Reviews for The Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter
mythrica chapter 1 . 9/22
brilliantly beautiful thank you.
Isla chapter 54 . 9/19
So good! Update please!
lagorda02 chapter 5 . 9/16
Or both
lagorda02 chapter 5 . 9/16
I prefer Daphne than Hermione
Tamras1972 chapter 54 . 9/15
one of the best stories I've read. hope more chapters soon. thanks for sharing
Ski11 chapter 54 . 9/12
Really love this story hope you come back to it!
SpockST chapter 54 . 9/3
Thank you for your story so far. I have just recently discovered it and love the long chapters of characterization that explain what and how the politics of the ongoing story is unraveling. I hope your muse allows you to finish this story to a logical and satisfying conclusion as soon as possible.
loleo chapter 48 . 8/25
please, can Harry get any other girl as girlfriend? i really hate her sanctimoniously and motherly behaviour. Harry is not her son, or her responsibility and i hate how she tries to correct Harry every way
loleo chapter 48 . 8/25
damn, Hermione is not Harry's mother!
loleo chapter 44 . 8/25
i like this Hermione, but her trying to parenting her comrads especially Harry, is dumb and inappropriate. Harry is a Lord, he would not let this go on without a bad outburst.
Pillager61 chapter 3 . 8/13
Really slow build up at this point.

ALSO! IT'S "Wergeld" Anglo-Saxon : WerMan. GeldValue/Tribute/Payment.
HarmonyInRiverwood chapter 54 . 7/31
Hey, what happened to wormtail?
HarmonyInRiverwood chapter 52 . 7/31
This is a phenomenal story. Well written and imagined. I read it on the plane and then caught covid so have been binging. It's gripping and you write action very well.

I have to comment though that the Lord's seem to act like petulant children if Harry is expected to punish people who want a meeting with him.

However this is a very satisfying end to the greyback arch!
Ducky1776 chapter 38 . 7/29
Beagles never behave! Unless they’re sleeping.
AHarryPotterLover1 chapter 53 . 7/25
I would REALLY LOVE to see much more of Felix and Harry in this story!
Harry should really go to Arpton more times a year!
Felix is so sweet! I love how he feels so protective about his Lord!
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