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Dana chapter 59 . 8/20/2003
Ah, yes, so it happens again (and you have done it again) - this chapter is just good and right and I DID hold my tongue, didn't let the ending go! Of course, that's a moot point now, what with the final chapter being posted. Oh, and I just love it, and I love Nell and Ferdi and *sigh* this chapter makes me very happy.

This is such a fitting ending to this story, my dear. Lovely.
Dana chapter 58 . 8/20/2003
Ah! Wordless squee! I JUST LOVE THIS CHAPTER! (And I wish that I could say more than that, but I'm sorry, there are absolutely no other words to say, but that.)
Dana chapter 57 . 8/20/2003
Oh, well, just loving the chapter, and I come to this...

'I have an unmarried sister,' Pippin said ruthlessly. 'I do hope you take my meaning.'

Pervinca? He had to marry Pervinca, to stay in Pippin's good graces? He could not help a shudder.

And *I* can't help but laugh, but FERDI truly believes that he will be marrying Vinca.

Oh, and just the entire ending - Odo's talk with Nell, and Pip's little talk with Nell, as well. Very pleased, yes, very pleased indeed.
Dana chapter 56 . 8/20/2003
Drat! FFnet is not letting me load 45 of Merlin so that I can review it. (Just letting you know...)

Still! There is just so much to love in this chapter.

Like, say, Fatty? In all of his greatness.

And this, too:

'Fatty knows what he is doing, despite all evidence to the contrary.'

'I can see why we made you Thain,' Ferdi responded without opening his eyes. 'You've a knack for inspiring confidence in the heart of a hobbit.'

Pippin chuckled and squeezed his hand. 'Just hold on, Ferdi. We'll have you back in bed in no time at all.'

'Such comfort,' Ferdi murmured, 'and then you won't let me up out of it when I'm done with it.'

'Undoubtedly,' Pippin answered with another chuckle.

And, honestly, the GREATNESS that is Fredegar. And Ferdi is not found guilty of those terrtible charges...
FantasyFan chapter 59 . 8/19/2003
Ah, lovely and sweet and quite romantic and not too corney at all!

So appropriate for Ferdi to be named Master of the Tournament, as he moves from being the head of Pip's escort to the new position as Pip's memory. Very fitting and feels just right. Did Pip really not think of him for it, or did he just rather have someone else make the proposal? Ferdi accepts with quite good graces. He's starting to come out of his shell, finally! I think confidence flows from the increase of fortunes in his personal life.

Pip still makes me laugh. He tries to step down as Thain about once every third chapter in your stories. I don't think he's ever going to accept that they just are not going to let him, for many many years. At least he has learned to lean on tradition when it suits him, and stand up to it when that would be the better choice.

Lots more hobbity sweetness and light with the Bolger children. Ferdi-da sounds quite dear in the mouth of little Mignonette. Is that a hobbit name, by the way? Five wedding duties for five little Bolgers. I can just see Mignonette solemnly walking Ferdi to the ceremony and placing his hand in her mothers. If that didn't melt the Tooks' stony hearts, nothing could.

Pip gets one last lick in here:

'You're the Thain,' Regi said dubiously.

Pippin smiled. 'I knew it would be good for something, sometime,' he said.

Now that made me laugh out loud, and this made me sniffle a bit:

'The hunter has the heart of a poet,' Pimpernel whispered.

So glad that Ferdi gets what he deserves, at last: respect, position, family, the love of friends, and a lass who can nurture the flame in his poet heart. Truly a satisfying ending for this story.
Clever Hobbit chapter 59 . 8/18/2003
What a beautiful end to such a story! I really enjoyed reading this. I await another upcoming wedding in Merlin...
Hai chapter 59 . 8/18/2003
*sigh* that was very lovely. Ferdi sure is romantic when he wants to be, and it was perfect! Thank you for another wonderful chapter!
Xena chapter 59 . 8/18/2003
That was so romantic! I'm just so happy for them, I can hardly contain myself! I feel badly about the prior Master of the Tournament, but it's nice that Ferdi got that job. My favorite line from this chapter was this: 'I dub thee... Master of the Tournament. Rise, Sir Ferdi.'

