Reviews for White Collar: An unofficial novel - part 6
Taramor chapter 17 . 9/23
The scene between Neal and Diana is so sweet. They are bonding, not just over having lost a loved one, but over how art could help making life bearable.
“I am aware where a penthouse is situated, suit!” Classic Mozzie!
And Neal is creating the reality he is living in, via forming peoples perception.
Lovely chapter.
Macy chapter 19 . 9/4
I let myself go down a memory lane a bit and realized that it has been a bit more than two years since I first read your "The missing scenes". It's crazy how time flies. 2018 was some difficult year and I want to thank you for making it a little better.
Anyway, sorry for rambling. I haven't had much time to read stories here for a while, but it's always good to see your updates. Take care!
Taramor chapter 16 . 8/27
Pure comedy - first Neal ad Diana’, then Peter and Mozzie.
In a way it was rather brave of Neal to let Diana know wich affect she had on him. But maybe not - they were a job, and there sexual attraction was just a tool.
And Peter with Mozzie - season two really let Mozzie shine.
Taramor chapter 15 . 8/23
You tell him, Neal! It is a great scene. “I’ve never lied to you” I understand Peters first skepsis, but he gets that Neal is rigth.
Neal is expecting a lot of honesty and trust from Peter. Maybe more than resonable - even Moxxie thinks it is ok the feds have secrets as well as he and Neal. But Neal is disappointed.
The plotline with the park is so funny - Neal throw a small snowball, it is rollibg and getting bigger and bigger.
Taramor chapter 14 . 8/23
Dylan is if fact rather brave, being a whistleblower. A lot of employers could se his actions as illoyal, if FBI didn’t find any thing. Neal hoping he would stay in politics, because he wasn’t good at lying, an hoping the same for the woman who didn’t like his misdirections, is sweet andfunny.
And now Neal knows Peter is keeping secret meetings whit Diana, and was lying about it.
It is a bad idea to try to keep secrets from Neal.
Taramor chapter 13 . 8/11
And more background information for us - Neal never finished High seems a little sad, and Peter is surprised. And the FBI does a good alias “ you’r good, but we are better” as Diana says.
Neal is selling himself so well - and Jennings gets it. You don’t have to have substance in a con, or politics, just misdirections. Peter, Jones and Reggie are not getting it
Peter feeling bad lying to Neal, but still not letting him in on the secrets with the musicbox. It has to end badly.
Good chapter.
Taramor chapter 12 . 8/11
It is a great episode. Beside the head story we get a lot of small informations - Elizabeths company is doing very well now, Mozzie can be conned by a sleek politican, Peter can do a ‘bad cop’, but have obviously never used it on Neal.
And ‘bad cop, good criminal’ is just gold.
Taramor chapter 11 . 8/11
Yes, Neal needed that little bit of triumph, Walker really got under his skin.
I like you let Peter have a real conversation with Neal about the card, and why some kind of punisment was nescesary. And asking Neal if he had a sugestion sensible than usually in the show. :-). I’m somtimes tempted to yell at the screen : “ why doesn’t you just talk about this?!”
Lovely scene with Mozzie and Peter. They are so great together.
Macy chapter 15 . 8/10
This will perhaps not be as thorough an analysis as the comments below are, but I just wanted to say I am still reading, still enjoying very much and I hope you are safe wherever you are!
Taramor chapter 10 . 7/30
A lot of fanfics lets Peter or the FBI punish Neal in different ways, to ‘to let him learn about consequences’. But I really don’t think it will work. He has already been sentenced to four years in Sing Sing. It is beating him with the biggest stick available, but it doesn’t seem to have changed him. I think the way he acts - allways looking for oportunities, for a way out or for an advantage - has been the way he had to act to survive from the time he was a young child. I think you are rigth, when you say he just kept the card, a habit, not having any plan with it. He is just used to having to be prepared for everything. I think it would be very hard for him to stop thinking and acting that way. Having people he could trust migth help, traditionel punisment not.
I really like you let Peter tell him what he had done wrong, and what he should have done. Sometimes in the show it seems like Neal does a lot of illegal stuff, to help FBI, or for other reasons, and Peter knows it, but he doesn’t say or do anything. It can’t be a help to his rehabilitating.
Sorry, it became a little to long, all my thougts about crime and punishment. :-)
It was a great chapter! Good cathing Walker being jealous off Neals fame. He is just so arrogant!
Lovely scene in the bank, Peter and Neal just works so well together.
And Peter really should write a serie. I know a lot of fans who woul love to read them ;-)
Taramor chapter 9 . 7/30
“Smacking your handler...” Love it! This scene is so full of you, Peter and Neal playing bankrobbers. And it was the first time Neal called Peter Butch, I think. I love the way the show uses petnames/nicknames.
Yes, Neal has clearly NOT told everything he knows of the banks security. He will allways have an ace in his sleve. But he should not run after armed robbers.
Great, funny chapter.
Dawn248 chapter 11 . 7/9
I love all the back story and character thoughts you add! It is such a delight to read!
Taramor chapter 8 . 7/4
Oh that smug bastard - putting an alarm clock in a box with Peters name on it. But I suppose it was something, Neal could have done, too, in his time.
The DOJ is very hard on Peter - he ought to be abel to make a mistake now and then, without having to fear for his job.
Lovely scene with Diana explaining things to Neal, and trying to comfort him. And Neal being grateful Peter wants to drink a beer with even if he is annoyed with Neal.
And the scene at the kitchen-table is lovely. Neal opening up to Peter and Peter listening. And turning the conversation around and using it to show his faith in Peters ability to catch Walker. One of my favorites.
Taramor chapter 7 . 7/4
I just love this scene with Withney. Ther is so much humor in it. And probably some hurt for Neal to.
I have the serie on Viaplay, and they have cut that scene down, ending it just after Mozzie has copied the simcard. It is to bad.
‘Word on the street’ - yes, it covers a lot.
Taramor chapter 6 . 7/4
Diana and Neal working together is so great. But no fistbumps to poor Peter. And Edward Walker is really annoying, smug, overbearing. So bored, he is sending golfballs out into the river. Trying to provoke Peter by asking if he has come to write him a ticket and Taunting Neal for getting caugth. I like you gave Peters insigth on this - that Walker had showed his hand, that he was envious on Neal. I am sure he had heard of Neal. Just some months before, his mugshot was everywhere.
I liked you letting Peter recognise Neals’bad-guy face’ from the Avery-case. Walker got to him, and he was angry. I had to se that scene again, to compare.
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