Reviews for Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way
Lathenina chapter 15 . 10/18/2006
I LOVE THIS STORY! I ALSO LOVE My Sharona! I fell off my chair laughing!
isha julien chapter 15 . 8/23/2005
plz plz plz hurry up n finish the chappie i thought that it was so awsome that i need 2 read more ni also want 2 know wat happend 2 miroku, plz plz creat more chappies... _ 0_0 _
inuyashas demon sista chapter 15 . 1/20/2005
Great story, update soon!
Pearl Sheetara chapter 15 . 10/29/2004
Orion Kohaishu chapter 15 . 9/28/2004
OMG... the Lynn Hanna who's book I told you to read was my neighbor when I was growing up. That is way to freaky right there. but great chapter! You know I love your story, so here's an extra-super-snazzy great job:


Alrighty then.

Demoness06 chapter 15 . 8/28/2004
yay your back i was getting Iam glad to hear you are going to finish the story.
bazooie chapter 15 . 8/27/2004
DBIMS you've probably already put "kagome" on spellcheck. So it knows it. Maybe someone else's been there...I dunno. Yeah anyway. Umm...CAN WE SAY EVIL CLIFFIE? Yes! WE CAN SPEAK! I feel so happy. WHOCHA! Hey hey did you know I just came from a fruitless (in both manners) chemistry "tutorial"? Apparently I was late...AHAHAHA. Yeah well. I traveled up 3 flights of stairs with a heavy wasn't fun. WAH. -_-* anyway anyway. IS THERE GONNA BE MORE LEMONING? Like in some chappie before last...? Cuz that was fun. KNEAD HER BREAD! Whooch! Hahaha. Um. For those of you who are reading this review and are NOT DBIMS...I'M NOT INSANE! I'm just...sort of...ehehe...WE'RE NOT GONNA ASK!
wolf blue eyes chapter 15 . 8/26/2004
gosh golly! dont loom! you loomer! lalal! ah aim laiking zees frainch! ah aim! but it takes too long to write so i will not...oh, by the way (BTW!) you take tye raman off the heat before you stir in the powder. so there! lalalaq i am bored with this and my fingers are really cold and i am going to touch your neck and you will jump and ek! and i will laugh so ha...i wil leave you with that!

c u l8r

none-existant chapter 1 . 5/27/2004
this srory i getting really good please dont stop writing. up-date soon.
bazooie chapter 14 . 5/19/2004
Okies well this thing took a long time to load. I liked it though (the LP scene...mwahaha). Yes kneading her bread must have been so much fun that he graduated to LIKE COOKIES. But at any rate, it was a little short-lived. I kinda wanted it to go on...and where were Sango and Miroku? What about Shippo...wait, was he like watching them in the shadows? Duh duh duh...evil Shippo. You know he's learning...ergh. Well anyway, English essay (that I've only just written the questions for) calls me and TTFN.
PS-Jane is nuts. Period.
AngelMiko69 chapter 14 . 5/18/2004
kewl...can't wait for the next chappy
AngelMiko69 chapter 11 . 5/18/2004
u r so evil...leavin us hangin like that...
AngelMiko69 chapter 8 . 5/18/2004
u r very evil...not fair...
AngelMiko69 chapter 7 . 5/18/2004
how could u do that? uh i hope he remembers her and that he loves her...cliffy from hell...
wolf blue eyes chapter 13 . 5/13/2004
ah liked zees chaptair vair, vair much. ah reeveewed yur last chaptair wiz a vair long reeveew een "frainch" and now ah doo not know eef eet 'as shown up yet. so, ah aim reeveeweeng zees chaptair. ah liked zees chaptair. and yes ah too 'ave no furst 'and expereence weez ze keesing and ze boyfrends, so ah too onlee know what ah 'ave red een ze traashee romance novels (or ze romans as wee kal zeem een fraince) whe, een fraince. alors, ah aim likeeng zees reeveeweeng but ah must go as ma mere approches.
c u l8r
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