Reviews for A Song for Snakes and Rats
CreativeFanatic chapter 1 . 8/8/2022
I’m gonna go back and read this bc I’ve never finished it… it’s been like 2 years? So I’ll probably be reviewing a lot.
BamItsTyler chapter 25 . 2/4/2022
congratulations on finishing
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 22 . 1/19/2022
Ack I'm really late this time! Really sorry Austin! I don't have a whole much to say abou this chapter but I really love how you are setting things up for the finale. I can tell you really care about tassia and proteus by the way you write them lately, diving into their psychology. Proteus's whole inner debate about doing what it takes to survive was really good and then his inner momologue about how he gave himself up for the Capitol, all the way up to his body... so good, I could really feel things. This chapter made me overall really like proteus more and also established that he could be as much of of interesting Victor as tassia.

As for the tassia section of the chapter.. sooo good. This is quite frankly my favorite pov objectively because the way she thinks about being called a snake by the Capitol, how she realizes she's a villain in other people's eyes.. it's literally so good. The whole "I'm not a villain I'm just desperate"... literally chills this is so good I reread it multiple times. The part concerning her backstory slapped so much too. Personally I hope she wins because she's just even more fascinating to me than proteus, and honestly it would be pretty badass if she won with a blowtorch (not just saying that because a child of mine won the same way lol) and she's overall such an interesting, morally gray character. Still, a proteus Victor would be quite interesting too, I don't think I've ever seen a character like proteus win before
symphorophilia chapter 21 . 1/11/2022
hu austin! so i'm a bit late on this review, but i just had to get something written up before we head into the finale/enter this endgame stage of the games, because my gosh, man. this chapter might be the best work of yours in this story yet. it was absolutely packed with action, fraught with emotion, and the way that you've managed to build so much tension up through just these last few povs is nothing short of phenomenal. i'm absolutely dumbfounded at how this chapter played out - not only did we get two deaths, but they were the deaths of the two characters i personally saw as most likely to make endgame, and they happened in such rapid succession i didn't even see it coming. tassia's cemented herself as the one to beat - and i'll get into that more in a moment - but up until this point, rowena and rahni had the greatest among of plot significance, and i had assumed, armor given the tenacity and growth that they demonstrated throughout the games. rowena's i touched on a bit last time - her arc as the last career really struck a chord given the power dynamics that were at work in these games, and after losing nascha i felt she really began to blossom into her own, her feelings of grief and sadness (along with her personal insecurities and moments if self-doubt!) set her up as a major contender.

similarly, rahni gained a significant amount of traction when she killed chime, as before that she had been, in my option, the most pragmatic and externally stable member of the anti-career group; his last comments were simply so pointed, so psychologically intuitive, that they managed to hit her exactly right, and that led to rahni's spiral; she began to doubt the validity if what she was doing, began to feel less like she was exhibiting justice with her kills in the games and more like she had taken a turn leading her to become the very thing she had railed against before. though she was not shaken enough to abandon her initial plans, and still had the drive to kill so long as it would benefit her survival, she lost a bit of herself in that moment, and in my opinion, it is that which most clearly led to her impetuousness in these last couple chapters. i'm very glad you chose to showcase her death through her own eyes, as being able to follow her train of thought within these last moments is what really brought a full close to her story. to go out in the way she did - railing and struggling against rowena, who was ultimately the fiercest competition left amongst this final handful of tributes - showcased the strength of her will, as well as the corrupting effects of the mindset that would, beyond this context, probably be described as vigilantism. rowena, too, was so subsumed at the end by her desire and need for revenge that in unbalanced her, and ultimately left her vulnerable to outside threats given her singlemindedness about killing rahni and denim. i wholeheartedly believe that tassia's plan would not have succeeded without the pair of them being so enraptured by their own emotional turmoil - but i think she knew that too, and by choosing to pit her strongest competition against each other, knowing full well how strong the emotional undercurrent was, she managed to prevail and take them both out. you said in your last author's note that the sevens had underestimated both rowena and tassia, and that's entirely apparent by how rahni died - but i would say rowena also underestimated the fight that would be left in the remainder of their group, and prioritized the killers so much that she forgot to pay attention to their allies - proteus and tassia, in this case - which left her vulnerable to either of them should they have chosen to act.

