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Geochili chapter 8 . 12/14/2023
I really liked this story before I read it a few times. The bonding between Chuck and Sarah is great. The more confident Chuck that is observed by other women to be handsome is awesome.

But this Sarah is kind of like the 'whore with a heart of gold' character. If the heart was blackish gold...and she didn't take money to spread her legs.

First, I get the killing/assassinating bad guys for the greater good.. blah, blah. (always used to justify despicable actions, btw). Sarah committing torture? Unacceptable. That makes 'us' become the enemy within, which kills far more within 'us' than the information gained saves. At that point we no longer have the high moral ground. Shining what on a hill? Obeying orders? Didn't work for the Nazis and doesn't work for me. Imagine Sarah strapping battery clamps to some person's nuts or vagina? Maybe, cutting of fingers, or knuckles, depending how long it needed to take. Maybe even slowly sliding her favorite knife's tip into someone's eyeballs again and again...until she got the information she needed.

Sarah *should* be angry with herself...especially after being so excited to do "good". Did she think Graham blackmailed a morally flexible young girl into the CIA to serve in the light? If so, she never understood the con life her dad preached. Did she save probably thousands of lives with her actions? Yes. Did she contribute to the debasement of everything our nation was supposed to stand for? Also, Yes.

And then there's Sarah being so oversexed that it's almost disgusting. That dude that fucked her in training camp opened pandora's sex box...along with breaking her hymen. In the 5 years after Jill, Chuck's first sexual experience, he didn't need to scratch an itch like it was needed to sustain him. On the other hand, Sarah periodically needed a cock in her to fill a void and scratch that itch. In this story, obviously any cock would do. I'm thankful that of the many cocks inserted into Sarah in this story... none of them was Bryce's... although I think that is more of a rear guard action. Let me summarize...Chuck could survive years without sex. Sarah could not.
Geochili chapter 1 . 12/13/2023
This was a very sweet start to a Charah story. But, alas, the one emotion Agent Walker couldn't suppress was her lust for sex...

I have to wonder if Sarah was curious about how much her partners and one-night stands drank before taking her some place to scratch that itch. Live, fuck, and learn, I guess. As usual with Charah...Chuck has had sex with one woman and Sarah's probably just glad she doesn't have an an STI from her "number" of sex partners.

Also, why would Sarah want to crack the seal on talking about exes? I guess she doesn't consider anybody from her legs-open past an exe? Oops. Gotta lie and deflect now...
Jbear1974 chapter 1 . 12/1/2023
Fantastic, this is the second time reading this story, i enjoy the M portons, i enjoy the fish fry eventthe settlement meeting. Thans JE
Shailey chapter 10 . 11/23/2023
Fantastic story and a great effort in bringing these characters to life. Liked all of your chapters and even though the pace was different from canon, it's alright because their connection was instant in canon also.

I would like to express a few of my thoughts about some of the general trends I noticed and the AN in this chapter. These are based on my understanding of canon, not on this story specifically which I have already said I enjoyed because of the different premise. You can ignore them and continue with the good work you're doing here and hopefully update another of your stories.

So, I think the obstacles for them to be together in canon were genuine. Firstly, the protocols and risk of being reassigned meant Sarah had to walk a very fine line balancing her real feelings for Chuck with her job. Secondly, even if many people here don't agree, her feelings were initially a problem affecting her performance (at least that's what the writers expressed in the show, whether we like it or not is a different matter). Throughout S1 she mostly kept her feelings in check and was in denial of those feelings, was mostly able to protect him and only let them come to surface when she thought they would die in front of the bomb or when Chuck was being taken away. In S2 after their date, she was in girlfriend mode for first three episodes and we see her performance suffer, especially when she wasn't able to take the shot with Chuck, while she had no problems taking the exact same shot with Bryce. This showed the difference in her feelings for the two men; she had real feelings for Chuck, the man she loved, while she only had spy feelings for Bryce, her partner in the spy world and those feelings or lack of feelings for Bryce, made her colder and more efficient in her job. That's why Chuck backed out after Bryce's warning (which was not just to manipulate him as some feel) and only in Broken Heart after much time and experience we see she was able to control her feelings and made them an asset for the asset (Chuck) which Beckman even recognised. Note that Beckman wasn't soft on them until she was wrong in S3 and only then changed her attitude towards Chuck and their relationship. So for her to recognize Sarah's feelings as an asset is a big thing because it meant Sarah was able to control her emotions and use them to protect Chuck better, something she couldn't do early in S2 when Bryce came and Casey had to save all of them. She even recognized that then, and tried to tell Casey in Castle she would handle the situation because she knew she had messed up the situation by lowering her guard with Chuck. But before she could say anything, Chuck put the brakes on their relationship and she realized the reality of their situation. The exact same thing happens in S3 when after Carina's warning about spies not falling in love Chuck stops pursuing her and keeps his feelings for her in check until his talk with Morgan, when he accepts her feelings for her and starts pursuing her again in 3.10 when he had learnt to control and manage his feelings. In fact, in The Other Guy, Chuck's saving of Sarah was because of his strong feelings for her especially when he shot Shaw. That is now, like Sarah in Broken Heart, he has turned his feelings into an asset and was able to save Sarah from Shaw because of those strong heeings. Feelings didn't stop him from pulling the trigger, it gave him enough strength to do it to save the one he loves. This is in contrast to Shaw who couldn't handle his emotions when his wife died and he suppressed them. And when he faced the same feelings again, he couldn't control them and turned to the dark side. Finally, in 3.14 they decided they could have it all and told that to Beckman who also realized that their feelings were now an asset to this team. But this thing happened over a period of time and when both learned to control their feelings and managed to turn them into an asset for the team. Friends and family, like Casey and Morgan, became an asset to the team, something that Shaw ignored about Chuck and was one reason why he couldn't ever best him despite his repeated attempts and elaborate plans.

