Reviews for The Pilot Purgatory Program
PearlM21 chapter 86 . 11/22
I loved the serious philosophical and emotional conversation juxtaposed to the adorableness of them making cookies for children. Also. OMG! Severus baked for Draco when he was little! That is some pureness right there. I'm imagining that now.

Yea it has always been an interesting question that if people know about the afterlife, would they still do all the awful garbage they do. My guess is, that it would be to a lesser degree, but they would still be doing the awful stuff.
PearlM21 chapter 85 . 11/22
It's good that he's working on processing his complicated feelings toward Harry. Them making peace with each other will help both of them heal a lot.
gisela19wwe chapter 86 . 11/20
I love cookies and can't resist them , wish I could eat Snape receipt hahaha
coloursofhappiness chapter 86 . 11/20
I Srsly love this story so much! the romance is perfect! character development guaranteed! thank you!
Guest chapter 86 . 11/19
Guest chapter 86 . 11/19
Complimenti, curiosa di sapere cosa accadrà quando Draco lo scoprirà.
gisela19wwe chapter 85 . 11/18
reading this beautiful history is fresh air to my day , I am happy they got a new plan
Guest chapter 85 . 11/17
I like this
ToniOcean chapter 85 . 11/17
I liked that interaction between Sirius and Severus. Kinda funny, kinda sweet.

The conversation about Potter (not Harry yet, although maybe one day. For now, though, he remains Potter in Severus's mind) has Severus still sounding angry. I wonder what will happen for him to process this to be a healthier relationship?

I've been flipping back and forth between FF and AO3, and leaving comments on both. I think you'll see more of me here, and less on AO3. It's time to pull back a bit and regain some forward creative motion of my own.
slytherinsal chapter 85 . 11/17
it should but Hermione is a physical being. she has physical needs as well as spiritual. this is hard but at least he isn't running away.
BlueWater5 chapter 85 . 11/17
Yep, start with the easy one.
Guest chapter 84 . 11/16
Oops, just realised a slip of the mind in my review regarding FF author's names...I do KNOW that you're Sharkeygirl :-)
Guest chapter 84 . 11/15
Hi, you've got a very original story idea. You've got a unique writing style and your dialogue is really good and entertaining! Maybe once you've finished this story, you could think about how you could transfer it into the world outside of Harry Potter and publish it as an original rom-com book. It would not be easy because in the muggle world there is no thing such as approving a new medication in a couple of days based on a small group patients (rather years of clinical testing and patent and approval procedures involving thousands of patients with high financial cost). But it would also work surprisingly well because due to its heavenly setting, your story is quite free of magic and wands. I think you should give the idea of adapting this into an original novel some serious thought.

Maybe you could even cook up a story where the main character is in quarantine and have your book be a quarantine smash-hit :-) ...But maybe not, because then you'd have to explain the pandemic, and it would be too much back to the middle ages explaining it as a heavenly plague.

I have one slight critique for this chapter: Getting to see the trinity "in person" (and scratching their chins) sort of takes away from their mysteriousness. Don't know how to solve this though because the debate with them is still very well done! I am pleased to see that the complication introduced by Metatron seems to be a more developed plot point when at first I thought it was going to be a 2-chapter detour.

I also went and read one of your earlier stories. The only other critique I'd have, as matter of taste, is that in your writing there is a tendency of character bashing, like Dumbledore and Lily in this fic, or Ron in one of your earlier. What I've always liked so much about Harry Potter is that almost all characters are grey in terms of character (instead of black-and-white), and it makes them come alive and feel real.

So maybe some day I'll spot on the shelves The Pilot Purgatory Programm by Jewel Burns :-)! Anyway, enjoy writing, you're good at it!
BlueWater5 chapter 84 . 11/14
Severus' actions always did have major impact.
gisela19wwe chapter 84 . 11/14
Well I see this coming and hope Hermione is ready
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