Reviews for The Element of Surprise: the Fourth Quell
Paradigm of Writing chapter 23 . 8/14/2020
Ahhhhhh I don’t know how to contain my feelings! Glory! Glory be! Thank you so much! This story was incredible and such an under the radar piece that just blew by and I’m very proud of you and where you’ve come. I am still sorta stunned with how incredible this story was and how fast we moved and oh my lord Alexander... Alex, you’re a victor and I might be crying? One thing is for sure, I’ve never had a kill count as high as this in a story, although who knows if that’ll be topped... I am so happy I submitted, I seriously am so happy I submitted and I cannot believe I have a victor. He’s my first outer district, first ‘non-Career’, technically, my first male victor (and probably my last lol, let’s be real here) and not only that but for Briar to get 2nd! Just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m going to miss Briar, and Darya, and Venus, and Dien, and Cassius, and Paravati, and poor sweet Sylas... wow, I can’t believe it. And I am so excited for Tide of Scarlet, you have no idea.

Just... thank you again!

~ Paradigm
timesphobic chapter 21 . 8/7/2020
Shit dude, I was not expecting that. Everleigh didn't surprise me too much, neither did Noa, sad as it is, but VENUS?! I was SHOCKED. I'm so fucking pumped for the finale, lets go Qarza, Darya and Constantine. Screw Alexander, Briar is, well, Briar.

I'm so excited to see how you wrap this up, and how the story will continue in ATOS! -Times.
Manny Siliezar chapter 20 . 8/3/2020
The careers officinally split up then, final 8. Sylas funnily enough was a catalyst for it. he did kind of warm his way into my heart, but never as a victor contender. I just didn't see what he could bring to the victor discussion. I think he placed quite well for himself.

For my predictions now, I think Everleigh or Venus are next. Assuming there's some respite. If the two alliances clash however, anything could happen. Darya's not on her preferred weapon and wounded, Qarza's kinda been perma useless, and Noa and Constaintine still have Rosemary.

I really want to know what resources Qarza and Darya have so I can sponsor accordingly. I'm getting anxious now with the final 8, a lot of strong players left. Keep up the good work as always Glory!
timesphobic chapter 20 . 8/3/2020
Hot damn! Final 8! All my favourites are still alive. This could prove to be a problem, because they're all my favourites, but y'know its fine. Anyways, I'm super hyped for the final 7 tributes to fall and for us to have our victor! -Times!
IVolunteerAsAuthor chapter 19 . 7/30/2020
AHHHH I knew that death was coming soon to my little duo, however, while I'm glad it's not Everleigh I'm still sad to see Graham go!

Ugh, this story really gives me anxiety. I want it to be finished, but also not because your writing is so good! Everytime I see an update I get excited. (and nervous.)

Anyway, good luck Everleigh. Also, keep it up! I can't wait for the next update!
IVolunteerAsAuthor chapter 18 . 7/28/2020
I always get so stressed when I see you posted.

I’m sorry to see Twitch go, but I’m really excited to see Everleigh in the top 12! I didn’t see that coming!

Can’t wait to read more! Keep it up.
timesphobic chapter 18 . 7/28/2020
OH SHIT OKAY AHHH. Cassius and Twitch weren't too unexpected, but Saskia's was sort of surprising. This review is probably incoherent and short because I'm still processing shit, but it slapped, this entire chapter slapped AHH. -Times?!
IVolunteerAsAuthor chapter 17 . 7/22/2020
I always get so nervous when I see you update!

Andrea dying was actually shocking! That being said, I’m used to killing at least a career early. I killed one in the bloodbath my most recent games.

Also Dien going didnt surprise me to much. Briar is starting to me what looks like a victory lead.


