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Eli chapter 5 . 6/17/2015
lol I was hoping to see the happy Val/Filia ending
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Willow Edmond chapter 2 . 3/16/2015
Avid/Amused/whatever fan

Seriously? You think the author is a bad person so you came and blasted her out on a story?

Wow, that's even more pathetic than I thought. Not too busy to run your mouth, but too scared to leave some type of internet handle. Had to shout it out to the world, but won't identify yourself (at least to the author) so maybe she could remember the horrible sin she supposedly did to you.

No matter what happened between you and the author in the past, I highly doubt it's as one sided as you want to make us believe. Seriously, get over yourself. Are you so weak and pathetic that some incident that likely happened years ago would affect you like this? Seriously? Dry your eyes, unclench your fists and get over yourself. You're not that important in the scheme of things.
Kuchenhexe chapter 2 . 3/15/2015
Interesting. And I can't think of who you might be. You've meant that little to me that I can't even remember you, where I've clearly had such an impact on your life that you're a little miserable ball of bitterness. Since I've been rather quiet on the Internet the last few years living my own life and doing things that aren't fandom, I'm assuming this is many years later,

I'm doing quite well, very busy with some nonprofits and peer counseling, and meeting some truly amazing people and enjoying married life. So yeah, there's a little thing called MBC involved, but apparently while I'm out living and having fun, you're chewing on your own liver over something so insignificant to me I can't even think of what you might be talking about.

There's schadenfreude, and then there's "really? You're STILL on that?" and it's clear which one you fall under. I'm sorry to hear your life is so pathetic that you've let someone on the Internet ruin things for you. Do you feel any better for dumping all that vitriol, sugar? Have a good night.
amused fan chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Wow, I love this! This has nothing to do with something as laughably trivial as a story. This is about the author being a mean, nasty person, who has no qualms about hurting other people. So all the bad energy created from that behavior came around and took a big, metastatic bite.

Willow Edmond, you're terribly amusing. Please write another post in response to this-I dearly love to laugh.

Well, I see my work here is done, and has yielded much better results than I ever thought it would. I'll make my bow and saunter off the stage now. Goodnight!
Willow Edmond chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Avid Reader, I would like to return the favor and wish you ill in your life, but Karma does have a big footprint and I am hoping it ends up buried up your ass. What type of human being wishes another to die a painful death over a fanfiction story?

I know you'll see this, because people like you always come back to see the havoc they have wrought. The author herself was kind. I want to wish you horrible things, but I won't tempt fate.

So, instead I wish that someday you realize how cruel and terrible your words were. How either in your need to troll or your need to bash someone for whatever reason, you later get some perspective in your life and it hits you, the horror of your actions. "I wished someone horrible pain over a damned story."

And I hope it haunts you. Haunts you to the point where you will do anything for absolution, but you won't be able to, because once you realize the truth, you will realize exactly what a horrible, terrible, thing you have done.

I hope it keeps you up at night.

I hope it is a sin you feel you can never properly atone for.

But I hope you try. I hope you volunteer your free time doing good things for others in an attempt to atone for what you have done on this day. Because goddamn it, something good should come out of something that terrible.
Unoriginality chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Wow, someone left a helluva nastygram. So the author deserves to die painfully- not just die, but painfully -just because she hasn't updated this and may not get to?

You know that karma footprint you mentioned? Yeah. Might wanna make sure it doesn't kick you in the ass, dude.
Kuchenhexe chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Dear Avid Fan, Thank you so much for your thoughtful commentary. That is certainly an interesting theory you have presented. May you have a blessed and bright day. Sincerely - Author.
avid fan chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Did you ever think you got metastatic breast cancer for a reason? Karma has a big footprint.

I hope a you die a horrible, painful death. You deserve it. I hope you're one of those people that pain meds don't work on, and you die screaming in agony.
GreaterBeastXellas chapter 5 . 2/2/2015
I miss this fic so much.
Clockwork Eden chapter 1 . 3/20/2014
I have literally not slept most of the week and went into work tired just wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Excuse my language but you are such a fucking fantastic writer and you write xellos so, so perfectly. It's rare, it really is. You have such a solid grasp on the character's and their personalities and I'm completely engripped in this story you wrote was ago. I can only hope you update despite how long it's been. And tomorrow after work I'm at least going to find a way to contact you like a normal person and not through anon review and at least tip my hat to you if I can't inspire you to continue.
CMY chapter 5 . 4/19/2010
Read the entire trilogy from beggining up to here. Quite a tale you've woven, and nothing short of a tragedy that it was never finished.

With only one other Slayers fanfiction writer I consider worth reading nowadays, my choices have been kind of narrow. It's nice to read something good for a change.

TIOT was a pleasant story for me. I never really liked the idea of Valgaav being reborn anyway. This alternate setting made more sense to me.

Being united with an incredibly ancient and powerful dark lord would have given Valgaav access to secrets untold to both the Shinzoku and Mazoku races. Had he survived like in your story, he would no doubt have at least brokered the interests of many powerful beings.