tassia's now my victor prediction. without question. i could see proteus stepping up to take the crown too, given the significant development he's had in recent chapters and the loss of rahni in this chapter, which i'm sure will emotionally devastate him - but several of your povs have made note of the fact that "he's too good for the games" and "nobody decent ever wins the hunger games." while that would make for a compelling reason to have proteus as the vuctor, i can see it more clearly applying to tassia; the snake who kept her fangs hidden until the very end, who managed to appear reticent, helpful and intelligent to the anti-careers even when she was plotting against them. sure, all the others had doubts about her at one point or another after she reemerged to join them, but they were never so serious as to key anybody into the fact she would be capable enough to pull a move like this; that, i think, encapsulates the essence of your story's title and the motif which you have woven into so much of the prose.

so what do i see happening? proteus and tassia making the final two. tressa and viridian falling just slight of the curve, because their arcs have been far less expounded upon, especially in the games. part of the issue has to do simply with how large a role the anti-career versus career plotline played in this story; those who had no affiliation to either group simply fell a bit to the wayside, and had less light shed on their engagements, their motivations and their feelings throughout the games. but i'm not surprised that you chose to pull some of the outsiders through to the finale; the target was pulled off their backs this year, and that allowed them to slip by the major threats relatively unnoticed and stay off the trained tributes' radar. that said, while i don't doubt that these two are capable, their only ties inside the arena at this moment are each other; when one of them goes, i expect the other to follow, and tie off both of their less intensive game arcs before they can clash with the other two. we haven't seen much of what viridian's actually done in the games, other than doing his best to keep his wits about him and survive while prioritizing himself; tressa, similarly, has not done much in the arena, but her relationship with errol and the camaraderie she managed to share with him, as well as the conversation about "being deadweight" she keeps ruminating on that seems to stir a lot of personal guilt, feels significantly more weighty than viri's. it's been neat to watch him grapple with the implications of killing - and, moreso, killing somebody who was unable to defend themselves - because of how closely it ties into his fatal flaw of cowardice, but even with that arc potential, i can't put him on equal ground with tressa, especially not now that she's started spiralling into a revenge arc.

i'm hoping we can see a little more of these two's background before they go to help flesh out why their actions have had the impacts they did, and better understand their values - we got a glimpse of tressa's here when she mentions alex, the romantic rejection and her choice to volunteer to save her, and how she thought alex was "too good" for the games, but i'd like to see more. similarly, there have been hints of viridian's selfishness scattered throughout his povs since the games began, but less things highlighting why that mindset came about - like his familial neglect, which i can only speak on because ive seen his form. though i do expect them to place 3rd and 4th, it'd be cool to see more of the reason why you chose to bring *them* so far when there were a lot of other characters who i had a better grasp of (in terms of personality, background, how they tied together and contributed to their individual behavior and motivations) that died early, such as kian, mcafee, jeriah, avanelle and dasenia. honestly, i wouldn't mind seeing more of tassia's rationale for her manipulations either, since this betrayal was QUITE the spectacle, or more hints at her home life given the bits we saw were so grim and depressing. proteus is definitely the one i feel i know the most about and understand the best, and that makes it easy to root for him; i like the others but i still feel less like i actually know them, if that makes sense.

i know that paragraph pretty much verges on constructive criticism, so i do apologize if it was too blunt or if it sounded demanding. ultimately whatever you choose to do will be lovely, and i think its safe to say that i've had a great time reading this story, watching you grow as a writer and seeing your games plots develop as we grew closer to the end. your dialogue is always such a delight to read, and i think your grasp of the rules of prose have improved a TON since back in APSW, so i'm giving you a huge high five for that. i'm really thrilled to see this games arc come to a close - and bro, finishing the games in a couple of months? absolutely insane of you, most of us could never! - and rave a bit over the resulting victor, as you did such a lovely means of capping off your last story with blest's victory that i just know it will be riveting. thank you so much for continuing to write and share your work with us, slyth and i have been actually dying a bit over all of these recent updates they're just SUCH a joy to read and react to! i hope 2022 is treating you well so far. best wishes and i can't wait for the next chapter!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 21 . 1/9/2022
Hooly shit Austin. This chapter? Insane. Absolutely one of your best fight scenes to date, I swear. So we did get a dying Rahni POV, and we finally saw the big three entities (tassia, rowena, and rahni) clash. Definitely one of the most powerful moments in the story, I genuinely cannot get enough of it. Now I love all three of these girls, so it was definitely a stressful moment, but everything about it was so well written I was enjoying the ride. Rahni died here, at the hands of rowena, and im not surprised. But it's still an incredibly powerful end for her. But rowena dying thanks to tassia? Insane. I didn't see it coming at all, and it subverts expectations in the best way. Literally tassia is the most powerful bitch in the arenanand she absolutely deserves to win. Our manipulative queen ugh stan her. (Additionally, I'm glad to see denim was the one who died in the fire, because he was the one with the smallest arc thus far)

