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Renee Aubin chapter 8 . 4/28
What a sweet idea, celebrating her birthday because “I didn't get to celebrate it with you."

Let’s not even think about where they both were a month ago. ‘My actual birthday had been kind of shitty, but I couldn't tell him that.’

Lovely: ‘It wasn't like I could say no to the bright eyes or boyish smirk on his face…’

Smile, sounds like typical canon Edward: ‘He answered none of my questions in the car.’

Oh gosh, his simple gesture of bringing sunscreen for her: ‘It was sweet and thoughtful and more thought than most people had put into my wellbeing in years.’

I enjoyed the twist that it’s Edward who gets Bella to read “Pride and Prejudice”. (Infinitely superior in my snobby mind to “Wuthering Heights”.)

Yeah, he’s a goner: ‘I was pretty sure he took my picture behind my back one of the times I stopped to look at the view of the city.’

Wow: ‘The whole morning effectively tore down any semblance of self-preservation I had left against him. Every wall I had built around me to keep people from getting too close shattered. Every defense mechanism I had failed against him and his genuine care for me that I wasn't used to at all.’
He couldn’t have known a simple hike would have such an effect on her.

Ah! ‘…it should have been terrifying to know they were crumbling. It was kind of the most liberating morning of my life, though.’
I love that she’s willing to let go and move on.

Typical charming dialog after her shower:
‘"Are you okay?" he asked with an amused smirk.
"Yes. Fine. Good. Naked." I frowned at myself, groaning under my breath at my own stupidity.’

Nice: ‘He said a lot of cooking terms that went right over my head when he explained it. I was also incredibly distracted.
Realizing that you had found the one person in the world to ever really, truly care about you could make your mind a little fuzzy.’

Her story about the last time she told anyone (her father) that she loved them was so sad. It was brave of her to tell it.

‘I couldn't blurt out the words again. No one I had said them to ever stuck around.
"So, I just… need you to promise me you won't leave me behind, too. Because I love you."’

Smile: ‘"I… love you," I repeated, testing to see if the panic was just delayed. Still not there. It made a small smile cover my lips.’

Nice echo of canon – she expects him to push away from her as usual, but instead she gets
‘"I love you," he breathed out against my neck. "I want you." His words were whispered against my cheek. "Right now." His voice gruff before his lips were on mine again.’
Only unlike canon she doesn’t idiotically decide to “wait”. Ugh.

Sigh: ‘“…you don't have to worry. I've got you."
His words were just as comforting as they had been that first night in New York.’

When he declares his intention to make love to her “like you deserve”, she realizes she needs to do this: ‘I took a few deep breaths to slow myself down.’
Otherwise his pace could be torture!

So perfect for them!
‘"Edward?" I mumbled against his jaw, stopping when we were nose to nose.
"Hmm?" he sighed, eyes fluttering open. Pretty green eyes that never looked at me like I was stupid or over reacting or lying.
"I'm really glad no one else wanted you as a client."’

And people complain conversations about condoms can’t be sexy! So wrong.

Delightful: ‘… the words that le[a]d to our downfall so easily coming out of my mouth and not filling me with dread made me feel like I could do this. Have a life of my own that wasn't ruled by fear and doubt. A life that was instead filled with love and pretty green eyes.’

What a perfect analogy: ‘He moved over me like a wave, gently crashing into me before retreating and starting all over again.’

Finally, what a blessing for her: ‘…more mind-numbing pleasure than ever before because there was no fear. No worries that we would get caught or guilt over our relationship or self-doubt that I loved him when he didn't feel the same.’

Aww: ‘His smile was breathtaking, and I was hit in the gut with how much it probably hurt him every time he said those words to me, and I couldn't say them back. I made a promise to myself never to miss an opportunity to tell him again.’

And he even got a birthday cake! And broke all the rules about how to eat it.

More delightful dialog:
"You have to stop buying me expensive things," I told him, taking the present out of his hands.
"You don't know it's expensive."
"Is it?" I asked with a raised brow.
After a slight pause, he admitted, "Yes. But, it doesn't matter."

This is such an improvement over canon Bella’s inability to accept a gift:
"Thank you for the earrings," I sighed happily, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "And the cake." Kiss. "And attempting to cook dinner."

