanedwardfaren1 chapter 61 . 5/14
As much as the theories of the professionals sound out right ridiculous from our perspective, it kinda does make sense if we were from the same universe without the omniscient view of a reader.
hmataco chapter 37 . 5/13
age of mythology
seanedwardfaren1 chapter 59 . 5/13
Wait, so will he be able to recreate logos react? Or does he already have a reality simulator that far surpasses it?
seanedwardfaren1 chapter 59 . 5/13
If the owners of the concepts he made are still alive in that universe, will they be able to sue him for copyright?
pugboi33 chapter 158 . 5/12
i cant wait for the date!
Nysk chapter 51 . 5/11
I truly wish March had died.
Yes, she pushes the main character, but her power is just OP.
Then again, I like overpowered main characters but they can be a pain to write I imagine.
Thanks for the tale so far.
Guest chapter 158 . 5/9
shugokage chapter 158 . 5/11
Excellent job on this chapter and fun scenes!
Vinyard26 chapter 135 . 5/10
thanks for the story, really liking it! It has a very different pace and tone from other stories but its thebdepth ofbthe characters and their interactions that sucks me into the world you've created.
Guest chapter 158 . 5/8
well Joe could neuter any parahuman power if he could just reverse what he did with aishas planet

just a dead planet with none of aishas bells and whistles just to contain their powers from getting out

like joe could make a collar with a planet inside so their powers couldnt reach the outside world lol

just put it on jack slash and boom hes just a marginally durable normal guy with knives

would be hilarious lol
E chapter 158 . 5/8
Well it seems Joe is going explore the city some more and S9 might get resolved around 2 or 3 more chapters but it is hard to tell to make an accurate guess.

Is Joe going to explain to the locals that he is going to destroy the S9 before he attack them? I figure he would tell Uppercrust and the Undersiders.
Ebrahim051 chapter 48 . 5/10
SPOILER KINDA... let me guess, March somehow survives
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