Reviews for Out of the Blue
Love-don't-die chapter 25 . 2/19
I had to stop here to write this...

FINALLY ! someone understands my love for Loki! do not get me started in how excited I am for the t v show!

no one gets it, I get weird looks when I say he's my fave! but COME ON!

I have an army ...
we have the hulk!
LiroDeSol chapter 38 . 11/16/2020
Suggestion, move the trigger warning to the top. It’s not very helpful at the minute and it was very jarring. Otherwise a very good book, please move the warning though
blackdragon2882 chapter 25 . 11/10/2020
I love this whole story but I'd love James POV
KMJeanne chapter 40 . 9/30/2020
This was fantastic. I cried, I smiled, and I enjoyed every moment
KMJeanne chapter 2 . 9/29/2020
Wait so is Hermione 41 and James 60? Or did I miss something? Because if she and Ron divorced over kids it seems like they waited until the very last minute age wise. I’m still interested to see where this goes, as I really love Hermione/James stories, so hopefully the ages are noted at some point
CrazyKitCat chapter 40 . 9/25/2020
OK words cannot convey how much I deeply loved the story. I hardly put it down from the time I picked it up and next thing I knew a few days had gone by. You have a gift for story telling and I deeply enjoyed reading this fic!
CrazyKitCat chapter 38 . 9/25/2020
If I may make a suggestion that you move the trigger warning to the top, it may help some people... it shook me very much while reading this to not have the warning before hand...

In more lighthearted news I really love the story and how well you’re depicting the relationship and struggles! I have hardly put the story down since I started two days ago!
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 40 . 9/22/2020
very sweet
mizgardenia21 chapter 40 . 9/9/2020
That was a wild ride but a good one! I’m glad everything ended well you had me worried lol! But it was super well written and I enjoyed reading it!
MissingDublin chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
I Love this story and love this pairing. I’m so sad to see it come to an end. I hope you write more Hermione/James stories.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
beautiful ending!
recey2010 chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
Perfect this is the first James Hermione fic I’ve ever read and I got to say you’ve made me fail in love with the pairings
Though I doubt any one can do it as well as you
Sarkat2013 chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
Love this story so much!
Crossy70 chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
Loved the surprise wedding at the end. A fitting end to a lovely story. So glad they all got their happy ever afters!
hanaharoo chapter 40 . 9/8/2020
Such a wonderfully written story! Thank you so much!
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