And now for the second section, I gotta say, you're so cruel for having viri kill someone oh my god ;-; the poor kid is just so fucking sad my poor heart can't take it. When I saw tressa was there my stress levels went absolutely flying LMAO I was like "oh shit" luckily nothing bad has happened to her (ish)... yet. As for viri, he's in uh a pretty bad cliffhanger right there uh oh. I hope viri makes it but against a guy like proteus I don't think he stands much of a chance... unless he runs. Again.

As for tressa! This pov absolutely killed me oh my freaking God. The whole part with her parents.. and then the whole thing with Alex and why she volunteered ahhhhh I'm crying this is too good :') thank you so much for writing her oh my god you're doing so good with a trash form.

I'm so nervous but excited for the next chapter!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 20 . 1/6/2022
Damn.. what a wild chapter. Tassia is honestly super cool, her planning and the way she's so observant is so powerful of her. I honestly am intrigued to see her develop further so I hope that she's not the one who died. It would be very interesting to have her in the finale.
As for rahni, I find it very fascinating how she developed. She slowly became so broken, so closed-off. The anti careers becoming the very people they despised. It's It's powerful arc. I think she may become a force to be reckoned with until the finale, where she dies at the hand of Rowena, who probably wins.. at least those are my predictions. I would love to see a Rahni pov before she dies, hell, maybe even a pov with her dying thoughts, because I think it would be really interesting to see her thoughts one final time.
As for Denim, he's the one who's gotten through the least development. I feel like he's the one who died, falling victim of his own trap because he just wasn't the spider like Zenna was, he just wasn't the strategist that Tassia is.
And Proteus is starting to grow on me! He's honestly the only nice guy in this cast lmao and i feel sorry for him. He's probably not gonna know what to do when he realizes he's been separated from his alliance and it may get him killed. But overall he's a really sweet guy who's trying his best and who doesnt seem to have fallen victim to the worst psychological changes of the arena and it's;-;

Excited to read the next chapter :D
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 19 . 1/4/2022
Oh my god, this chapter was simply wild. First of all, I love what you've done with Tressa and her pathetic short form lmaooo. Her arc is really starting to show here and it's super fun. She's slowly become darker, but more determined, and it's really powerful. The fact that in the end, she abandons Errol for herself.. yes that's just so Tressa. And then she thinks about what Ailya would think rip ;-;-;-; what I just love about how you portray her is that she's honestly a nice person who's constantly driven by selfish needs and it creates a violent inner dilemma within her, and the way she bounces from being a nice person to being a vengeful person to even being a selfish person is simply perfect.
Poor errol though rip ;-; im gonna miss him, he really didn't deserve any of this, poor guy. Definitely was a good ally to tressa. And viri! He finally got a kill! The whole part where he tries to convince himself to kill errol was so well written and really haunting tbh. Now me and haiden were freaking out in dms because our kids are probably going to fight and im absolutely going to lose it but it's also going to be really fun I betcha.
As for denim! I'm glad to see him starting to get an arc too. Personally, I feel like in the end, tassia is the one who is going to come out alive of this situation. She always has a plan and though her lies are currently hanging by a thread, she still has always been one step ahead of everyone else, so I think she's going to be the last anti career alive. And she absolutely deserves it tbh, stan tassia.
Acereader55 chapter 17 . 12/31/2021
Hey Austin! Sorry I haven't been reviewing consistently since the Games began, life has been hectic. But rest assured I am still here and reading! I've loved what you've done with Rowena, especially her relationship with Nascha and her uncertainty with herself, her life, and her choices. Great work on her development!

As for which mutt you should add.. maybe some sort of bird type mutt?

I'm going to guess 7 for the number.

As for the remaining tributes... my rankings without including my own Rowena would be...

Rahni, Proteus, Dasenia, Tassia, Chime, Tressa, Viridian, Denim, Errol.

