Reviews for Vying: The 149th Annual Hunger Games
Henrietta77 chapter 1 . 5/6/2021
Amazing book and storyline; If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
ladyqueerfoot chapter 41 . 11/2/2020
At this point I've said everything I need to say to you about how much I love this story in private, but just know that this last epilogue was the perfect sendoff and I'll miss this story so much, though I can't wait for you to ruin my life with Asphyxia and for me to hate you all over again
MannySS chapter 25 . 10/24/2020
Oh wow! This was such a good finale to the story, dirtwolf you're just such an amazing writer, I truly admire every chapter you put in here. Wow, I can't wait to read the epilogue chapters.
MannySS chapter 5 . 10/24/2020
oh my god, I am inclined to agree with LadyQueerFoot, this Clio character really is so unique and wonderful to read about, also another very viable and real contender. She's trained too? She's got unique quirks that make her stand out. I don't even remember who the other guy is! And that's not to take away from how well he was written as well. Dirtwolf you're an incredibly good writer, it's super unfortunate, that I, MannySS was not able to submit to this absolute banger.
MannySS chapter 4 . 10/24/2020
Yes Hi, I'm new to the syot scene and I just want to say that Leona just looks like an absolute contender. so far, the careers look so staggering and powerful, but I must say that Leona stands on top. #Leona4Victor
ladyqueerfoot chapter 5 . 10/22/2020
Wow! Clio seems real neat. Real contender for sure. I'm getting real gay vibes but I don't know. Shoe in for victor if I'm being honest.
Mykindleisawesome chapter 26 . 10/9/2020
ugh it's been literally forever but i'm back. you wish you were rid of me. but no i just keep coming back. idk how long this review will be cus i'm still gonna try to leave decent-ish reviews on all the chapters i really think deserve it (lmao this is the games it's kinda all of them) sooo it may be on the shorter side who knows. not me. hmm i guess i'll get into it now. imma eat lunch while i do this so if you get chicken sandwich vibes... yum.

Leona - i think i remember her being chill. (i pulled up my reapings notes so i can remember who the fuck these people are because yeah i've been sitting on this chapter for... what, a month? because it doesn't exist i only know chapter xxvcmiii or whatever the fuck 25 is. (there were pickles on my sandwich. cancelled.)) aw wait fuck i remember liking her. hmm. this will indeed be tragic. well not right now cus i know she makes it far but um. ya. Mmm sexy you're prepared to kill children. Tell me more? Oh right you had girlfriend. Ooh Stellan Templesmith the wild card... also cute of him. Traumatize some children for me? Mmmm I like how he plays the waiting game. Almost like he's trying to psych them out before just going all in? That's... fascinating. You go sir. TRAUMATIZE some children! OOOH a parka? They going into the cold? I am so fascinated. Maybe they will all freeze ahaha. I like seeing tributes with positive relationships with their stylist. Mmm be nice to capitolites they're tryna help even though they're really misguided. I still like Leona. Hope she gets to fuck some shit up. Would be mmm very sexy of her.

Cherry - are you party girl? (chicken sandwich almost gone am sad) YEAH PARTY GIRL WITH CHASE AND BO. idk how far i think she'll go but she had some fun. Damn okay starting out dark. Too bad you didn't meet death? I mean, mood I guess, dying in the arena could probably be pretty uhhh bad. And dying painlessly right at the start sounds better lmao. Oh there's water? Plus stepping stones so they don't have to swim? Cute cute. Where is snow though. Oooh snowy mountains? AND a tundra? This arena does have it all... i think there's a map somewhere i'll track that down later. RUN CHERRY RUN! tbh i don't fully remember who her alliance was with? it's mainly cus i'm stupid and like the lists at the bottom to remind me who is in what alliance. I think this alliance was cute though. they're not the nicholas/nami and others alliance and they're not the sett alliance... right? sett's has maine? and someone else? eh i'll figure it out. yay to emmanuel for helping cherry get out of there. still no death!