That line got me so, I was certainly laughing, Pippin has such a way with words. I certainly hope Pippin never loses his memory, Ferdi is quite important to have around! In fact, I wish Ferdi would come and be my memory... I liked how Pippin was willing to break tradition, it's good he's not stuck on things like that. How sweet Ferdi asked Pimpernel's children to stand with him! Thank goodness for Ferdi and Nell that Pippin stopped Regi from following them, I'm sure Pippin was remembering back to Regi's wedding when he and Diamond wanted to slip off. Goodness, Ferdi is so romantic, he never ceases to amaze me. This has been a wonderful story, I've loved it entirely, and I'm anxious to read the next story you have ready! Thank you for this lovely story! :P
Aemilia Rose chapter 59 . 8/17/2003
*squeals extremely loudly* (Thank God for the new plexiglass windows!)

What do you mean he gets very corny in this chapter? I would give ANYTHING to have been Pimpernel on that night and have Ferdi say those things to me!

'I have your wedding present,' he said, with a sweeping gesture that encompassed the breadth of the sky.

'The moon? The stars?' she laughed.

'Nothing less for my Nell, my own,' he said, kissing the upturned face.

Aw! I loved it! Loved it so much! And this:

'Funny, I'd heard Estella Brandybuck was the loveliest in the Shire,' Pimpernel said lightly, to hide the tears that threatened.

'She doesn't hold a candle to you,' Ferdi said softly. 'My love for you is the flame of a star, burning constantly in the heavens, never to go out.'

'The hunter has the heart of a poet,' Pimpernel whispered.

'The hunter has no heart at all, he lost it to his lady-love years ago,' Ferdi answered.

Ferdi knows just what to say to turn a girl's legs to jelly! I know I've long since melted into a puddle on the floor, from reading about Ferdi.

I keep forgetting that he was never a main character in the books! I keep expecting to see another story about him in the LotR section. *sigh* Well, at least I'm extremely excited for "Firstborn!" I didn't know that there was going to be a sequel! My day just keeps getting better and better!

But, *sigh* even though there is going to be a sequel, I'm still sad to see this awesome story come to an end. But at least I have "Firstborn" to look forward to! I just can't get enough of Ferdi! I'll be waiting anxiously!

Thank you for the awesome, fantastic, wonderful, great, absolutely positively MAGNIFICENT read!
frodo16424 chapter 59 . 8/17/2003
Wonderful ending. I've been following this story from the first chapter. Ferdi deserves all the happiness he and Pimpernel can get. Will be looking forward to the sequel. Thanks again for a story that I'll read several times.
FantasyFan chapter 58 . 8/17/2003
Aw, so sweet. Here's the type of romantic proposal I was looking for! Ferdi and Nell are old enough to make up their minds for themselves, as much as they still need the permission (and blessing) of the Thain and the Bolgers to sucessfully go against custom. Even Fatty gets into the act, challenging Ferdi's intentions toward his Aunt, and giving his blessing whether they need it or not. The talk would be fierce this time, but I bet neither Ferdi nor Nell will care a bit about it.

I am liking the cameo appearances by Fatty. He's shrewd, he's bold, and quite charismatic: you can see why he was a friend of Frodo and company long ago. You have quite a talent for creating a real character in just a few words.

Last chapter coming - the wedding, I assume. Power supply willing, I'm looking forward to it soon.
FantasyFan chapter 57 . 8/17/2003
Oh, that Pip is so tricky! Ferdi is so miserable thinking he'll have to marry Vinca, while Pippin actually never said which sister or even said directly that Ferdi will have to marry! Was he in collusion with Odo, or only a happy coincidence? I bet they set it up between the two of them. Can't wait to see it work out - in the next chapter?

So, this is the creation of the position of chancellor, and the source of the remarks about Pip relying on Ferdi's memory. It's great to see Ferdi finally getting the recognition he deserves for more than just his shooting prowess. The remark about having to shoot the Thain should he try to win his freedom is so Pippin! He's so clever to use the tradition, but not let it bind him.
Clever Hobbit chapter 58 . 8/16/2003
Hmm. So I'm probably correct in assuming that the wedding is the next chapter? Can't wait...
runaround chapter 58 . 8/16/2003
to quote a movie I resently saw :

" A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"
Hai chapter 58 . 8/16/2003
How sweet of Fatty to be concerned for Pimpernel! That was cute! I hope the next chapter is the wedding! I love weddings, even among writings! lol, can't wait!
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