ATTN was by far the best of the trilogy, though I can't say I enjoyed watching Filia being driven to semi-madness by that accursed Mazoku. I think she might have prefered it if Xellos had simply forced himself on her. She went to so much effort to hide and smuggle her child away from him, only to discover that he had known about it from the beggining, and that all of her efforts were in vain. From that last point addressing her, she may one day seriously contemplate suicide.

Then Came The Dawn. Christ in Heaven, I wish you'd hadn't discontinued it. The first chapter was quite a shock. If what Valgaav recalled was true, it meant that Xellos had to resort to base trickery to get him to leave the home. With three years having passed, L-Sama knows what state Filia is in now. She might have become permanently insane. If that has happened, Valgaav's in for an entire new world of hurt if he ever manages to contact her again.

Von, their child. Separated from his mother while still in the egg, born in Seyruun, raised in the palace. He may be living in ignorant bliss now in his toddler years, but his childhood and probably his entire life will be a hard one nonetheless.

Valgaav meeting his son was quite an emotional moment. For three years, he had never known that he had become a father. This is definitely something new for him.

Lina deciding to aid Valgaav, her one-time enemy, against Xellos, her somewhat ally, seems to be an odd decision, but then considering the situations Lina Inverse gets herself into, I can't say I was thoroughly surprised.

Still, I doubt there wouldn't be any tension. There might still be some bad blood simmering between the Ancient Dragon and Lina's group, considering the Gaav/HellMaster situation. Valgaav would probably feel apprehensive or reluctant to speak to her about it, considering that the reason he tried to kill them all was a lie and a mistake all along.

I loved your portrayals of Gravos and Jillas throughout the trilogy, particularly the latter. The one-eyed fox is far ahead of his time. If it wasn't for his dogged loyalty, he could probably make a killing mass-producing machines and weapons. As for Gravos, I liked the accent you gave him. A one-time fighter becoming a home servant and now a babysitter, whether he likes it or not, still must have made an impact on him.

I think Lina attempting to teach Valgaav spells from her arsenal could be downright dangerous. I can't put my finger on it, but a dragon calling on the power of ol' Ruby Eye does not bode well. Plus, if he DOES use it, he could obliterate the entire town his mate is half-living in.

Lina must really care about Filia if she's willing to teach a one-time foe a very lethal spell that, to my knowledge, she currently is the only person capable of casting. The Ragna Blade is not the same as the Dragon Slave, and the knowledge of a spell that calls upon the strength of the most powerful being in the universe being given to another person seems downright ominous.

At this last point in the story, it seems that Zelgadis would be getting involved. However, having a reputation of placing his own interests first before deciding if he should bother to aid others, I think there might be a problem, especially considering that the particular person seeking his help once tried to kill him.

Finally, Xellos. If my theory holds, he would probably have foreseen that sooner or later Valgaav would realize that something was off on that day he drove himself out of Filia's life. And following that, that he would take the only logical choice open to him; to seek help from Lina.

It is not wise to underestimate Beastmaster Zellas's servant.

This fanfic you've written, Chaos, has been an extraordinary story to read. Thank you for taking the time and energy to write it for us.

And I humbly request that someday, if you wish, to pick it back up again. So few Slayers fanfics are worth reading now, and I can only hope that you'd revive one of these precious few.

As alwways, the decision will rest with you.

Thank you nonetheless, Zanne Chaos.


P.S. One chilling thought: While the dragons who worshipped the Fire Dragon King are now all dead, there are still other Goldens out there. If they ever discovered that one of their own had mated with an Ancient, and a technical war criminal to boot, plus having conceived an illegitimate, hybrid child, Xellos would not be the only one Valgaav and his new allies would have to worry about...
SilverGhostKitsune chapter 5 . 11/30/2006
Update, Update, Update! Fabulous fic! I look forward to the next chappie!
SilverGhostKitsune chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
Kawaii chappie! I am so glad you let him meet his son. Xellos should die and burn, Amelia deserves to see Zelgadis, Martina should be dragon slaved ten fold, and Filia should get to see Val again! However, these are just the rantings of one psycotic SilverGhostKitsune. Love the fic and I am going to try to finish the next chappies when I get the chance!
zakipoe79 chapter 5 . 3/5/2006
Oh~ I so wish you would post more stories up here. I really love the way you write, and there are not nearly enough good Val/Filia Stories that I have been able to find. Well, whatever floats your boat, I guess. I'll daydream the rest up, I suppose... TT *sniffle-sob*
eli chapter 5 . 11/14/2005
Aww hell, I just realized that I asked you to completely rewrite more that HALF your story! I'm sorry. I just wanted to clear the fact that I wanted for you to maybe put these differences that I asked you for in a different Alternate Story Line for it(for moi *blushing at asking so much*) if you feel up to the little challenge. Sigh. Sorry again! Byebye

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