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RandoMando47 chapter 46 . 5/28
I’m sad you’re not continuing but happy for you that you’ve done (most) of what you wanted to do and created one of the best stories in the fandom I’ve come across. Great work and good luck with whatever activities you end up pursuing (if it’s cool maybe throw up a notice here if the audience isn’t too negative)
KINGDEEM chapter 46 . 5/25
great... another masterpiece dropped... fking wonderfull
osaki-monti chapter 46 . 5/24
Sad to see this go, but I'm happy you're doing what you need to do for you! Cant wait to see what gets churned out of that magical thing called your brain next!
Null chapter 46 . 5/18
Ah...well, that's a shame.

But hey, if you weren't enjoying yourself, then that's alright. No need to force yourself and it's good you recognized that before things could have gotten worse.

Love this story, I really do, you did a dang good job writing this whole thing, and though it's sad we won't be able to see it done all the way, the little arc summaries are some good closure either way.

Still, though the point is the fact that Leo is simply a 'pivot', not meant to be important but was still able to bull his way though the major events alongside his friend Jack...a part of me kinda hoped he'd be able to at least beat Cynthia at the end (or a Red and Blue situation where one won the league, until the other immediately beat them and took the championship), but eh, I know it ain't the point and it would have fuddled the message of the whole thing, but let a man dream dammit!

Haha, well, either way, this was one heck of a ride, and though it stops here, I don't regret ever finding this story and enjoying the moments you've created, so thank you for writing all this.

Hope you have a great day, and good luck to whatever future endeavors you may have.
Damner chapter 46 . 5/13
Sucks that this is ending but good on you for recognizing what was happening. Hope you the best in whatever you pursue next.
TheGodsWeep chapter 46 . 5/13
Really sad to hear that your dropping the story, im at chapter 30 currently and im truely enjoying it. Hope you write something new, ill follow you.
Guest chapter 46 . 5/12
sd74 chapter 46 . 5/11
An idea would be Leo traveling through the Ultra Wormhole as a final chance to force the Guzzlord into it. He slowly ages for reasons, and when he manages to return, he ends up being the same age as Cynthia. Of course, he spends a filler chapter just talking about it(not everything, but also doing random stuff while at it).
Faranon423 chapter 46 . 5/11
While this is admittedly somewhat disappointing, if you weren't enjoying it then you shouldn't force yourself to keep going. Thanks for actually announcing your decision, and extra thanks for the storyboard.
CrimsonRasengan chapter 46 . 5/7
while I'm saddened that you won't continue the story I have thoroughly enjoyed it. thank you for the wonderful story
saku hyuuga chapter 46 . 5/7
Thank you for let it us know that the story is discontinued. I respect that choice even if this was one of the Pokemon fics i was more looking forward to. I'll check regurarly for if you start a new project
kidneysrgood chapter 46 . 5/7
Thank you for writing this story. I had many great memories reading it.
lonecomander chapter 46 . 5/6
Thanks for the story! I’ve enjoyed it from early on. Hope you take a break and find a new project in the future.
zharshoul chapter 45 . 5/5
I just wanted to add that the beginning section of the story was the best part and the strongest. Getting dropped in some forsaken mountains trying to make your way, learning from the mons, getting a slowpoke of all things. The hunt for a larvitar and his early trainings and the epic battles against the gym leaders.

Unfortunately like with many pokemon fics there started to be some inklings of character bloat like with the meinfoo, rockruff, and sylvally, even the jangomo(my evolution names might be the wrong ones). It was too many, too soon, then that wormhole arc started and he got another mon and it just felt like too much, there was also a talking nihelgo if I recall? Too many new characters, it all started to blur together instead of being distinct memorable events.
Frosty Wolf chapter 46 . 5/5
Sad, this was a quality bit of writing. But if you're not having fun anymore there's no reason to force yourself to continue. And thank you for the conclusion summary, that's a closure too many stories never get.

I do hope you can find stories that you'll still enjoy writing though!
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