Reviews for Good Cop, Bad Cop
jojoDO chapter 1 . 6/17/2020
Illyrilex, you're very courageous and bold for tackling a topical subject and incorporating it into your writing. I salute you for it.

It's true that fanfic is an "escape" from the real world, but at the same time, there are infinite ways a writer can challenge themself. You challenged yourself by taking a controversial event happening in real life, and incorporating fictional characters into it. We get to see how OUR cop, Mary Ryan, melds into the real world happenings. I think it's very brilliant, and you took something awful and produced quality literature out of it. Lemons into lemonade. Kudos to you!

My absolute favorite line in this story is "Get off Twitter." as a social media hater myself, I couldn't agree more. IT'S TOXIC.

Everything else just mixed great. It's awesome seeing King be there for Mary, when Mary was the shoulder to lean on so many times for King. Their banter was on point, and you always have that delicate mix of witty banter and seriousness. Love it.

And lastly... shutout to Anton. You made that dog SHINE. It says alot when the most powerful moment of the story goes to a dog. Excellent work.

Nothing else to say, I just applaud you for boldly tackling this controversial subject matter.
RobertCop3 chapter 1 . 6/14/2020
Honestly, there's two types of writing: escapism, and then there's pieces like this one that hold a mirror up to real-life society. It's not pretty, but it needs to be done. And you're right. It should be addressed with Mary.

And as someone who also likes writing her, you really did her justice here. The way her faith is shaken, because she wonders if she's part of the problem, having done some questionable things in her own career. And a part of me can't also help but wonder if she's concerned about what Terry thinks of her. He obviously knows about the kneecapping, and what she did with Ryo, and I know he doesn't approve, because his code of ethics is much less gray than hers. But existence is not black and white. It's defined by shades of gray.

And I LOVED the role reversal here. All throughout your fic saga, Mary has been the shoulder, the rock, the whatever the situation demands for her lady bro. Now it's King's turn. It was such a huge breath of fresh air to read King doing the same for Mary for a change. And as always, you showed that you know their voices so well. And it's clear that King is not just trying to butter up her friend. Even if King hadn't been raped, and Mary had not needed to do everything she did, King would still believe that Mary was on the side of good, and was not lumped in with all the racist cops.

And this is because I have a dog, but... the Anton scene was just too cute. Between the stuff I've been reading in Jojo's fic, and then... what we saw here, I feel like Anton is getting a lot of love in this fandom lately. And I am fine with that. And I love how he seems to understand his mommy's inner conflict, and helps her come to a conclusion.

Honestly, I'm a little envious of the way you keep crafting these fics from current events. This story was beautiful. Cheers!
Indy DeLarge chapter 1 . 6/12/2020
Oh god, i'm so angry to have spoiled myself on your Kingverse! But the title really caught my attention and I couldn't resist.

I'm not american but there's a lot of police brutality in my country, so this gave me some things to think about. Especially since it's a subject i've never really wanted to dwelve much into (which is unfair).

I wish we could clone Mary. Kudos for the different perspectives you presented from her point of view and even though it's a sensitive and difficult topic to write about i'm glad you did it.

Also, This Is Hardcore slaps.
iwewia chapter 1 . 6/12/2020
What is happening currently isn't just an issue in America, Brazil is seeing more of these corrupt cop cases and, if I must confess, my dad was a cop and still has a violent mindset. I applaud you for not shying away from this topic, letting it fuel your narrative.

In your works, you've been exploring Mary's character just as well as King's - our beloved protagonist-, all of the points you raise were in past works and as a reader I've been paying attention. You seem to be very careful with what you put out there and you also don't ignore reality which makes your writing stand out to me personally. Even when Mary goes overboard like she did with the rapist, or Ryo, and now the guy in Karma Police you acknowledge it in the writing. The fighting game genre seems to give us a few liberties with how we visualize combat, you use that with her loyalty and the power she has to drive the point home (hope I got the saying right).

King and Mary's conversation in this chapter is one of the most honest you've written in my opinion. Starting with "get off twitter" (we all need that), spicing it up with their sass, understanding that Mary's depression may lead to overthinking in this situation and King's cheesy, truthful conclusion.

In my personal life, I wonder if I will meet someone with the integrity that Mary displays in your works, but I won't deny the message of this chapter either. She was able to serve justice, to see that the people who traumatized her friend also did not forget what they did. Your Mary is loyal, kind, tough. She is a good one.
Chizedek chapter 1 . 6/11/2020
I like how you portray Mary as a gritty person...she feels realer. More fleshed out. Just think she has a lot of depth .i also really like the dialogue, it's very natural, fluid, and lots of personality..! It'll be alright, in the end, is maybe what this piece is trying to say. And it's a good message...
Thanks for the work!