Reviews for Harry Potter and the Slytherin Truth: Year 1
Guest chapter 25 . 3/21
I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The amount of potential for this storyline is endless I cant wait for more.
mac34 chapter 22 . 2/10
La suite pour QUAND?
Stacy Damato chapter 22 . 2/7
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
Julia1905 chapter 19 . 12/21/2020
Your story is super exciting.
I like how Harry has a friendly relationship with Severus and the malfoys.
You write really well and it’s nice to read the Story.
Im excited to see what will happen later on with Dumbledore messing around and stuff like that.
And more importantly: will he give Harry the invisibility cloak?
Guest chapter 18 . 11/7/2020
I was enjoying the story, especially how lighthearted it is. But do you really need to call your readers bitches? After complaining that someone left you a flame, you think, what, that it’s cute to call kids names? You think the world is not ugly enough without piling on the nasty?
Vampireking40 chapter 13 . 10/13/2020
Snape seems to truly care for Harry not just because he is the son of his best friend Lilly but as he is a snake its his job to make sure all his snake are in good health. Something that was never seen in the original stories as well have seen McG maybe head of Gryffindor but does not see Harry as nothing more then a student and the son of two of her former lions. She does never looked beyond that as she should have been able to tell that Harry did not have the best upbring seeing how many letters had to be sent out to him.
geekymom chapter 16 . 9/30/2020
Terrific chapter!
JustAFemaleGeek chapter 16 . 9/26/2020
This is the best and goofiest thing I've ever read. It's sweet and fluffy today.
Weeell, except for that last part. Old 'dore is messing around with Harry's life again.
geekymom chapter 14 . 9/5/2020
Wonderful chapter!
StarFlameSky chapter 13 . 9/3/2020
Please update
geekymom chapter 13 . 9/2/2020
Terrific chapter!

Take your time, real life comes first. And I hate flammers! They ruined my daughter's love of writing.
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 13 . 8/29/2020
I got one of those myself today. Garbage human beings are going to be what they are and try to make everyone as miserable and in-the-dark as they are.

Don't let the muggles get you down. I quite like this story.
Emma chapter 13 . 8/29/2020
I really enjoyed the story especially the characterisation of Harry and Draco. It’s a really good story and there is definitely not enough Harry in slytherin fanfiction is out there.
IanAlphaAxel chapter 12 . 8/21/2020
Great story :)
geekymom chapter 12 . 8/21/2020
Terrific chapter!
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