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mamacasper06 chapter 27 . 7/23
Damn I was hoping this chapter was an epilogue not an author's note... The ending was really anticlimactic and does need something like an epilogue to round things out
BrentNewland chapter 22 . 7/16
For someone who goes on and on about basic science, you sure do make some glaring mistakes. If the ship is 20 meters long and 2 meters high at the end, there's no way the nose would have a 30 degree angle. And a "rectangular triangle" that measures 20X40X150 meters wouldn't be "120,000 square meters". You've multiplied 3 dimensions, giving you cubic volume. And a shape you've described would be only half that, making the max 80,000 CUBIC meters. Assuming I'm understanding the shape correctly since you don't describe it very well-I'm assuming it's a wedge shape with a rectangular bottom?
Neoacoya1 chapter 3 . 7/14
I wonder if the author is aware that he is describing the process by which adults groom children.
Yeah...that's not creepy at all.
jaqmaq77 chapter 22 . 7/12
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance - baffle them with bullshit seems to be the recurring theme of the story... I mean, my head exploded at the concept of the triangular rectangle... what next, a three sided circle? and then the dimensions? 20x40xWTF? and again with Metres? NOT IN THE UK... I bought a carpet last week - 4 metres by 22 feet six inches... yep, its official... the UK is getting crazy... but the way you describe scientific nonsense is brilliant... I'm just waiting for the chapter where Harry invents the trifrangular umbigalla - and the reticulating wangdoodle... Its so crazy its gone past fraguliously artipified into scrumptiously flabertygibbered...
But aside from the brain melting double speak - its still interesting - I just hope when I skip read past the descriptions I didn't muss anything important...
Starman800 chapter 23 . 7/12
Hello, I am really enjoying this story, Since it is completed I usually wait till the end to make a comment, but I have to ask. In the story, wouldn't it be smart to have Harry use the carbon from cleaning the air to Thicken the air on Mars to help terraform it. You want to aid green house gasses to get the atmosphere to thicken, then work out scrubbing the CO2 out and get some Oxygen in there. Plant trees.. Lol.
jaqmaq77 chapter 13 . 7/11
Ok... good enough... but I still feel it was a convoluted way to offer Bill a job... and cursed to never know if it's real love... My three marriages all ended with my 'REAL' love having affairs and buggering off... first ten years and three kids, second ten years and four kids, third ten years and four kids... Oh, God's teeth... I need Harry's help to find and cancel my curse...
Love? Don't make me laugh... A woman who can be trusted? I laugh and wave my private parts in your direction...
Love is as real as Santa and the Easter Bunny... and as much use as a chocolate teapot.
But... still like the story...
jaqmaq77 chapter 12 . 7/11
What a confusing end? The Weasley family has a curse? Surely they can't object that much to red hair? (Oh wait... South Park - all redheads are born without a soul...)
And I worry about your Harry - he can't be both a Dumb Moron and a certifiable genius... He keeps inventing impossible shit... and my brain still hurts from the last chapters long winded explanations of stuff, and now we got a Weasley curse too?
I love the story but this super Harry is getting a bit much... Add time displaced Luna and I'm thinking its time to read the old nineteen sixties Chinese stereo instructions...
So... when does your Super Awesome Harry solve World Peace, Cancer, Aids, and Covid?
Not to forget growing crops in the Sahara to solve world hunger?
Having said all that... I'm still enjoying it... It's just that I'm starting to feel like I'm following a black cat through a coal mine at midnight...
jaqmaq77 chapter 8 . 7/11
I love your super Harry - and the story just gets better and better...
jaqmaq77 chapter 7 . 7/11
It's fast, it's furious... and the technical stuff makes my brain hurt, but it's very entertaining, and in the last seven chapters I have laughed out loud and chuckled a lot. Even with all the over the top maths and the beyond Outer Limits stuff it is a very fun read.
jaqmaq77 chapter 6 . 7/11
Oops... Another story that's so good I was about to start chapter seven before it dawned I hadn't written a review yet. I'm really enjoying it, well worth a read.

One point I have to make is that distance in the U.K. is in Miles, Yards and Feet... Road maps give my home to London as 407 MILES! no Kilometre's, No Meters... MILES... 1,760 YARDS... 1 Mile... 5280 Feet... 1 Mile 63,360 inches... 1 Mile... My Local swimming pool has the water depth in feet...

