Reviews for The Boy Who Lived, The Brightest Witch and The Boy Who Wasn't
Guest chapter 10 . 6/20
hermone was very wrong with the cat, and sorry but attacking someone for name calling hermoine was wrong on that as well.
ron was wrong for name calling.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/20
i can tell this is a bash ron story leaveing out harry DID lie to ron he ask him why woudl someone put your name in and harry said i dont know, NOT to kill me.
and he yell at him about sirus sorry that was harry fault.
Coral Skipper chapter 19 . 6/17
"Save, Harry, Snog Harry" is a great line.
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 36 . 6/8
I've read your story to this point and it's brilliant. Such a fresh take. Can't wait to see where you go (although I was hopeful Umb# ch wouldnt appear). Bravo. MNF
csheila chapter 36 . 5/28
Yeah, eight
csheila chapter 35 . 5/28
Nice. Great world building
Guest chapter 36 . 5/28
Fantastic chapter, and I reread the whole story it was a great reminder of wonderful your story is. Thanks for the update
csheila chapter 34 . 5/27
God, Slughorn was like a creepy pedio
csheila chapter 33 . 5/27
Welcome to the real world,Hermione. Morons are everywhere
csheila chapter 32 . 5/27
So happy to see Augusta put Molly in her place.

But it will take hexing to make me truly happy
csheila chapter 31 . 5/27
No way Dumbles gives her the badge after what she did to Snape
csheila chapter 30 . 5/26
Christ, someone needed to feed Molly some happy pills. Maybe she would have driven the children away
csheila chapter 29 . 5/26
It’s so wrong how they didn’t brief the muggle parents
csheila chapter 28 . 5/26
This frustrates me so much.

No one gained anything protecting the damn phrophecy. If your enemy can use something, eliminate the possibility of them of the having it
Griezz chapter 36 . 5/25
Love this story! Back when Hermione first rollicking after Snape, I actually anticipated chapter 36's ending, and that she might blame herself for Umbridge's arrival. Still, Umbridge is... inevitable. There are changes, such as Sirius teaching DADA instead of Umbridge, but that just leaves her more time to interfere with Hogwarts.
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