Reviews for Monochrome
codywhite162 chapter 48 . 5h
Really glad to see another chapter of this and I quite enjoyed Harry's heart to heart with Fleur. Both of them are monsters and that is how the accept each other. I am still curious how this is going to work out with Daphne thrown into the mix but I am excited to see it unfold :) I digress looking forward to the next chapter.
Hank1967 chapter 48 . 10h
Excellent chapter! Really enjoyed the conversation between Harry and Fleur. They really are two of a kind, aren't they? Great job with the character building! Thanks for the quick updates! Can't wait to see what's next!
Charlee56 chapter 48 . 16h
What a great explanation of "why"! And the answer really just comes down to "why not".
Good one! At least you've now defined Harry and Fleur's relationship. And it's actually well thought out.
A Mokuton user chapter 48 . 18h
Awesome chapter as always blackstaff and Nightmare
grovepjp chapter 48 . 21h
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 48 . 23h
The lad seems to have things well in hand.
Immaterium chapter 48 . 23h
Their relationship is quite interesting - one monster finding comfort in another monster to not lose themselves - I like it. I wonder how Daphne will take Fleur's presense :)
mwinter1 chapter 48 . 3/26
Awaiting more.
Yaw613 chapter 48 . 3/26
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am sorry if I am being rude or annoying you with my review; I don’t mean to be rude or annoy you with my review; I just really enjoy your story a lot.
RedOuroboros chapter 48 . 3/26
Thanks for the chapter ,
Clavyus chapter 48 . 3/26
Good speech, Monsieur Potter 'even monsters deserve a bit of happiness'...
hellfire45 chapter 48 . 3/26
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and that was definitely a interesting explanation that he had makes sense a bit with the tiger idea
suryamgangwal63 chapter 48 . 3/26
why are you daphne so dirty in this fic. Harry had all the reasons to refuse the marriage but you still made him a bleading heart and accept the proposal because she was sick but then totally forget about her and shack him up with fleur and treat daphne like dirt. The total bullshit excuse for dating fleur and treating sitting with her in the train like an obligation
phoenixstave chapter 26 . 3/26
A great story, but I think you should change the Peverell motto as there is a reason no one seriously uses it. "Who watches the watchers" originally "who guards the guards" comes from an incredibly misogynistic rant by Juvenal in satire 6 about how your wife will have sex with everyone but you.
0richierich0 chapter 27 . 3/25
I just love stories with layers of pureblood culture and customs. Your court room scenes are certainly that. Why create this fabulous world of magic and then populate it with clueless Muggleborns, and witches and wizards who are afraid of real magic? The Harry in the books had to grow up ignorant so that we could learn of magic society along with him. But all we learned in the books was that Magical Great Britain was populated by bigots and friendly idiots and that Miggle society is superior. Which is why I enjoy stories such as yours so much. Thanks!
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