Reviews for Usagi Potter Tsukino and the Sorcerer's Stone
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 7/16
Nice three chapters
Guest chapter 4 . 6/23
Wow. A first-year Seeker just like her brother! Cool! :)
James Birdsong chapter 2 . 6/21
Nice story
EgyLynx chapter 4 . 6/23
Ouch... :/ Anyway, nice story... or begin episodes...
Brightfire15 chapter 3 . 6/22
This is a cute story. I look forward to the next update. :)
Princesskaybug410 chapter 1 . 6/21
Does it matter what they named the girl? Does it change the person at all? Tell me: Would you name your child Eve, and then went to find the translation of the name for a different language bc you wanted a name that was unique? I would. It doesn't change the person at all!
Sakura Lisel chapter 1 . 6/19
Wait... Unless Usagi is adopted, how the heck did she get born THREE MONTHS after Harry's birth? plus why did James and Lily, a BRITISH couple, name her with a Japanese name like Usagi of all things instead of giving her a nice British/English name? Wouldn't it have been easier to just call her Bunny, or if their naming of her is being influence by her undead mother, why not call her Serena, like the old anime dub did, or make Serena her middle name.