Reviews for Standing Stones
PastOneonta chapter 3 . 6/23
This was very good. Hurt Neal transforming into healed Nealwas great. He truly is a unique species. Invisibility could be helpful as long as it isn’t permanent and doesn’t change the human Neal who we know and love. These stories are so different than anything else I read, and I’m enjoying them.

I was glad Neal and Peter had a prior experience with the altar of Leng and the monks in robes. I think it helped prepare them for what they saw through the wormhole. Now with two (is it two?) glimpses of Azathoth’s domain they can make some conclusions and maybe some preparations. I would say preparations are vital at this point if the history of Earth is about to be altered.

What else can Neal do to prepare? Can he ward against Nigel and Raquel and whatever form they might reappear in? I trust Peter and Lavinia and Mozzie to find the where and the when Azathoth will show up. Will they have enough time to prepare for the culture of that time? Will they bring Henry? He has proven himself and he will have the algolnium abilities soon. In my opinion Henry has to be part of every mission going forward. I enjoy their friendship. Henry helps to keep Neal in his real human life, by getting him to the coffeehouse. It’s good that Sara is moving back, she can keep Neal in his human romantic life. Maybe all friends and co-workers working together they can keep Neal from taking too many risks. There are bound to be some traumas even his hybrid nature can’t heal.

Thanks for the story. Looking forward to New York White Collar next and the Caffrey Conversation.
KeJae chapter 3 . 6/18
Yeah, on one side it's a good idea to explore the grounds before the battle, but on the other, it was risky. Unfortunately, not as risky as returning to their hotel rooms though. It sounds like a creepy environment, but at least the three of them were together to handle the situation. Milly being able to talk to him was a huge help, she helped him keep his focus. Aww, Peter and Henry would be worried and hovering over Neal :D It was interesting to see him get shot and nice to see their reactions as they pulled the bedside vigil waiting for him to pull through :D I love those anxious moments followed by fluffy moments! I'm sure Neal is very grateful for that morphine drip, being numb is a whole lot better than being on fire with pain :( Having a backup plan in place just in case is good, and this time it was a lifesaver. Oh, so now Neal can go invisible and heal himself? Those would be some cool skills that will come in handy for their adventures! Yeah, El would be surprised to see Neal heal in a fraction of the usual time, but then, he's not a normal case. Hmm, I can understand Milly not telling him everything, at least not yet, and the crew certainly wouldn't appreciate Neal shooting himself.
PastOneonta chapter 2 . 6/16
The fight for earth and humanity proceeds! Azathoth has to be stopped before an army of zoogs arrive through a wormhole. Even if it is the last wormhole available they plan to cultivate moon tree wine! Creepy and scary. Neal’s adventurous spirit is amazing, and we need his confidence right now when it looks like he is the only being that can stop Azathoth. But what is Neal? What is he becoming?

Thrilled for El’s pregnancy, in this story and if New York El is pregnant also. She will still contribute and lead with her incredible mind and heart. There is more to protect.

Thrilled to see Henry as the best undercover agent ever! He’s very helpful, and his observational skills are as good as any scientist in the team.

Time travel could change everything for earth. What we have today won’t happen because humanity won’t be the same. Can they stop Raquel and Nigel and what the cult is attempting? Looking forward to the rest.
KeJae chapter 2 . 6/12
Ha-ha, Neal was worried about Sara's reaction, but Sara quickly leaps to amusement and triumph that she can handle him ;) Oh boy, I bet you enjoyed creating a huge issue for them to band against, and an Earth invasion is about as big as it can get! That's also a very tight timeline for them to combat it and the possibility of time travel only further complicates the issues you'll have them facing in the future. I enjoyed Peter's perspective as he thought about Neal as a walking light that creeped him out a bit, and how Neal would suppress whatever unnerved him until the danger had passed when he'd be able to fall apart. I like how that comes off as Peter watching out for him while wanting to be there to help catch him when he has that fall :) Aww, Elizabeth hadn't noticed that she was pregnant yet, but that was a nice way to reveal it to Peter :) I hope Peter wonders if she's trying to tell him something through the story, that he at least thinks she might be trying to tell him that they're expecting, it would be a good way to get his take before opening discussion ;) I look forward to seeing the heroic action I'm sure is to come and the warm family/friendly moments that will come off of this :D
KeJae chapter 1 . 6/10
Trudging through snow isn't fun, but if it's the shorter trip and it avoids the complications of having a car, I can see why Neal would choose trudging through the snow. Henry definitely wouldn't appreciate it, but he'll have to manage until he gets the car ready to go. Huh, Mozzie created something similar to Face Time several decades before it's time, the gang will appreciate that, it will make it easier for them to communicate. I think Mozzie is going to have to figure things out for himself, no one is going to help him with his romantic interests. I'm not surprised that Henry is determined to take the undercover roll, but Sara won't let him prevent her from being involved. Me thinks Henry is going love the assistant, and Mozzie is going to heavily be involved in her creation since she's basically him. Hmm, it hasn't been specifically mentioned, but I think Gillman Peter knows what's going on with Elizabeth, but I look forward to Burk Peter's reaction ;) Time Travel... who knows what will come of that. The undercover mission has at least revealed another enemy, but I think their loss of their ally isn't a good balance.
MarJan53 chapter 2 . 6/10
I’mglowing almost as brightly as Neal being mentionedat the beginning of the story for my noticing theEaster eggs from Warehouse 13. Looking forward to see What else you have up your sleeve since I watched regularly happy to see show that deserved better be resurrected as source material
PastOneonta chapter 1 . 6/7
Henry is adventuring with the team! He’s great. I love his confidence and his relationship with Neal and his occasional disbelief of all the alien stuff around him. What a switch to see Henry using fake passports and IDs and going undercover. Neal in other stories is the con with the aliases! That was fun.

It is not fun that there’s been a murder. Even though they are aware of Nigel now there is Sara to be worried about, while Henry goes to his first Starry Cult meeting. He has to be careful. Mozzie is cute. His communication devices and door alarm systems are ahead of the times. And very valuable to the team, so we appreciate it. Lavinia has him intrigued in a new and non-romantic way. Time travel. That will be interesting. Looking forward to the rest.
Mj chapter 1 . 6/3
Warehouse13 used similar communicators The Actor pictured as Cyrus played one of the leads on purpose? Looks like a god story