Reviews for Brockton's Celestial Forge
InfinityMask chapter 149 . 5/6
He finally get another skill to help his interactions/political etc huh? Lol.

Hahaha Jack agent impression is very funny!

I know it… I expect it was bad idea to curse 9. It’s seems everything would happen one after another again huh? 9 and ABB last stand.
InfinityMask chapter 148 . 5/6
Lol. Piggot playing politics but got burned. Sigh. I kinda hope he just dealt with 9. Prolonging that just make it harder for them. Just said he keep track on 9 and find them going to BB. Or he has contracted to eradicate them.
Ebrahim051 chapter 27 . 5/6
Mammon or Khepri.

Which one is it?
InfinityMask chapter 147 . 5/6
Hope kid realize how amazing he is doing soon. Haha.

Also hope clock and gully get help and survey or someone notices about shadow stalker things.
InfinityMask chapter 146 . 5/6
Tetra always very cute. And the interaction with Survey always kinda sisterly. And garment is their mother. Lol.
InfinityMask chapter 145 . 5/6
I really really hope Joe or survey didn’t miss the meeting between bucher and uber.
I know him cursing nine kinda mistakes. Haha. Should curse uber and leet instead.
InfinityMask chapter 144 . 5/6
Well damn. She nearly get destroyed by angry apeiron.
InfinityMask chapter 143 . 5/6
Well I’m happy there’s less drama than Expected. Sabah like crystal right? I wonder what she would think…

Sabah kinda more self centered than I thought. Haha.

How come Emma still have time for that?

Ahh… so aphrodite as step mom. I admit I need more time to realize who Joe mean by step mom!
InfinityMask chapter 142 . 5/6
Lol! Hope this wouldn’t blown up.

Anyway poor Lisa. Haha.
InfinityMask chapter 141 . 5/5
Lol. Uppercrust get crazy idea
Anyway I’m happy that bakuda situation would solve soon. Tho I think he need to address 9 before bakuda…
Would he tell kid about his true specializations? Then again he assumes PRT know about it.
InfinityMask chapter 140 . 5/5
Finally! Bakuda live more then she should.

Anyway I know what fleet doing wouldn’t be good idea. But with this the team get info on Jack. Tho I surprise he use curse on 9. Kinda distracting them and make them arrive late… kinda expected he use that on coil instead.

We just meed apollo and hermes now huh…
InfinityMask chapter 139 . 5/5
He reached the point where it’s doesn’t matter what he show off now huh?
InfinityMask chapter 138 . 5/5
He finally get zeus huh. And curse. I wonder can he curse coil to death? Lol!

The personal updates is good thing. Haha.

Would ziz and many other precog can see true power of Fleet? Or he shielded?

Hmm. Good pov from gregor and dauntless. I enjoy their pov.

Would the ritual strengthen 4th and 7th buthcher?
InfinityMask chapter 137 . 5/5
I kinda enjoy Colin pov. It’s enjoyable. Haha.
Poor PRT.

Well I guess the hint they left behind is noticed by people.
InfinityMask chapter 136 . 5/4
So many gaps. Then again there’s many things happened. Haha.

Lol the chaos when Joe cut loose would be glorious.
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