Reviews for Gamer of Blades
evilstatistic19 chapter 23 . 11/27/2022
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
Derpysense chapter 23 . 11/26/2022
It’s been a while buts it’s still just as good.
lonetigar20 chapter 23 . 11/25/2022
Awesome can't wait for more :)
Seimika chapter 23 . 11/24/2022
Noticed at the beginning he was afraid from being away for so long in that special Id ..did you forget you made it freeze time like the world's he's not in so no time passes till he gets back?
Seimika chapter 22 . 11/24/2022
It's to bad you plan on ending this after the next new world, though I can understand the constant use of the class system would be a drain mentally, though you could just have the level 200 bonus be no more class system and just let him learn stuff naturally or via the shop.
Guest chapter 23 . 11/23/2022
Umbrella Corporation is either gonna get absorbed or destroyed lol

Hope he absorbs it to get their resources and influence

They are probably the only group of people that self sustainable

They are practically a nation now that they spread the zombie virus through out the globe

So controlling that he would be able to be king of the world lol

Maybe make China or Japan his base of operations

Slowly get more population from the halfbloods , Muggleborns, magical creatures and beings

It would be super awesome if the umbrella corporation lost control of the virus so it could evolve into something super evolution steroids on plant and animal life

Make the world to look like skull island and Jurassic park

Maybe have the humans evolve a bit too like being dosed with the super soldier serum?

It’s honna be super fun to make a empire with his harem

Can’t wait for him to go to one piece

Get those sweet sweet devil fruit samples

It would be awesome if Gate (the anime) would open up in Kichirous HSOTD universe too after He rules a big portion of japan

And he could make the opening permanent

Would be hilarious if the zombie virus mutated with magic XD

Freakin zombie dragon spewing zombie making poison spray
GoPoe chapter 10 . 11/23/2022
Honestly, I still can't get over the fact you gave him Vegito hair I can't imagine it looking anything but ridiculous. Also, why does he blush so much is he a sheltered maiden who doesn't know anything about the opposite sex?
holosagewolf32 chapter 23 . 11/23/2022
Could go to elder scrolls
holosagewolf32 chapter 21 . 11/23/2022
Bit sad there is no lemon for the cat transformation/orgy ch 22 implies
holosagewolf32 chapter 22 . 11/23/2022
… the shadow clones kind of ruin things. There already wasnt much of a struggle for the mc but with clones….. he can cheese everything
Ikasuki chapter 17 . 11/23/2022
Honestly it is rare to see people dish out bad comment on a story even more so on gamers. They tend to praise it even when it is barely mediocre…

Yet here almost everyone agree… ther is almost no story and pages upon pages of skill list and explanations and lvl up…

Chapter one was a clusterfuck of Mac getting ultra powerful item and power for having done absolutely nothing.

The rest of the ‘story’ if it can be called that is pretty much the same. Skill name and list and lvl up and a shit tone of Bold letters. Most of it useless never to be used or remembered anyway. It is possible to skim through more than half a chapter and not miss anything story wise.

And in term of story structure… the harry power arc is characteristic. The Mac stay in the back get extremely powerful before the year start then defeat the big bad guy in an anticlimactic and super easy way and then there is nothing to do… I mean sure it is efficient and the best way to objectively do it in this setting.
But a story Objective is to ENTERTAIN there is a reason why wharacters struggles get better kind of lose then come back then win.
There must be tension rising then a climax.
And if it not about struggle and action then there must be great character development and interaction as well as world building and exploration/interaction to make it interesting.

But ther is none of that here… just… skill list lvl up and bold letter. I skim through most of it just to get to some dialogues and interaction and even then most of it is surface lvl.

Honestly as a story it is not that great. The amount of words anc chapter made me hope for improvement but I am forced to admit nothing much changed from chapter 1.
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 23 . 11/22/2022
are you gonna do lemons, i really want some hotd girls lemons, they are so hot
GXVIII chapter 23 . 11/22/2022
To me the appeal of World travel is the different adventures that you can have. The powers you can gain is secondary. For example, Dragonball world has a lot of unique planets and it also has its subsequent multiverse.
Regtech chapter 23 . 11/21/2022
Thx and keep up the adventure! Slice of life is also nice
PasiveNox chapter 23 . 11/21/2022
Great chapter
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