Isaac - hmm fuck this guy. this is d5 kid? he say d5 rights? haha he wrong. also i wrote that he was a suckup and uhhh fuck that. fuck this guy that's all i remember. also i think everyone hates isaac? Cute Careers got there first. You know why you didn't? Fake career bitch. This is district 5 please know your limits. Is your name Nami? You don't give d5 any rights. Oh bro rip the d11 girl. ... Calico? Cat girl? Unsurprising but still kinda tragic. BRO WAIT VITUS? NOOOOO. I KINDA LIKED HIM HE WAS DISTRICT 2 ASSHOLE. ... i hate it here. (the way i looked up who the d8 kid was cus i couldn't remember... and i took almost no notes and still don't know who the fuck kolton is) Oh good I don't have to get to know him again he dead. I can't say yay erebor though because fuck him. Discostang go back to your wife and kid(s?). Oh wait! You can't! Ahahaha fuck you. You get no rights either. OH WAIT NO JUBILENA. (i remembered that one! because she hung around calico!) Fuck you too Isaac. Also, look! You liked the killing! You're fucked up! Die I hope Aenea's plan works and Sett just... does Sett things. I'd be into it. Give it to me please.

Atticus - hat! Aw henry sweetie don't go in. That's a bad idea! This is hat! We don't make bad decisions here. Oh damn Nova got a quick death at the hands of SETT (where are my heart eye emojis they deserve to be here) good for him. i... am kinda cracking up over the fact that her skull DENTED and he punted her into the water anyway. Gotta make sure! BRO NO! HENRY RUN! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! OH WAIT THIS IS THE NICHOLAS ALLIANCE NOOO! fuck i remember he had a cameo in henry's party chapter pov. shit. fuck. dammit. i hate it here. This is so fucking sad. What the fuck. Hat? If you hate them just say so. Say it out loud. Ooh nasty 13 boy! Yucky! Hm... Adam... idk who the fuck that was either and my notes were again not helpful. Rip district 13 I like seeing them go farther because you don't see them too often. Elesa and Nami said :D and Atticus was like please don't speak to me my hat is gone. and... mood. Discostang. I hate it here. This was kinda cruel ngl. Hmmmm.

Vitus - i'll miss mr district 2 asshole but just cus i like the vibes. his stereotype is always hella fun to see and him being gone makes me feel like you're getting rid of our comedic characters so we can get serious. (well, not SO we can get serious but it'd be harder to be serious with him around) still sad times.

Kolton - literally who the fuck was this guy i genuinely don't remember. also the only c/koltons i know give off d10 vibes and i keep forgetting this was a d8 kid.

Jubilena - she was actually rather charming! I love seeing the d8 daydreamers and she didn't disappoint. Her povs were always pretty fun - especially her first one - but i didn't see her making it to the end anyway. plus with calico gone i don't think she would've done too well mentally.

Henry - what the fuck. hat? we are hatless in here? hate. i hate. submitted as a bloodbath and you did this anyway? a hate crime. a hat crime. bro give him back. wtf is atticus gonna do now he's sad. i'm sad. what the fuck. i hate it here.

Calico - i... did not vibe with cat girl. she was fun and entertaining but i just... didn't. i liked her alliance with jubilena though it was cute.

Adam - i... literally don't remember this guy either. he had his whole life planned out and yet i can't remember it. oop-

Nova - i liked nova! she was daredevil girl! didn't she do pranks and shit too? she was fun. good fun. i can see why daredevil girl wouldn't make it too far since uhhh daredevil. rip nova it be like that sometimes.

