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Guest chapter 32 . 6/29
I'm so glad and is doing so much better omigosh! I just hope she keeps getting better each day and Grace and Christian keeps coming to see her. She deserves all things good now. I'm afraid it's going to be really hard on her if she does go see Eric I hope she's strong enough to do it.
zeeulove chapter 34 . 4h
Lovely Christmas memories.
CTHEWOODS chapter 34 . 4h
OMG. I guess im weird because I cried big ass tears the WHOLE FRIGGIN' CHAPTER. Shit. I can't quit crying woman! You HAVE to get her well so she can come home dammit! I want her strong enough to take on Elena AND ERIC. I don't want him getting off scott free by her thanking him by being nice to her. Fuck that. He molested her and allowed that bitch wife to do horrible things to her ...he deserves nothing from Ana. I wish she could legally cut hisdick off and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Anyway...a beautiful chapter from start to finish. More, please!;)
vickiel2r chapter 34 . 4h
That was a much needed time to celebrate Christmas with the people who love her and mean so much to her who understand her present situation. Grace is even more than like a mother to her. Ana really missed Christian and a day just isn't enough to make up for the days of abstinence from sex, that they do enjoy so much. There is progress but the court room case is looming and will be a heavy schedule for Ana. Thank you for another chapter.
RichkeyZero chapter 34 . 6h
thanks for the chapter
vickiel2r chapter 33 . 7h
It would be good if Ana can keep the bravado she had with Maxwell and able to tell it all in the courtroom. Her case is complicated because they were many offenses that happened and she was just a child then. The kidnapping, whoever picked her up did not let the authorities know of the lost child they grab at a deserted area. Elena and Eric kept the child imprisoned in their basement for three years. Then came the physical and sexual abuse, the scars in her body, they were all endangerment to an innocent child. Still don't know how she was fed or other needs except what she remember that Eric helped her with. She is still being mentally tortured up to now that she is where she is and her suicidal tendencies. The kidnappers started the roll of a decade plus of physical and mental torture in the hands of several people until finally Christian found her. Thank you very much.
for years.
sarabo chapter 34 . 7h
The very best Christmas! Everyone is so lovely to her. But, there may be some highs and lows in their relationship, the best is yet to come.
tp404 chapter 34 . 9h
I knew Christmas was going to go well. Her progress been awesome. Thanks for the update
Margaret Talai chapter 34 . 10h
Krooela chapter 34 . 10h
OMG! This entire chapter had me in tears- it was so full of raw emotion.
CathyD52 chapter 34 . 10h
I love this story do very much. I almost alwasy have a cry during it. You are wonderful.
Ice77 chapter 34 . 11h
Her first Christmas with her family! Loved it and lover her gifts! WOW, now she has 3 violins! Good for her ;)
BK28 chapter 34 . 11h
Accepting there is a long road ahead for her but really enjoyed this upbeat chapter! She si surrounded by a family giving her strength through their love for her, which she is going to need as we get to the court cases.
smills chapter 34 . 11h
Good chapter again
donna.vispo chapter 34 . 12h
A perfect Christmas!
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