In your author’s note you said “I wanted it to be perfect”. I can’t imagine how it could have been any better!
Just Sus chapter 23 . 4/23
Poor Bella...what an abusive and sad childhood she endured! She is a brave, strong woman, and it makes me proud to see her overcome her issues and love Edward. I'm glad she has him and his family, and Rose, too. I feel she will be ok in the long run!
EeWee chapter 23 . 4/19
Great story. I love these characters you have created. I'm heartbroken that Charlie is such a bastard in this story. He's always been one of my favorites. I'm so looking forward to part 3.
Renee Aubin chapter 7 . 4/17
Such a sad and depressing memory of Renee’s lack of care when Bella’s wrist was broken (with Tyler’s help).
‘It was on that drive home that I realized I couldn't count on anyone but myself…’ Something no kid should have to realize.

Maybe it’s true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, though, because remembering that incident ‘the morning after my shitty first day working with Renata put everything into perspective for me.’

Interesting: ‘… my fear of needing Edward as much as I knew I did’.

Ha ha, any sentence that starts this way must contain some truth: "I'm sure there are many other less offensive ways to put this, but…”

Yeah, I bet Edward will enjoy flipping through Bella’s “research” notebook on him, seeing how much attention she paid to his every move.

Huh, so the reason Edward refuses to appear on The Late Show is that “He crossed the line with that segment." A line about her, about them.

A fun bargain that he’ll do the show if she tells him what she was dreaming about. Her lack of belief in his true interest in her – keeps her a step or two behind him. It’s fun how easily he can shock her.

Yummy: "If you think your dreams are dirty… you have no idea what I do to you in mine."

I must be awfully naïve, because I really didn’t think working for Renata would be quite as much of a shark tank. But Bella seems to have a clear plan: ‘I didn't need their approval or help. All I needed to do was show them I wasn't going anywhere.’

Interesting distinction between her junior publicists: ‘Maggie was smarter about her own online presence, though, where Leah got chatty online. A small thing to some people, but a ticking timebomb here.’

Wow, she didn’t waste any breath kicking Leah off her team!

The visit from Alice was a breath of fresh air. And was no doubt dissected thoroughly by the rest of the office.

Amusing (and true) observations about how annoying therapy can be. ‘Normally, I enjoyed talking with her. But, normally, she accepted the fact that I didn't want to talk about my family.’ Apparently those days are done.

Much-needed perspective from Rosalie, re Bella’s resilience: “You got yourself out of that shitty life and built yourself a new one from the ground up.”
Impressive for anyone!

Snicker: "I don't think you're supposed to yell at physical therapy patients as much as training clients."

I really liked how Bella’s thoughts developed around Edward doing the talk show Renata booked him for. She cut it pretty close, but she got it, and for the right reasons.
‘I was taught that each client was a puzzle you had to figure out yourself. Going on other late-night shows was not part of Edward's puzzle.’
Plus she realizes he’s only doing it to oblige her.

Well isn’t this an intriguing author’s note: ‘The next chapter is probably one of my favorites of the series…’ And lucky me, it’s already published.
dowlingnana chapter 5 . 4/16
So glad dinner with the kids wasn't half bad. thanx ;o)
dowlingnana chapter 4 . 4/16
Oh please bring on the fluff; poor Bella needs it. Just like she needs to rid herself from that so called 'family' of hers. And yeah, how did he get her new number. thanx ;o)
dowlingnana chapter 3 . 4/15
If I'd known about BKoB in May I would've so voted for it. Yes, slow but moving a long better I think. thanx ;o)
dowlingnana chapter 2 . 4/15
Excellent how Edward proclaimed his feelings on his show. And I can't say I blame him. They're so cute. thanx ;o)
dowlingnana chapter 1 . 4/15
A better start to their relationship and I know Edward is trying to do it right and it must be very 'hard' on him. ;o) thanx
Renee Aubin chapter 6 . 4/2
She’s much braver than I think I would have been on her first day on the new job:
‘Every person in that office was going to be waiting for me to fail. They were going to assume I got the job because of how close Renata was to the Cullen's and I was going to have to work twice as hard to prove myself.’

Smile, when she’s shown to her new office,
‘I sat there for a few minutes, knowing this wasn't the kind of office you got six months after graduating college and getting fired from your previous job.’

Hmm, working for Renata will be a challenge, as she expected. In her first meeting she felt
‘a little bit like a ki[n]d in the principal's office’.

OMG: ‘"I'm more than happy to oversee Bella's work on Ashley, Renata," Lauren offered…’ An attempt to put Bella in her place in her very first staff meeting!