i actually forgot about my chicken sandwich so i guess i'll finish that now. i can't believe there's another chapter beyond xxxvviiiiii (25 for those of you that don't know roman numerals like me woooo) this was cruel. hat forever. also give me back clami where is cute clami and nicholas alliance. when will he thirdwheel. hmmm chicken sandwich time.
AuroraMiri25 chapter 31 . 10/7/2020
Ohhhh Logan, this was... a chapter. So I was really sad to see Sutton go because I looove intelligent, scheming tributes way more than I love unforgiving, reckless, "Let's kill children for fun!" tributes. Not only that, but she really pulled me in from the first POV. I was excited to see what she could've been capable of. As for Elesa and Atticus, that really broke my heart. Elesa was such a gem, I loved her spark, her brilliance, her determination and her loyalty toward the end. What a little mastermind. As for Atticus, he made me laugh more than once and he really broke my heart toward the end. Such a soft boy (very, very deep down lool.) I can't believe it's just Nami and Nicholas now. That's so sad, none of them deserve to be here - even Aenea. There, I said it. Oh, and I still love our Dream Team, more than I did at first because Cherry is growing on me, and so is Emmanuel. Belatedly. Cuz he's 99.9% dead. RIP. You're awesome, I honestly cannot imagine the work and careful intricacy that it takes to write SYOTs. You rock. Have a fabulous day and I will see you hopefully soon!
AuroraMiri25 chapter 30 . 10/4/2020
I just love the way Leona talks, it's so proper and I honestly don't know why but I guess it's just part of her charm. Erebor is worrying me, I don't think things are going to end well for him. Ohh, and a lovely little positivity session with our gang, what did I call them? Well I'm glad I can't remember because that one was not my best. Anyway, it was very heartwarming. Yanno what else was heartwarming? Nyle and Clarus's awesomeness! It's so sweet and it melts me every time. My favorite friendship of the Games, hands down. Oh no no no, not another pack of monsters. I know I said I kinda hated Emmanuel but that's a very sad way to die. But he's not dead yet? I guess he's still in agony. That really sucks for him, poor dude. A lovely chapter, I have to go do something now but I will FINISH THIS STORY and my FORM and my HOMEWORK (preferably in that order) and it'll be great. Okay, have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon.
AuroraMiri25 chapter 29 . 10/4/2020
Ooooh wow, things are certainly picking up. Clio and Nami have a very risky plan, I hope it pulls through but it won't be without casualties... Sonora is amazing, I love her way of thinking and imagination. If Clami doesn't take out the Careers, she sure will. I see Sett is with the Careers (or at least Aenea) now. That's very exciting, I wonder how that'll go. Erebor is sick? Wait wait wait didn't Sutton have poison? Shoot, I just realized that! Honestly, out of all the Careers, I'd probably want Erebor to win the most because of his fam. But yeah, he's probably dead. Yikes. This was such a great chapter as per usual, very tense and full of golden character interaction. You're awesome! Miri
AuroraMiri25 chapter 28 . 9/27/2020
Ayy! I'm so happy to have made it before submissions close lol, it might take me a bit to get you a Tribute but I have an idea... sort of. I'll work on it and hopefully have it to you within a couple days, although my schedule is kind of unpredictable at the moment. But I'm hyped for the story nonetheless. I'm gonna try to review while reading this time, it usually tends to be chaotic so apologies in advance... But off we go!

Sutton: Woo, we haven't heard from her in awhile. Oh my gosh, she's a schemer! I hadn't expected such cunning from her but I like it. I guess we'll have to see what happens with that poison...

Nami: Ohhh I just love her kindness. It's so sweet. Her need to be the hero could be her downfall but right now it's just so endearing. Yayy, team Namilesatticholas for the win! I'm glad they're coming up with a plan, that makes me happy. I have a confession to make: yesterday I accidentally found out who the Victor was lol, it was only a matter of time but I'm very sad that happened... I'll talk about how I feel about that when the time actually comes, but for now I guess we're moving on to Clarus and Nyle, can't wait.

Clarus: I'm super excited for this POV, the last one was super wholesome and cute. Oh, a light, what could it be? Is there any loner Tributes we're missing? I feel like there's one more, but that might be just me... Noooo it's a lava monster! Very spooky, if they don't make it, this is going to be a very sad day. Oh my gosh that was super scary, I'm so glad they got out unharmed. Or alive at least, I'm a little worried about Clarus's wound but I guess I'll just hope for the best for now. And I just loved that cute little ending, they have such a wonderful friendship going on. I'm glad they survived another day.