Next, while Sarah Walker character is really interesting, I think the character of Chuck Bartowski also has a lot more depth to him. It doesn't appear in the first two seasons because he appears just a normal guy with no sense of direction in his life or a purpose. It was made purposely to make him more relatable to the audience and his relationship with Sarah even more impossible. His feelings for Sarah are apparent and I have seen people, especially here, judge him solely from this lens. That's not the right approach according to me. Because the show had two aspects, their relationship and the character growths for Chuck and Sarah. And both made huge leaps in that regard. Sarah had a type, it was heroes (not necessarily spies). And Sarah fell for a regular guy who was a hero in his regular life. She fell for him after he fixed her phone and before he started defusing bombs, that is the Chuck who helped the ballerina rather than continue flirting with Sarah (selfless), sticking with Sarah after the date when they were being chased by Casey rather than leaving her and running to save his own life (brave and trusting), being charming in the date and loyal to his friends and family. All these aspects already made him a hero in her eyes. But that was not true for Chuck who still didn't see himself as someone deserving of Sarah. S3 changed that where he isn't a reluctant player in the spy game anymore. He was the key player and in American Hero during the love declaration we see how much he has grown. He knows and feels he is a hero after he saved Shaw from his suicide mission (not necessarily a spy technically) and he feels he is deserving of Sarah now. He doesn't second guess or hesitate. That is apparent in his tone and his proclamation of love for her. He doesn't want to convince her, he wants her to take a leap of faith, to trust him, like he trusted her on the beach. That is huge and a big leap from the nerd herder we met in the pilot. Chuck grew from a boy to a man over the five seasons, from working at the Buymore with no direction, to a reluctant hero as the asset (note he was never a coward in his first two years, scared yes, but never lacked courage), to a hero by choice when he uploaded 2.0 and then after having it all he also decided to give up everything if he can be with Sarah, putting her above all his ambitions. After that we see him develop as a spy and then in S5 we also see that he has developed into a top spy even without the Intersect when she defeats Shaw who had all the advantage and had captured Sarah and Casey, his two biggest strengths.

As for the loss of memories, I think it affects both the characters equally. While Sarah without her memories felt lost, she also thought she could go back to being a spy after completing this mission. Chuck on the other hand was in a limbo with his wife gone and because of those memories he was bound to a person who he doesn't know cared about him or not, or even existed or not. It was a big hit for both of them, but from the beginning of the epsiode, to the numerous parallels in the epsiode to the scene in the beach made it clear to me that, a) her memories are there and coming back, b) she fell for him since she met him at the Buymore again and before he defused the bomb with the virus, c) she would get her memories again as they start their new journey together and their love develops, as like Ellie clearly said, feelings are powerful things and could spark her memories. Once again their feelings becoming an asset.

Overall I absolutely loved this story and really like how you have developed these characters and their journey. Thanks for sharing.
BMcGonagall chapter 11 . 10/30/2023
An excellent story well worth the read, Steelejay I hope you continue it.
michael broadhurst chapter 1 . 9/28/2023
I can't remember if I reviewed this chapter or not. This is my second time reading this story so Great chapter, great story, and great job.
arata7kasuga chapter 11 . 8/26/2023
minus him padding out, this was a pretty damn amazing chapter c:
arata7kasuga chapter 10 . 8/26/2023
I don't think Sarah was in a worse place to be honest. chuck wasn't even living life, she was just angry and lonely and stressed the heck out. but she at least had a decent paying job and time off enough to figure out what she needed. chuck only had a low paying job and no time off. although he did have Ellie and Devon.
arata7kasuga chapter 10 . 8/26/2023
honestly, forced recruitment shouldn't be a thing at all. it should purely be voluntary
arata7kasuga chapter 9 . 8/26/2023
also, she shouldn't have lied to him there at the end. that said, I adore how much effort she put into getting him his degree and making sure he is financially set up to continue on with his life :3
arata7kasuga chapter 9 . 8/26/2023
she should have told him everything the night she got permission to...or the morning after at the latest no?... kinda messed up to wait days
arata7kasuga chapter 5 . 8/26/2023
I love the focus on their eroticness. it is so profound.
arata7kasuga chapter 4 . 8/25/2023
she asks him alot. about his past and. expects him to be honest. the least she could do is be honest in return or at the very least, not outright lie and create fictional answers...
arata7kasuga chapter 4 . 8/25/2023
literally no reason to spend the nights apart..
arata7kasuga chapter 2 . 8/25/2023
but wow this was also just a hot chapter. especially making her orgasm by biting her neck, I definitely didn't see that coming
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