Yeah, I bet: ‘All throughout the meeting I felt the eyes of the interns and junior publicists on me, burning a hole through my back as I sat at the table in front of them. Probably with less experience than half of them.’

Well this is an interesting perspective:
‘I had every intention of keeping my head down and working my way up the ranks at Newton & Cheney… Until I actually started working there and threw it all away almost immediately.’

‘I was furious at all of the snide remarks and wandering eyes, but now that I was alone I was just… sad. Because, on one hand I was happier than I had ever been. …
On the other hand, being with him meant I was going to have a lot of days like today.’

Interesting decision from Edward, coming to Bella’s after work without even a text or call first. He probably knew perfectly well she’d blow him off if he gave her the chance. He's a real grown-up to be there for her anyway.

Good question: "No one looks at you any differently… do they?"
And of course the answer is “no”. At least he is perfectly clear why she’s asking.

She’s surprisingly forthright with him: “And you just… make everything better. Yeah, it might have been the stupidest thing I've ever done, but it made me happy. You make me happy."

Chuckle, re bedtime: "You know, I'm pretty sure I've had this exact same conversation with a small child before."

I like this: ‘…it was still a little weird when I thought about Edward being a dad. He once held tiny babies and woke up in the middle of the night to take care of them and read them bedtime stories and it was… odd.’
It’s good that she’s making the effort to imagine this part of his life.

I enjoyed the “librarian” conversation. ‘A smile covered my face as I saw Edward's cheeks turn just the slightest bit pink.’

At least, a sweet ending to her tough day.
Renee Aubin chapter 5 . 3/25
Oh yes: ‘Two months ago, that call from Charlie would have absolutely destroyed me for a good week or two. I would have walked around in a state of constant fury…’
That’s so hard on you! Not to mention blowing a week or two of your life.

It was nice, though, that this realization led to stirring up a few good childhood memories with Charlie.

Aww, Ashley turns out to be a good friend: ‘She was unfailingly, genuinely kind.’ Hopefully the relationship will be of great benefit to Ashley, too.

It’s hard for me to imagine what this would be like (shows how lucky I was):
‘"I didn't have the best childhood. This bar was much more comforting than my own bedroom sometimes," she sighed quietly.’
It’s a sharp insight into Ashley in just a few words.

Infuriating: ‘[Newton] was all about getting the biggest payoff of his clients. And, when you were a newly twenty-year-old female, that usually meant overexposed sex appeal to him.’

Interesting thought, that Ashley could try doing things her way first, and ‘You can change your mind later, try and become more appealing to a larger audience if that's what you want.’

Smirk, at the Mexican restaurant ‘…a head of copper hair caught my attention at the door. I had to chew on my bottom lip to keep from making a noise as I watched him walk across the restaurant toward us.’

This really is an unusual problem: ‘And as much as I appreciated the sentiment behind his decision to take our relationship slow, it didn't help that I had a plethora of memories with him that I would like to relive.’

Giggle: ‘The exchange of embarrassing stories was not something I anticipated from this little get together.’
Rookie mistake!

Nice: ‘Slowly, everything he had done so far was starting to stick in my mind and make me realize he was just as desperate for this to work as I was.’

She truly is not used to having anyone look after her: ‘It wasn't until we were halfway home that I realized he was making sure I safely got to the car.’

Good for Rosalie for seeing this: ‘The idea that me blurting out my biggest secrets to Edward as I ended our relationship saved our relationship was too outrageous of an idea for me to think about.’

Aww: ‘…I heard a soft sniffle come from [Rosalie]. "What's wrong?"
"I just… I know how lonely you've always been. And I'm really happy you found him."’
That’s a real friend.

Wonderful dialog:
‘"There's something I forgot to tell you earlier," he said quickly.
"It's very important."
"Your ass looked phenomenal in those jeans."’

Thoughtful guy, re the dinner with his kids: ‘I knew what he was doing, too. Inviting me at the last minute so I didn't have time to worry about it.’
Yeah, this is a bad place to have left it: ‘I hadn't seen either of them in months. I had only heard their fight about me the night Edward and I got back together.’

Sigh, yeah he’s probably right, and he knows his own daughter:
"Nothing will change if we don't push [Lucy] a little. It's just dinner."
With a bad case of indigestion if it doesn’t go well.

Sweet: cooking with Edward ‘was domestic and normal and the highlight of my week.’