Pepsi: Honestly, Sonora is just the sweetest. Of course she would love huckleberry pie, that's my favorite. Pepsi also just makes my heart happy, she's definitely got her heart in the right place, although I don't think she'll make it very far when it comes down to it, so I haven't let myself get attached. But she's very giving and fits like a glove in this group. I love that Pepsi sings for her allies, that's so sweet. I'm so excited to see how everything turns out and I'll see you soon!

AuroraMiri25 chapter 27 . 9/26/2020
I'm so sorry! ACK! I feel so terrible for not reviewing, never have I been so far behind in a fanfic that it actually ended before I could catch up hahaha. But I want you to know that I adore your writing style, I loved seeing Jubilena come to life and I LOVE this batch of tributes. I'm probably too late to submit to your sequel but I'll try to read it even if I miss submissions. Needless to say, life has gotten crazy. I'm hoping I can catch up ASAP, thank you so much for your patience. Anyway, on to the chapter.

Aenea: I'm starting to have some respect for these Careers. I might not mind reading some more of them for a time, even if I don't agree with what they're doing. This does NOT apply to Isaac because he sucks and I hope he dies and I hate him. And that is all. Clio, Leona and Erebor are likeable, Sutton is intriguing, Aenea's impressive. But Isaac just plain sucks. Anyway, I just wanna say that you're a GENIUS. Like the climate swap is lit. I feel like I had more to say about this POV, I should've done this while I was reading, shoot. I do have some very strong opinions for later POVs though lol.

Emmanuel: Aand this is the wholesome dream team we all love but also hate because Emmanuel is questionable and Cherry is bland. But we've got Pepsi and Sonora and anything with Sonora is automatically cool. I love the way Sonora talks. I love Pepsi also, she's very cute. You already know my conflicted feelings for Emmanuel. I feel like I should say more but I can't think of anything so... On to the next one!

Nyle: (Right? I think this was where Nyle came in.) This POV honestly made me wanna cry of happiness. These two are the SWEETEST, I feel like they're almost opposites but it works in the most perfect of ways. Such a brotherly bond. And a wonderful amount of yannos. I'm completely satisfied.

Nicholas: Ahh, Nicholas. I like their alliance, though it will never be as great as Clarus's and Nyle's because that's some amazingness that can never be topped. Nami is awesome though, I do love Elesa and Atticus is okay... Was there one more? Gosh, I'm already losing track of everybody. But it's so tragic that Henry is dead. That one just surprised me so much. But I see they're still making it through. And Nicholas is doing better than I thought he would under the pressure. I'm so glad he survived the Bloodbath.

And now it's time for the ultimate rant of the century with SETT: I respected this dude. I think, the first time I read him, I was like: "Okay, he's strong and brave and stuff, that's nice." But I'm just gonna say that I HATE him now. I hate people who betray their allies! I should've seen it coming but it'd been awhile since I'd read that chapter with Aenea and I didn't fully grasp it... I honestly thought Tyrell was Victor material. He very well could've been if he hadn't been killed in cold blood! I'm just shocked. I guess Sett and Isaac are gonna be best friends now, which is super fitting since they're both AWFUL. You have to survive I guess, that's fine. But it doesn't mean I like them any more. I just realized I didn't talk about Maine at all, whoops. She was very intriguing to me, I wanted to know her more so I didn't get so attached but I feel like I would've had more of an opinion if I'd spent more time getting to know her. And now that the rant has ended I just wanna say you're amazing, congratulations on finishing a story and getting all those reviews! Stay safe,

Mykindleisawesome chapter 25 . 9/17/2020
you thought you were rid of me. but false i'm still reading i was just busy. i think i wasn't gonna review again for another chapter or two but uhhh here i am because i'm a sucker for a party chapter. they always deliver. they are... a bop. everyone thrives. or doesn't but it just be like that sometimes. anyway i've been enjoying all those training chapters! erebor still sucks he's a very bad dad. cat girl made an ally so like... good for her but i think it's cus her ally is the one that is uhhh very imaginative and sees shit so cat girl isn't too weird. clio joined the careers right? but. nami. hmmm. and the d4 girl joined careers but nyle didn't? i cannot fully remember i lost track of alliances a lil bit. oh and sett has an alliance which is cool and all except he's gonna betray them or simply kill them all the possibilities are endless. he is. too strong. go sett though tbh. uhhh i miss nicholas where he be. didn't he have friends when i read random segments of the games? where is the holy trio. clio should ditch the careers they all kinda suck. except maybe leona i think i liked her. or maybe it was aenea? i am going to again emphasize that fact that erebor suck. okay party time.

