Reviews for The Girl with the Dog
Mariana Lestrange chapter 10 . 9/15
i loved it!
Hope to read more soon ! chapter 10 . 9/5
Loving the story! Just out of curiosity as I’m from Australia, are US military men underpaid? You mentioned major Sargent which I think is quite a high position? Anyways I have a few friends in the aus army and they all get paid a good wage so I would have thought it would be similar in the US. Just wondering as you have mentioned how poor their family is so it got me thinking. Anyways loving the character development and hope you continue :)
AllyCatt12 chapter 10 . 8/25
so good
MagnusOrion chapter 10 . 8/20
This is excellent, I really like Riley and her family. That includes Pippen.

I hope they work things out soon!
cloudshadow22 chapter 10 . 8/12
I really liked Paul's first interaction being as a wolf - assumed he was as afraid as she was. Looking forward to their renewed human contact.
StardustIsMagic chapter 10 . 8/9
Oh my, I just binged this whole thing and I am OBSSESSED! I really love Riley, and the fact you've written in how she deals with her anxiety so expertly. The dynamic she has with the pack has progressed so organically, I really love it all. You're great writer. My heart HURTS for her and Paul, I'm really anxious about how he's going to break imprinting to her and how she'll react to it. I hope it goes as well as it can. Can't wait for more!
KevlarKitten chapter 10 . 8/9
Poor Paul and Riley. I hope they can work things out soon. She needs a big, warm Paul hug.
Eswizzle007 chapter 10 . 8/9
I wish there was an option to favorite every chapter! I feel deeply for Riley and Paul , growing pains of a relationship can be the worst, but necessary! I hope Paul comes back human soon.
Love.Fiction.2020 chapter 10 . 8/9
Cool chap
CrackHeadBlonde chapter 10 . 8/7
Wowww I love Wolfy Paul! But he’s got some redeeming to do! Interesting about Zack being drunk, PTSD perhaps? Can’t wait for the next chapter!
haleygur7 chapter 10 . 8/7
I get so excited when I get update notifications
AmericusyoungXoXo chapter 10 . 8/7
Love it!
haleygur7 chapter 9 . 8/3
Poor Riley
Love.Fiction.2020 chapter 9 . 8/2
Good chapter
KelseyBl chapter 9 . 8/1
What an incredible chapter! I adored her reaction to the attack... she was scared but also still felt the pull towards Paul. I loved that the rest of the pack really stepped up to help comfort and protect her. I love stories where the imprints are part of the pack and have sister type relationships with the other wolves. Love your story! Please please please update soon :))
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