Keep up the great work!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 18 . 1/2/2022
Hello hello! Yet another funky funky chapter, hard to believe we're in final 8 already! Wondering if you're going to do final 8 interviews but idk either way will be fun :D

I am kinda sad to see chime go. As much as me and haiden would joke that everything can be blamed on Chime, he's still a really interesting character and had a very good arc. I think this death suited him well, with his parents being disappointed and him running right till the very end. I definitely think that him calling them careers will definitely affect the psychology the group, especially the d7s methinks, which is very fun. Love some good morality angst yanno.
Tassia is definitely on a tight line here. People don't really trust her and with one wrong move all her lies could be exposed and by now i think we can tell that this anti career pack can kill, especially rahni who now seems to be leader. So tassia better be careful.
LMAO the d6s got high rip I should not have found that funny but it's honestly ironic to have them of all people find the hallucinatey seeds. For a second there I thought erroll was dead and tressa was alone but I check eulogies after I finished the whole chapter and he's still hanging on apparently. He's definitely not uh vibing though that's for sure. Worried for the d6 alliance bc they are not in the best position here.
Other than that, I'm a little confused on how dasenia got there bc wasn't she back with a mutt with Lukas's dead body and viri? Maybe we will know what happened once we get a viri pov idk. Either way, I'm not surprised to see dasenia go here, she didn't have an ally or an arc. Though admittedly she had more personality than denim, she had less of an arc than him so it's not surprised. Honestly rowena is probably going to win this. From surviving again and again the anti careers to seeing nascha die like that right in front of her to starting to doubt her career life... she definitely has the willpower to win as well as the arc.

Funky chapter, excited for the next one :D
symphorophilia chapter 17 . 12/31/2021
hi, king! my apologies for not being as active a reader as i rightly should be, but oh my gods all of these recent updates... the games finally kicking off after so many months, the influx of chapters packed with action and phenomenal povs... it's literally everything. i'm just blown away by how quality these chapters have been, even with the games being so fast-progressing. it was great to really see a culmination of the career vs anti-career arc, and just how devastated the tributes have been after getting embroiled in that conflict. if i'm being honest, i wish chime was gone (lmao who doesnt) far more than nascha or avanelle, who i seriously wept over because my gods... avanelle was without question my favorite tribute in this story, so beautifully fleshed out, especially in regard to her feelings and history behind the facade she tried to project... and nascha, man, she was a survivor, and her friendship with rowena was a thing of beauty. i loved watching them interact and seeing how they flourished together, and it was heartbreaking to see her get ripped away from row like that Dx
as for the antis... man, i miss d8. i miss the relationship between zenna and denim, i thought drawing them together so early on really gave them a unique history that set them apart from the rest of their group, and im really missing that girl Dx yorik was such a plot pusher that i shocked me to see him go before we hit final ten, but ultimately i think he went at the right time, given his motivations for taking down the career pack and the fact that the culmination of that arc was ultimately his undoing. i wasn't the biggest fan of rahni heading into the games, but i think now that yorik's gone that should spell a surge of development for her so i'm interested to see where she goes.
there are others, of course, that i also miss... allegra and kian... jeriah and mcafee... fransiska ;-; and kms i get why you took her out when she did but she was just such a fun character, so highfalutin and opinionated. haha, im sure she was probably divisive for the readers but there was something about her voice that was just... ridiculously enjoyable to me, sort of like dox was in your last story, so i was sad to see her go. jeriah also hurt a tonne, mostly because i think he was one of the easiest characters to relate to in this story, and by far one of the most down to earth and decent amongst this cast... also, his anxiety just resonated Dx ill miss you kiddo.
as for the living... can i just say d6 supremacy?! i've been a fan of errol and tressa since the beginning, and watching their alliance develop into such a meaningful friendship has definitely put their story in the spotlight for me while reading. i also think it speaks volumes to how decent they are as people that they dared to warn the anti-careers about (iirc) the mutts after the bloodbath. proteus is a certified king, his himbo energy is off the charts and he's just such a genuine, well-meaning guy its hard not to root for him. dasenia i think may be in for a surge of development now that lukas has passed, and unfortunately im pretty sure that will involve the death of my own kid, but she's neat and has always been a major player so i'm curious to see where she goes from here. rowena, however, i think has gotten the most significant development thus far and i could see her on a track for victor now that nascha is gone - and i tell you, that was a powerful scene.
i'm genuinely shocked that viridian is still around and kicking, but i feel like you wouldn't have brought him this far without a reason, so i'm hoping he has a possibility to survive the next chapter. you've done well with his povs in the games, especially looking at his reluctanfe to engage, his bits of cowardice and impulsivity as they come in flashes, and his desire to be recognized/seen by others... i'm hoping he maybe gets another pov to explore more about how his self-destructive tendencies and past experiences have impacted his psyche but overall if he goes next chapter i wont be surprised lmao, i'm honestly shocked he got as far as he did. i genuinely appreciate you taking him on and doing all that you have with his form.
thank you so much for all your hard work and for coming back to this story to see it through to completion! i adore everything you've done and your writing has only continued to improve the further you've gotten into the fic, which is honestly an amazing thing to see. the arena is hellish if im being honest - still not over kian basically being killed by what i took to be a venus flytrap, that is the absolute LAST way id want anyone to die, rip. not to mention the killer vines - but honestly, it just makes for an even more fun read and ive thoroughly enjoyed the games so far. cant wait to see what you do next! best of luck with writing and im sending well wishes for you in 2022!
sophia chapter 17 . 12/27/2021