Not a big thing - not that important to the story. it's a bit like when I read an American and they refer to Sidewalks and Blocks... (He walked 2 blocks up the sidewalk. Not in the U.K. he didn't. He walked up the Pavement to the second street.)
And 'Pants' are what we wear under trousers... In the U.K. a man walking up the street in blue pants would get arrested for indecent exposure for wandering about in his underwear... And don't ask about a room full of British women when an American in Edinburgh announced he had slapped his daughter on the fanny to get her to move... They thought he was a pervert... poor sod almost got lynched...
Bronze chapter 18 . 7/3
Those pesky Death Eaters don't know it but they should be very grateful that they'll never have to face Hagrid with either his new wand or laser gun. A gentle giant he may be but he WILL defend both the school and the students should he ever need to. Pretty soon Harry'll have his own version of the military lidar system up and running. Then it'll be, Next stop Mars! And knowing Harry, another house with special garage. Speaking of Mars, England could be the first nation on Earth to have actual rocks and soil from there if Harry truly goes there. Oh, here a funny thought for you. Harry not only with a house on Mars but a Quidditch Pitch next to it. He'd be the first person to set foot on Mars as well as the first magical. Now he just needs to fig out an FTL Drive and navigation system and he could be gone for years exploring the galaxy.
richardkulisz chapter 19 . 7/3
across fiction and reality, truth-telling is more strongly connected to being a hero and lying to being a villain than literally anything else.

it's more closely connected than having devil horns and hooves and bringing on the apocalypse, as proven by Hellboy. It's more closely connected than being the King of Hell Lucifer, as proven by the show Lucifer who NEVER lies and is a hero.

it's more closely connected than being a vampire, as proven by Spike the vampire (vampire slayer) slayer, who is the executioner of enemies of his species. And a better person than you are.

then there's Sorin Markov the vampire who CREATED Avacyn the Archangel of Hope and head of the Church of Avacyn on his planet. For what reason? Deliberately and consciously out of his own initiative in order to save his planet since he knew it would be destroyed by monsters and undead!

truth-telling is more closely connected to genuine and true heroism than casting reflections in mirrors. Your HP uses mirrors as a weapon like the hero in Legend (1980s movie).

There is a lengthy essay on FFN on Harry Potter vs Mister Potato-Head which proves that HP in canon is not any kind of hero. Yet canon HP still casts a reflection in the mirror both times he faces it. Meanwhile, Dumbledore casts no reflection in the mirror of Erised in canon!

Oh, Dumbledore SAYS he casts a reflection in the mirror. But Dumbledore also says "the truth must be guarded by a body of lies" and never says the truth. so why would we expect him to say the truth about him casting a reflection in a mirror?

your harry potter is a truth-teller and dumbledore is a liar who said the truth literally NEVER in the entire series. and your HP wonders why dumbledore won't mend his ways or continues committing evil acts? it's easy, he's a villain!

and Dumbledore is not just any villain or archvillain, but dumbledore the liar is your harry the truth-teller's personal enemy and archnemesis.

your harry potter is dumb as fuck since he can't recognize his enemies even after they've backstabbed him. He might SAY the truth but that's because he needs it said to his face. He is incapable of reading it when others are lying to his face.
richardkulisz chapter 18 . 7/2
god your physics sucks ass. "aluminum doesn't make a good conductor of electricity" my ass, it's what electrical cables are made out of nowadays instead of copper.

Then you talk about "the element" boron as if it's Element X from Planet Y. Instead of found in borax laundry detergent. Unbelievable. And if you mixed up element and isotope, then it wouldn't make any sense for a developing country like Turkey to be making it.

The idea that magic is carried over electromagnetic fields is risible. EM fields are field effects, and magic is almost certainly far higher dimensional than that.

Also, that douchebag Dr Hawk who "seemed highly intelligent"? No, she seemed like a douchebag. You wrote her as a douchebag. There is literally not the slightest glimmer of intelligence in her. She is an arrogant douchey idiot.

Ever heard the saying "Hell is paved with good intentions"? How about "results speak for themselves". Since Hell is paved with good intentions and the RESULT OF good intentions is Hell, it follows only truly Evil people, those of archdemon caliber and higher, have "good intentions" and no results. Because it's PREDICTABLE. So then you've got the archdemon dumbledore condoning rape of innocents and your expy goes "I'm all confused" and "I don't understand!" what is he, an idiot?

There are some really huge glaring flaws in your personality if you have this bad judgement. What does it take for you to realize someone is evil, they have to wear horns and hooves while their skin is painted red? Oops no, because there's a much tighter correlation between "good intentions" and pure evil than there is between being named Lucifer and pure evil.

The way they're so sexless is also really starting to grate. But the physics was the last straw for me. :

The sexless harem reminds me of a famous narcissist's stories. PerfectLionheart aka JarredOrnstead. Especially Partially Kissed Hero. You're the opposite of a narcissist, which makes any resemblance to PerfectLionheart grating.
SaintlyMonarch chapter 1 . 7/2
richardkulisz chapter 1 . 6/29
corporal punishment wasn't against the law, and wasn't against the law until very recently in britain. in fact, the prime minister of britain tried to defend it in court even after the european union court of justice, or was it the human rights commission well it was one of them, ordered britain to make it illegal. britain is a backwards fucked up country and has always been so. apparently more backwards than you could imagine.

this story is cliche in our times (a lot of HP fanfic has been written) but I'm enjoying it okay. it's not amazing but there's nothing wrong with it unlike 99% of harry potter fics. I want to see where it goes.
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