Reviews for What I've Done
Lauren Von Strucker chapter 1 . 4/22/2021
I felt this was a much-needed thing in the show. As presented, it looks like everyone just accepted their return, as if all was instantly forgiven. Parents often love their children unconditionally, but the same is not true for siblings. It is lucky for Andy that Lauren really wanted Andy in her life, because yes, she had a valid point in everything she said about Andy.

I am glad Lauren doesn’t hate Lorna. As initially presented, the show handled both sides equally making for an ambiguous ethical dilemma. I didn’t find it that hard to understand what brought Andy and Lorna to the inner circle in the first place, but as the later season came about, the inner circle showed its true colors. After seeing how Reeva handled her own members, I can understand why Andy and Lorna had changed their mind. I can see that apparent rejection Andy experienced from his own family when they helped rescue John, that could have drove Andy further into the inner circle even after how they handled Rebecca.

I agree, if Lorna were dating Andy, he would have to worry about burns and the thought of Andy dating Reeva does tend to pull up bile in the back of the throat.

I do think it is good that everyone took responsibility for their own actions. So often, people don’t. Even though I agree that Andy made his own choices, I appreciated Lorna taking responsibility for the influence she had over Andy. Lauren taking responsibility for Noah, also a strong point. The ending is a bit sad as we all know if the aftermath of this story stays true to cannon, that discussion will never happen. Very nicely done story.