haven’t logged into ff for months but just know i’m still reading… breathing…. drooling over every new chapter. ur keeping us alive over here! and doing a damn good job w proteus to match.

hoping to crank out a proper review for you sometime during my winter break. right now i’d like to guess, though: proteus, 3!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 16 . 12/27/2021
OKAY OKAY I don't have a lot of time to review but Jesus christ this chapter was absolutely insane! I cannot stress enough how amazing you are at writing fighting scenes and this really shone in this chapter. This battle was absolutely devastating in terms of losses too, damn. Really sad to see Avanelle go as she was perhaps the most complex tribute in this syot and definitely had the most interesting arc in my opinion. Still, this is a very good end to her if you ask me - she grew too evil, too bitter, got too caught up in plying the villain, and it got her killed. Really gonna miss her though.
Yorik dying here was really surprising! I was expecting him to go further but it's understandable, he was remaining pretty stagnant arc-wise. I wonder how the anti career pack is gonna go without a leader now. I feel like rahni is gonna try to lead but it's not gonna go well...
NASCHA NO! Rowena and nascha make me so sad ugh ;-; I really wish they could just be friends together in peace but no of course not. The fact that rowena stayed for nascha to give her final goodbye is honestly honestly heartbreaking, these two girls deserve so much better. Fuck those monkey ugh. Rowena is now pretty wounded and unconscious though and I don't think think that bodes well for her, especially since she's the only career left.. unless chime still counts, I guess. But I can still see rowena making it out and rising from her ashes like a badass.
Lastly we have tressa starting to somber a little.. I'm not surprised, truly. In the end, she's a survivor, and she wants to get back to her family no matter what. This environment is corrupting her into the most extreme version of herself and it's so tragic. Poor erroll honestly ;-; i feel like tressa may be pushed to the edge and may end up betraying him

Wonderful chapter as always Austin!
Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2021
(The following review was written as part of the 2021 SYOT Verses Discord Server's Holiday Fic Exchange. If you weren't expecting this, then someone else submitted your fic to receive a review. Happy Holidays!)

hello there! i’ve heard a little about this story in passing from a few friends of mine, but this is my first time actually reading the fic, and i am excited to get into it! i unfortunately have not read a poem of swine and wrath, so i’m coming into this a little blind.

firstly, i love the fact that you’re telling your prologue chapters from the povs of stylists! that’s a really original idea that i haven’t seen before. it’s always refreshing to read something from someone who’s not the president, head gamemaker or a rebel. the whole idea of comparing people to snakes and rats is incredible too- the entire idea of putting the snakes and rats into representative tubes scratched an itch in my brain and made me very happy. the way you use the animals outside of comparison to people really ties the story and title together too, and i really love that!

please the stylists, i can’t with them anymore i’m wheezing. your humor is fantastic, i love it. honestly just the power you wield throughout this story is spectacular in and of itself, you’ve significantly altered my opinions on a lot of the tributes from when i first checked out their blog profile to the most recent chapters.

i’m also really enjoying the way your writing evolves throughout the whole story. i’m in no way saying that the way you started was poor, i was very impressed with it when i read the first chapter, but you’ve improved a ton; it’s really awesome to see. reviewing an entire story is a little weird for me since i’ve uhm. never done it before, but i’m gonna try! warning in advance, the coherency level of this review is going to significantly decrease as it wears on, lmao. I’ve dropped my opinions on my favorite tributes down below, there are like. three of them who are my top favorites but if i did everyone this review would get massive and i wanna save that for another time, if i get the chance. i’m very invested in this story, so there very well might be :D

avanelle: this girl had me cackling the moment she appeared on screen. she’s not necessarily likable but the balls this one has is sending me. she has such a *chefs kiss* personality that i can’t really help but enjoy her character. she’s relatable in a way as well, and her povs, stood out to me. the way she just snapped… her arc is simply so powerful and makes me feel some type of way. i want her to go far and i do think she has the potential to do such a thing. her snark and confidence is enough to make me enjoy her but the fact that she’s more than that is something that really makes her stand out.