Ha ha, Lucy’s looking for an ally:
‘"When did you start dating?" Lucy asked. …
Two weeks ago when I started dating your father probably wasn't the answer she was looking for.’

Wow, Bella’s impromptu speech when Edward leaves her at the table with the kids was pretty effective. Honest and revealing something of her own history. Bringing it home with:
"I'm really sorry your lives are a little out of control right now, but I hope you understand that I would never try to make you feel how I felt. Edward would never choose anyone or anything over you two and I would never ask him to."

Thank goodness Masen is open to getting to know Bella, and even using her expertise.

When Edward thanks her for what she said at the table: "They're your kids. Of course, I care."
She could so easily have been embittered about parent/child relationships in general, instead she manages to have empathy. Good for her.

This is pretty daunting, re starting her new job: ‘He was right; everyone I worked with would know every little detail the press had published in the last two weeks.’

Yummy detail: ‘His hands dug into the back pockets of my jeans, which I now knew was where they would always end up if given the opportunity.’

Re your author’s note – I didn’t think the chapter showed any signs of having been rejected by its mother – so you must have done a good job rewriting it till it suited you.
Caza24 chapter 23 . 3/21
Love your writing!
Renee Aubin chapter 4 . 3/11
First I have to say I have managed to miss out on Halsey until now, so thanks for the introduction!

Charming: ‘“You and Alice have the same face and it is very hard to say no to it."
"Good to know," he smirked.’

Hilarious babbling after she spits out “daddy issues” on the way to dinner.

Aww, sweet: ‘He wrapped an arm around my waist, a movement that now brought me immense comfort instead of confused curiosity.’

Very helpful to have Alice there to short-circuit the perfectly normal “tell us about your family” questions.

I liked this, from Alice, re sending Bella her own wedding invitation: “I spent a month deciding on invitations and I wanted every last one seen and admired appropriately." Not at all canon-Alice obnoxious.

Sniffle: ‘Because in the twenty minutes I had been in this house they had shown more interest and care for me than both of my parents had in a long time.’
I remember early in my canon-reading career being almost as captivated by the Cullen family dynamics as I was by Edward. Almost.

Wow, big insight: ‘He was what I wanted, more than anything else. Realizing that had been the biggest shift from the life I had barely pieced together for myself the last four years. … I had worked so hard for so long to simply… survive. Now, I wanted a life. With him.’

Snicker: ‘I wasn't sure what it was about Cullen's, but all of them seemed to destroy any semblance of a filter I had.’

After Carlisle’s dig that “Edward’s finally figured out the basics of sex education", Bella wonders ‘if this was the kind of thing Edward alluded to. His family making him feel like the black sheep.’ Until she thought that, it hadn’t struck me how sharp-edged that remark might seem, given Edward and Irina’s high school pregnancy. Ouch. But Edward lets it go pretty gracefully.

Wow, and later Esme owns up to this: “I had no right to ask you to interfere in his personal life. I could tell he trusted you and I used you against him.”
She really did. But I could see how this would be hard for a mother to resist:
“I hadn't seen that boy that happy since he was a teenager and I thought pushing him toward a divorce would keep that smile on his face.”

Aww, how lovely that she gets this insight from his family:
‘It never felt like I was the one that brought Edward back to life. To me, it seemed to be the other way around.’

Smile: ‘I wasn't sure if therapy was finally starting to get ahold of my brain but the idea of family dinners was suddenly thrilling to me.’
Won’t Jessica be pleased!

A good perspective from Edward on “daddy issues”:
"You've never heard something so outrageous about yourself that you thought it was hilarious?"
"No, I prefer to overanalyze every word said and obsess over what I could have done wrong for them to think that."

‘"I want a lot of things." The words came out of my mouth, barely above a whisper, without my permission.
"What kind of things?"
"You, mostly," I admitted, looking up at him. His smile was crooked and relaxed and made my mind flutter.
"You've got me," he said, a second before his lips landed on mine in a kiss that kind of changed my entire life perspective.’

I enjoyed the switch that it was Edward who got Bella to read “Wuthering Heights”.

Wretched intrusion by Charlie into her happy bubble. She needs to decide to cut all of them out of her life.
robertsbella2 chapter 23 . 3/8
So glad they discussed the issues. Looking forward to reading Closure.
robertsbella2 chapter 15 . 3/7
I knew it. Irina and Demetri leaking the picture.
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