Reviews for 3 Years?
Elle H. M chapter 1 . 8/12/2006
I realize of course, that this is an old fic, but it was good. It worked really well for how things turn out, and you should have kept writing it. good job.
lauren-no wait-yea-no-yea-wait no-yea-well-maybe-im confused-wait-no-yes-YES-ok my name's lauren chapter 1 . 6/24/2003
hey kate! its lauren, i think, wait no i dont! hahaha ok i swear i have submited a reveiw on this story b4, but since you never say it, i will write a new one. i thought htis was really good! *applauds* i would have prefered it to be a bit longer, but since you have already written it, youll just have to make a sequel! ok and you should definitley do a vaughn pov, in which it should say something like "hey sydneys back, screw my wife, im gonna make out with syd!" hahaha, i no, its kind of out there, but that better be what happens in the first episode of the third season. and on natalies pov you should put "im no match for sydney, shes obviously a better match for vaughn so im gonna get plastic surgery" and then vaughn will hate her and it will be a happy ending! ok once again, out there, but im just trying to help (even tho thats not much help *evil grin* but ill write some like that) ok well like i said, this was very good, i luv it, it better have a sequel, and do the dif povs!

ly bye

elel ( it is so much easier to write it like that!)