Reviews for Fallout: Stranded
Imperial warlord chapter 51 . 8/5
Awesome chapter.
Dasgun chapter 51 . 8/5
Dead344156 chapter 51 . 8/5
lol another amazing chapter
Ghost Angel14 chapter 51 . 8/4
I seriously hate being caught up...but its good to see this update. Eagerly awaiting more.
54godamora chapter 51 . 8/4
Agreed Six. If I may vent, I'd rather go full on Persecution of the Masses on Wonderland.
Acqua OfThe Back chapter 51 . 8/4
Gracias por el capítulo, el Sombrero Loco está en mi Top 5 por lo que me alegro verla aparecer.
Zombie Overlord chapter 51 . 8/4
Well done, bravo. Thats how you write a chapter. Its shorter I’d like, but thats because I always love the world building. XD

Quite excellent though for an area such a small bit of information off the wiki. Though now is the hard part, escaping the Residents of Wonderland. Entries to the place are likely heavily guarded and regulated so its likely going to be a chaotic exit and fight to the finish with a Jabberwocky pursuing them through the entry portal.
PraiseMayonnaise chapter 50 . 8/2
Amazing story I stumbled into, just finished catching up to the latest chapter and I love this. I like how the world is balanced in a way that doesn't make Six invincible and how both the monsters and the order are mostly morally gray. I've seen some typos, but I don't have many complaints. Can't wait for chapter 51, I hope Markus stays with the party after this.
Awesome chapter 50 . 7/20
I'm relatively new to fanfics and this is one of my first reads, and its absolutely awesome to read! It's nice to see the MC actually think about what he does sometimes and the powerscale is balanced for me! I'm excited for Chapter 51, but take your time with it!
Clagan chapter 50 . 6/16
Glad I stumbled upon this gem of a story keep up the amazing work
Cosmic pulse chapter 50 . 6/16
''They also seem to be onto the fact that I need my equipment to summon my weapons since it
isn't magic. I can see how they came to the second conclusion, but not the first. Do they have an informant?''- Is this foreshadowing to something? Is there a traitor in the group? The only people who know about the Pip-Boy are Anastasia, Ender and Elt. Was Elt captured and interrogated about Six's abilities? Let's hope that's not the case and that I'm just reading to much into it. It's just the way that sentence is phrased which makes me really suspicious. Great chapter :D
Imperial warlord chapter 50 . 6/16
MGE wonderland, Cheshire cat is guide to all, who visit area and is only one that has high change of them getting out of wonderland.
Guest chapter 50 . 6/15
Time to break out the mini nukes
Dasgun chapter 50 . 6/15
p6lishb6kser chapter 50 . 6/15
So, the prison break is over :D
I wonder why he didn't take out any weapon yet, but that doesn't matter for now. I just want to see the tables turned and brain matter flying :D
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