bye. :)
timesphobic chapter 17 . 7/22/2020
Goddam okay, a lot just happened. Andrea's death is not the most surprising, she was pretty low-key compared to a lot of the other careers, and I (not gonna lie) forgot about her at points, since she was definitely overshadowed by Darya, Qarza and Briar. Graham's pov was interesting, an insight into what he and Everleigh are up to, Dien's pov was fun I liked him well enough but I'm not too terribly torn up over his death, then there's Briar's pov, which was fun. I'm surprised she, Cassisus and Darya haven't blown up. Always good to see from Connie, I'm happy to see they got my gift, and that Noa seems to be doing well. Honestly, there's two dynamics that are to die for in this story, Darya and Qarza, and Constantine and Noa, I'm incredibly soft for both. Overall another amazing chapter! Can't wait to see more! -Times!
IIJamesII chapter 17 . 7/22/2020
Loved the chapter! Graham's pov was awesome and I love the way you're portraying him. RIP Andrea and Dien. :(
Manny Siliezar chapter 17 . 7/22/2020
This was probably the most satisfying death I’ve read from one of my tributes. He was in a strong spot with a sword and supplies, I thought he’d be able to make it far. It was unfortunate that he didn’t take Saskia’s advice very well, but ultimately he didn’t go down quietly. And for that I’m quite pleased with! The career pack suffers, I wonder how the two deaths will impact the games now, what kind of catalyst it became. Good job as always Glory!
Guest chapter 15 . 7/16/2020
I was enjoying this story until you tried to brainwash people into wearing a mask. THAT is not your business and it is not up to you to boss people around. I will no longer be reading your stories. COVID-19 is a HOAX. GODDBYE.
foxfox12 chapter 3 . 7/17/2020
glory! you just keep providing us with these fantastic chapters! your writing is very fantastic! i really liked how the words seemed to flow off the page and build a world around me as if i was actually there, with the tributes, feeling what they were feeling. utterly amazing!

Wesley seems like even more of a brat than jenson and unlike jenson, i did not feel bad for Wesley one bit. i actually want him to die, which isn't often. i think he's a very interesting character so kudos to the submitter but him as a person- not a fan. i guess i'm excited to see what the story holds for him but i'm far from excited to see him more. that was a little harsh. sorry!

aww poor frederick! i really like him, he's very responsible and caring and he's clearly in a bad situation! i feel so bad. i'm definitely rooting for him to win, otherwise poor lottie and their ma won't do so good. i'm really hoping lottie finds aunt henrietta and they can scrape by.

ruby! i also like ruby! she seems very interesting. her mom is very protective and ruby is sort of rebellious, not in a treasonous way but in a personal way. i'm really looking forward to seeing is she causes any trouble in the arena.

once again, fantastic chapter! keep up the good work! can't wait to read more!
foxfox12 chapter 2 . 7/17/2020
once again glory, you have written a fantastic chapter! i'm so sorry that i have been behind and it is my goal today to catch up on everything. i'm so excited to read your beautiful writing and meet these characters even though it may be the case that some of them have already come to their untimely demises.

jenson is a simple kid. i don't have too many thoughts on him. he's clearly spoiled and his family has a lot of money, i wonder if he'll do well in the arena or not, because usually spoiled kids don't have the best chances due to not being able to survive.

darya is very interesting! did she actually bribe them successfully or was it just the luck of the draw? either way she definitely wanted to be in the games and so i'm super psyched to see what exactly happens with her and if she'll kill her way through or fall to another's blade.

noa! i love this character so much! i once read an syot where something similar happened and have always wanted to create a character like this , so i'm super excited to see this girl in action! she seems quite interesting, brave and protective, if headstrong.

keep up the good work glory!
Manny Siliezar chapter 16 . 7/17/2020
Double POV! I’m thrilled. Dien’s internal thoughts distracting him is definitely how I’d picture him, and honestly I got engrossed by it, you completely selled on that front, him meeting up with Saskia was interesting, the two surviving loners having an agreement here, bless Saskia for that honestly, I’m glad Dien’s still focused to win, Even if he’s realizing it isn’t all a fun and games. Also, he’s got a sword! Wow, that’s awesome, I didn’t realize he was that well kitted!

Saskia’s feeling the pressure, but li’m gravitating towards liking her two, as a fellow loner I’m rooting for the underdog position she find herself in. 6 having a drought just stacks the odds further against her. I like red hair though, so I like her even more!

Twitch and Venus, new alliance nickname Shiro Duo? I bet he’s going to be super excited reading about both his characters in one POV, and thank goodness they aren’t self-destructing. Twitch is actually super considerate here, but at the same time also doing it to maintain his alliance, he's not an idiot. I’d favour him going further than Venus if it came down to it.

Qarza and Darya content injecting me with happiness in the morning, I just like that Darya has someone she can mostly rely on. Qarzie Phobie, brilliant. I’m loving it, and Qarza got his speciality delivered to him by the very career i was initially worried was going to deny him. The two of them as duo is strong, but I could be overselling Qarza’s talents here. Either way, I’m loving Darya, and right now she’s probably my rooting for. Which is why I’m anxious about the pack, Cassius is starting stuff to save face, Alex is an outer, and Briar is plotting. Qarza’s thriving under Darya’s protection, but if she goes down I see him doing so shortly after. Splendid chapter Glory! Holy I’m excited for more to come, a good transition chapter and I can’t wait for more!
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