Reviews for The Scion
Guest chapter 29 . 1h
This is a lovely chapter, sweet, sexy, and romantic. I love the idea of Eilonwy encouraging Taran back to the potter's wheel, and the whole sequence of her watching him work, and seeing every step in his emotional journey, is just masterful. & then the two of them working on it together! What a restful & restorative interlude, for your characters & your reader.

Zosia chapter 29 . 12h

Yaaaaaaaaay! I'm absolutely delighted that you've been enjoying this crazy ride through Prydain enough to plow through it at such speed. :D

Interpersonal complications certainly do abound in this story, particularly on the love front. While I want the best for everyone, I'm too much of a realist for that to play out according to the usual formula. Yes, Taran and Eilonwy adore each other, but they're new to this marriage business, and rough patches are bound to arise. It made their moment of re-connection in the Book of Three scene that much sweeter. (Oh, how I enjoyed writing that chapter! Created mythology for the win!) Likewise, on the Fflewddur/Telyn side: devotion alone does not ensure a smooth ride, and can even cause problems of its own when coupled with insecurity and an active imagination. Also, yes, the cat-and-mouse vibe of that love scene was quite deliberate. ;) I loved Llyan's endearingly determined pursuit of Fflewddur as a cat, and figured that wouldn't change much once she was back in her native form. Nor would her independent streak disappear. With Cedrych and Tegwyn, I'm still not sure exactly what wedge came between them, but I love how they managed to carve out (at least for a time) their own space in what appears to be a very heteronormative world. Special props to their wives for being so accepting of it - although, I suppose it worked out uncommonly well for them, really, having the advantages of a political marriage along with the option to see whomever they wanted on the side, in a society that normally would not allow women such freedom.

Meanwhile, in the background, those nagging political machinations... *sadistic snicker* Metaphorical knife-twisting is fun in fiction, where I have complete control of the outcome. In real life, not so much. May we all have rainbows and smooth sailing beyond the pages of books. ;)
Guest chapter 28 . 20h
Again in this section Fflewddur/Telyn works as a perfect counterpoint to Taran/Eilonwy; the latter made it through nightmares together, finding genuine comfort and contact with each other, while the former are struggling to stay connected in the face of troubles, fears, and insecurities.

Fascinating to see Taran inverting his usual position by being the one Fflewddur needs to depend on for romantic support in a moment of self-doubt! I feel bad for the poor confused dears, but I must confess I'm in favor of all this knife-twisting :P

Guest chapter 25 . 21h
All these loveproblems and tangles, from the warring young men to Taran and Eilonwy feeling at odds with one another!

I love love love what you've done with The Book of Three and the history of the Queens of Llyr in this chapter. The way it touches on Dallben's detachment as a carer, the wrenching sense of loss fully realized. In my own imagining, the bauble continues to work for Eilonwy, a little; but the thing Taran said here about the light being *her* is just perfect also. And the epic poetry is really well done!

Guest chapter 21 . 21h
I actually really like the idea of Telyn resisting official marriage, it's very in-line with the way you've drawn her character. And, it provides an interesting narrative diversity, creating a foil for Taran and Eilonwy's marriage-and-ruling love story, rather than running the same pattern over. Fflewddur's an unofficial bard and wandering king, of course he'd have a not-wife partner. I can even see Prydain being ready to accept that, especially from nobles and people in power.

Also super love how Telyn literally fills in for the lost magic harp, the chorus over Fflewddur's shoulder checking his, ah, exaggerations, as he perfoms 3

Guest chapter 20 . 22h
Rhodri and Iscawin make an interesting pair of challenges, an initially unlikable man turned honest ally, and a charming schemer who sows distrust in others. Taran and Eilonwy have the right instincts about them both, I think - I hope! Bad for them, if otherwise!

There's a very fun sexy "feline" quality to the lovescene, in a way that's amusingly reminiscent of Llyan's first pursuit of Fflewddur and his, ahem, harp.

Guest chapter 19 . 22h
I read through several of these chapters without pausing to review, lol. A charming villain, who seems warm and personable, is a unique challenge for these characters! It's a good thing that we, and they, already trust Telyn-Llyan as an unimpeachable judge of character - witness her fondness for Fflewddur - so don't think to doubt her.

It's going to be interesting to see how these knots are handled.

Guest chapter 17 . 6/16
Ughhh groups meetings. Although, good on Eilonwy and Telyn for insisting on being present, and on Taran, for backing them. The toxicity of the hard gender divide in Prydain is really on display here. A few more women, and maybe they'd be more likely to get something done!

Guest chapter 16 . 6/16
They're just sweet as clover, both of them. I particularly liked Fflewddur's characterization of Telyn's eyes as a reflection of her life experiences, and the way her attention got him to discipline his own, at least for a little while.

Guest chapter 15 . 6/16
It gladdens my heart to see the companions all reunited again. Life just continues to be one thing after another for Taran & Eilonwy, doesn't it? The gathering of potential allies is heartening. I hope Telyn's not going to get them into political trouble with whatever dark backstory is emerging here!

Guest chapter 14 . 6/16
Ha, they do know about Llyan/Telyn! It's hard to deny combat training to badass mountain cat shifters, innit? I enjoyed Telyn's determination, and the way Fflewddur backed her, and indicated the value of her opinions and experience

Guest chapter 13 . 6/16
Very cool watching the metallurgy level-up. Of course, the flip side of better weapons tech is a looming threat of war, and the possibility of an arms race.

The scene of Taran girding on Eilonwy's sword is great, cute & sexy in a way that's starting to be more grown-up than their adolescent flirtatious squabbling.

Guest chapter 12 . 6/16
Fflewddur's description of his weather does sound a lot like Wales, lol! The dig into his backstory is apt & evocative; I can see him as a former little brother become heir, touched by family loss. In some ways his relationship with Taran is more like a little brother to a big one, despite the disparity in their ages running the other way.

I hope the Caer Fflam people don't keep worrying about Llyan! They must have got used to her, in the years she lived with Fflewddur. You can't really ignore your lord's giant cat. It does seem like a foregone conclusion that he must have an excellent steward and staff, doesn't it?

Guest chapter 11 . 6/16
It's just so *sad*, the way they have to build back from nothing, from less than nothing. I can see why Taran would be floundering and at a loss. It gives Eilonwy the sort of work she needs, though, and lets her take advantage of her learning and experience. He's lucky to have her at his side in this work - imagine if he hadn't asked her, and she hadn't stayed!

Guest chapter 10 . 6/16
Goodness, this is getting *very* romantic! Telyn feels rounded as a character here, with believable frustrations and flaws. She fits in so well with Fflewddur's patter; he needs a "straight man" to riff off of, and without Taran to bounce off, I'm glad he has a companion to keep him rolling! Speech is such a social thing for Fflewddur, one sort of hates to think of him ever traveling alone. I'm sure he talks to himself, if there's no one else around to talk to.

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