fransiska: i saw the name and went :eyes:. she reminds me a lot of another character i liked so. okay- second take i take it back, i don’t think i’m going to like her but i think i’m going to appreciate her. i got a little bit of a sense for her from her blog quote, but seeing her put back her place when she realizes that her mentor might actually know something made me smile. i’ll miss her though.

zenna: ZENNA ZENNA NOOOOOO ;-; she was honestly probably my favorite coming into the games, and it’s really sad to see her go. it always makes me happy to find an outlier tribute who can fight and is as enjoyable as she is personality wise, so she was always something special for me to read. “this isn’t the streets” “it’s still survival” really stood out to me as well, because it’s true, and i did think that she could put her smarts to good use out there in the arena. but uh. fire doesn’t usually end well in an arena, although being whacked to death is a really rough way to go.

viridian: stop stop stop wait hold on THIS NAME?! everything about this name. his quote flows off the tongue so well too- i can just about hear someone saying it, and i absolutely love that about him. i’m going to be yelling about him a lot so just uh. get ready for me to do that. this boi makes me sad, i have officially joined the viridian protection squad please and thank you, i will take no questions. he’s so… realistic it hurts me, and his unique perspective on things makes me enjoy him even more. he reminds me a little bit of like… edgar allen poe if that makes any sense at all? he’s so self-sabotaging, and i don’t even think he’s doing it consciously, it’s just that so many things have gone wrong for him it’s as if that’s what he’s gotten used to.

the whole thing with careers vs anti-careers is something i really really enjoy! it’s been alluded to in a lot of other things i’ve read, but this is the only story that made a point of it. “we should hunt” “yeah, but we’re not careers” sums up a lot of upper vs lower district stuff and i love that they actually do go hunting, despite it not resulting in the most uh. desirable outcome of all time.

and that just about closes my review for asosr! i really enjoy this and am planning on sticking with it! my review habits are uh. a little spacy, so i’m very sorry if i don’t get another one in but ;-; i love this story a lot, keep it up king!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 15 . 12/8/2021
Ohohoho. Things are stirring this chapter. Admittedly I don't have much to say but.. rip Zenna ;-; I really liked her and it's sad to see her go. As for Jeriah, oof. I didn't hold up much hope for him but we really never know. Gonna miss the poor guy. The Careers are starting to feel like Careers again, which is good for them tbh. Hopefully they'll be more functional from here on out but I can't be sure :/ as for the anti Careers, they sure are doing a lot of hunting for people who boats themselves as anti Careers LMAO. Either way though they're doing pretty well.. so far. The loss of Zenna may not be the worst for them, it still greatly reduces their numbers. They've dwindled down to the size of the actual Careers, which will probably be good for the Careers. Then again, the antis are planning a trap, so I wonder who it'll all go!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 14 . 11/26/2021
Poor viridian he makes me sad ;-; it's pretty clear he's been through some shit and the intrusive voices in his head is just. Depressing. He deserves better. I hope he finds a reliable ally because all alone, he won't be really safe.

Awe poor tressa she just wants to help people ;-; it seems pretty clear that erroll is pretty cold-blooded and will do anything it takes to survive, meanwhile tressa is just Too Nice. Hopefully that won't cause too many conflicts within the little duo. I gotta say though, poor erroll suffering from withdrawal;-; that is Not Good.

Lmao d6 are so dumb for talking this loudly . And tassia now makes me sad too, because damn that's a Depressing backstory as well. I really like her and I'm really cheering for her, the little underdog. She's got knives which is good, and she's sneaky and observant and people have forgotten about her. I hope she can pull off a good betrayal or something.

Well, I was gonna say that I hope that jeriah doesn't leave the alliance because he starts thinking that mcafee is a monster, but well, we all know how that ended. Now jeriah is all alone and I wonder how he's gonna mange, he is traumatized shy and probably unwilling to kill... it doesn't bode well for him

Awee nooo mcafee ;-; I really really liked her if I remember correctly. Lukas just had a kill though and I wonder how that's gonna affect him. As well, he is wounded, and so is dasenia. I really hope they can make it farther because I really like Lukas. He deserves better than the Games that's for sure. Hopefully he won't have a breakdown and will be able to thrive but I doubt it.
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