Reviews for Demons & Dragons
lon'quesadilla chapter 1 . 5/8/2020
Aw, wow, so I don't know much about D&D, but I still really enjoyed the adventure! These guys seem like the Perfect group to be playing. I especially liked how they were all in on the surprise proposal, even if it happens a bit earlier than they'd expected, but it was still really cute. This was a fun fic to get to read, good job with it! c:

also lol at that word count, how perfect
signelchan chapter 1 . 5/8/2020
Any time you write something, it's a treat to get to read it, and this time is no exception. You take your newest interest (that being D&D) and mash it into fitting the prompt for today for Momoharu Week (that being hero and demon), and the resulting story is one that I greatly enjoyed getting to read. I can tell that you put in real work to build these characters for, well, these characters, and you made sure that their campaign worked in both the context of the story and the context of the game they're playing. Not a single aspect seems to have been overlooked, which is amazing given that you were working with a lot here.

The choice to write in present tense was a risky one, but one that I feel pays off when you remember the fast-paced flow of the actual game and how it's an in-the-moment sort of thing. You can't be dwelling on the past in D&D, or else you're going to end up left behind. Your tense choice also makes for the breaks from the game to flow more naturally, blurring the line between what's in-game and what's in their actual lives. Of course, that line gets completely thrown aside for the ending, which is simply adorable and I'd read it again and again a million times if I could, because the flawless execution (from a /narrative/ standpoint) is remarkable. I love cheesy proposals, and one that transcends a game to the reality of the characters is...pretty damn cheesy.

Amazing work as always, and thank you for trusting me to read over this before you posted it!