clio - hell yeah do i want clio at a party. She says yaaay party where's Nami. Makes me also want to know where Nami is. Hmm Isaac. I think I also do not like him. He's the kid that wants 5 to be a Career district right? hahaha very funny. die. Clio definitely reeks of being the odd one out of the Career pack, especially because I think she's only in because they said "she looks like a threat. we need someone long distance. someone go threaten her." curious though when can she not be with them. where is clami. i have been promised this. LOOK IT IS NAMI. asldkjfals;kdjf so cute i want more. if they dance. i will lose my fucking mind. that is a promise. EMPTY ballroom? this is some romantic shit right here. they have set the mood. yes. this is... yes. "As long as I have you as my partner, I don't need to hear the music" why did this make me feel things. Fuck. What the hell. I am... oh shit. They have the oomf factor. Right now I am Clio. I am feeling things. "maybe even the prettiest girl in all of Panem" so they're BOTH just like that? holy fuck what is this. who gave you the right. no wonder everyone's so sad this shit gonna be sad as hell. "how do you say 'kiss me' in sign language" AHHHHH. wait. wait a minute. did this dumbass really take a hot minute to realize that nami asked because she wants to kiss clio? FUCKING ADORABLE. I stan 100%. they are just... so pretty too? like you can TELL they're so into each other this is like every time saffron calls piper ethereal in apu. i'm getting some REAL good character descriptions here and i want more. can they just. talk about each other. forever? someone let them out of the games so they can just. be like this. all the time. AND THEN THEY KISS. aaaaaaaaaaaa this is so fucking cute. i am feeling things. "But tonight, it just so happened that reality was better than fantasy." oh fuck. yes. this is- yes it is. y'all are killing it. my feelings are not ready to feel the bad. at least i have a lil while!

Nyle - i kinda enjoy you as well. Oh he has made a friend! Hello Clarus! Awww they seem really sweet so far. I like seeing the bonds that form in the hg even though it is very stupid of them. This is not the place for friends! But go off I guess. Awww best man? That's so hecking cute. This is real cute too bad they gonna die. I... don't have a TON to comment on here except that this is just really wholesome. Alas Clami beforehand was just too good and used up all my words. But I really really love this bonding. "To us" ughhh everyone is so soft today. i am so sorry i have nothing else to say here except i like it it just doesn't compare.

Henry - i think i remember making fun of your name because it is. henry. hello henry welcome to panem. i do not think you're cut out for this. but is anyone really? sett is. give sett. Yay for living in the moment! "rude to refuse" the no word is... right there... is getting drunk really a good idea? YAY NICHOLAS FOR DANCING! i like to see it. i also want more nicholas. (Atticus is the 12 guy right? i... wish i could remember people and alliances) Damn go Atticus. Serving looks. Also he's angry! I cannot blame him. Hold on what? A shotgun? Okay wait so this was mentioned in the discord earlier and I will finally know what the hell that means. Is it... a real shotgun? Why? Why the hell does Atticus have it? What the fuck? Huh. Okay well that's not what I expected it to be. I... huh okay. I'm a lil shook but this doesn't upset me. "I think it was whatever you want it to be, Henry" henry just out here saying "yeah i don't get embarrassed" and then Atticus does That and now he just kinda what the fucks his way through the rest of the conversation. Which was admittedly very funny. shotgun babey!

