Reviews for The Serpents Loss
draconic skysong chapter 9 . 1/27/2023
wooh harry faints. now how are the parents all going to take it. woops!
Dillonga2 chapter 9 . 1/26/2023
Can’t wait for the next chapter
burt1669 chapter 9 . 1/25/2023
Havent read any yet glad to see you are still updating! Cant wait!
CaskettFan5 chapter 8 . 1/25/2023
If John is telling the truth (or even knows what the truth is) then this is very very late. It seems more likely that it is misplaced anger. I generally have liked John as a character but just now he was a crap friend. Also, if he was telling the truth then he is a crap boyfriend.
Mythology216 the Beard King chapter 8 . 1/25/2023
I have to say, John's being a bit unreasonable here. Believably so, granted. And it's just as believable for Harry to just shoulder the blame.
Dillonga2 chapter 8 . 1/24/2023
Can’t wait for the next chapter
Hank1967 chapter 7 . 1/23/2023
Excellent chapter! Glad to see you back! Enjoyed seeing your characters all over again. Just might have to go back and re-read the first story... Can't believe those Ministry nitwits didn't kill Rabastian and Rodolfus when they had the chance. Glad to see that Arthur wasn't taking any prisoners. Perhaps he should end up in charge of the DMLE? They might get something done that way. Enjoyed the party. Yeah, some things definitely need a blind eye turned to them. Looking forward to seeing what happens when Duffy finds out Sirius is his dad. Should be explosive. Update soon please!
Dillonga2 chapter 7 . 1/23/2023
Can’t wait for the next chapter
GreengrassRebel chapter 7 . 1/23/2023
Maybe I don't remember properly... Was John supposed to be older than them? If I'm not crazy, the first book only covered 4th year, if John is going to be a 5th year with them, he couldnt turn 16 before the start of the year, he would be by default in the year above.

Great to have the story back either way, a good one.
mwinter1 chapter 7 . 1/23/2023
Awaiting more
Amineh1825 chapter 6 . 12/24/2022
Going to finish?
BillBrink chapter 6 . 9/26/2022
Are you going to continue this or should we discontinue following?
Guest chapter 3 . 9/10/2022
Is this a dead fic? I won't be too sad if you've decided to abandon this, but I would like some closure on the subject.
alsdjhfgljkwebgh chapter 6 . 7/26/2022
This is supposed to be a trilogy, and you were too stupid to even finish the second one? lmao.
CarolsSister chapter 6 . 7/4/2022
Oh dear lord, Ronniekins thinks he has the balls, the smarts, and the shear guts to match Snape as a spy? Visions of adequacy in a lazy lout - how amusing.
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