Sett - i have actually Very Much Missed You. like... fuckin hello. it's you. you're actually. famous. if you'd killed a couple less people i would be 100% on board with you being our antagonistic victor because i'm really into it. rip to most of these other characters but i have Feelings about him. "He supposed he didn't hate it" oh right a mood. I'm really digging his analysis of the careers vs the rest of the tributes. The Careers are just... doing what they do and the rest of the tributes just... live. mmm blood red tuxedo. i must take a moment to mention that red. is so sexy. sexiest color. you are living sett. you demand my attention good sir. i am always intrigued by you. oooo hello Aenea! Aenea Regina Singh... i still love that name. Hmm I wonder what she wants. Obviously not a dance she's gotta have something going on there. "he would sleep when he was dead" oh okay edgy. I respect you sir. A lot. You kill people and I am proud. I like that about you. Anyway cool for him that she respects him. Ayyy yeah get rid of Isaac. he's annoying. Take him OUT Sett you can do it. (it's a liiiittle more than a trial of strength hon.) Ooh they're gonna meet up? Spicy. I dig whatever this is. Say yes sir. It would be very cute of you. mmmmmmmmm. i love sett. why do people hate him? it's not his fault he's the whole hunger games package.

party chapter was too sexy to pass up a review for it. shoutout to clami for being FUCKING CUTE and also sett for being himself because i love him. oh also give nicholas. i want... more... the way the final 4 are already shaping up to be So Powerful... i just want more of them. also for erebor to die because fuck that guy. oh and isaac. oh and the cat girl i don't like her vibes. i think there's someone else i did not vibe with at all but uhhh fuck erebor most of all. anyway your writing has been Fantastic as always and i don't like complaining but i will say that not having a list of alliances has been throwing me off as i try to remember everyone. idk if it's also just me reading this really spaced out or what but... i can't remember people unless they're the final 4 or i hate them. but ughhhh this story makes me feel things. it is so late. is this comprehensible? is that the right word to use? i do not know. anyway stan clami. and nicholas. and SETT. also stan vying. we have almost hit the arena which i've heard VERY good things about. let us goooo. tomorrow.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 40 . 9/16/2020
Okay! Victor!Nicholas... you really do love to see it. This chapter was haunting but in a good way. As I often do when I read him, I had chills down my spine. He really was such a good choice for Victor and I just adore the fuck out of this kid. I completely forgot how fucked up all of this stuff they have the Victors watch is... and lord, it sure fucking hurts, especially for my dearest Nicholas. Somebody please give this boy a hug from me... He needs it! You did a great job though. The way you immerse me when I read this kid... looking back there's no way it could've been anybody but him. You allow me to become Nicholas, and that's hard since being Nicholas hurts. You were made to write this kid i don't even know what to say. This was absolutely devastating, and it shows the way that he never really thought he would win and now this boy just wants to go home. I really can't wait to read that... i really want this boy to be happy I love him so fucking much wow... this was just such a sensory experience and all the little details about his hair and how the only thing he can recognize are his eyes and ugh this was disorienting but in the best way possible GAHHH i am out of words to say that can describe how much i adored this... stan nicholas
BradiLain chapter 39 . 9/16/2020
Cliooooooooo, starting with her POV only weakens my thought that she'll be our victor. although, her thoughts are interesting me quite a bit. of course, we knew she'd miss nami bc they're an otp until the end of days. but i always saw her as more of a character that would brush off the deaths around her. this moment was so precious and wholesome, i love them to death. literally, bc they are very likely to die soon.

the idea of having to stitch up my own wound makes me so sick to my stomach. gagggg that's so disgusting. i'm also not great with needles, though, so i'm sure it's not a big surprise there. clio was the smartest one to take out here, even if i'm mad that i'm always wrong lmfao. i'm glad bc i preferred nami to clio, but i'm also mad bro mad that sett has gotten so many kills bc i can't stand him. out of all four of these characters, he would make me the least satisfied to see as a victor.

nami feels almost feral here, but i'm living for it. i love her the most, i think she'd make me the happiest to see as the winner above all. the back and forth here between here and sett was so action packed. and nicholas in here with the final blow! i'm into the gorefest that you always manage to write, the idea of his jaw beng almost hacked off? v metal. we love that for him. he deserved it.

and nicholas takes the home the crown! He's the last one i would've guessed if we're being completely honest. i'm interested to see how he responds to his win, bc i think that will be the only thing more interesting than him winning in the first place. he's not the tribute i would've chosen, but isn't that half of the fun?
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