Reviews for Lost in Albion: End of the Beginning (Merlin 3)
rakkertje9 chapter 37 . 7/17/2020
Please update absolutely love the series and I have read from 1 to now in 2 weeks
Guest chapter 37 . 7/16/2020
Noooooooo! You can’t leave me like this.
Guest chapter 37 . 7/16/2020
I love this story so muchhhh! where’s book 4?
ArganRose chapter 36 . 7/15/2020
awesome as always!
lydo99 chapter 33 . 7/12/2020
I had wondered a while back but had dismissed it automatically. Oh my goodness! I wonder how much later he actually does it?
ArganRose chapter 31 . 7/11/2020
you absolutely cannot leave us hanging like this!
I'm so happy you're finished book three and thus we won't have to wait too long on updates. I'm so excited :D
lydo99 chapter 30 . 7/11/2020
I can’t imagine rolling down a stone staircase! Wooden ones on the other hand...
Thank you! You totally brightened my day up by posting :)
Beyondwandering chapter 30 . 7/10/2020
Love this story so much never been so intrigued. Is there a book 4 or is there more coming? Can’t wait to read either way
Guest chapter 30 . 7/10/2020
i absolutely adore this fic and i cannot wait for the next updates and book 4!
lydo99 chapter 28 . 7/8/2020
Aww, I feel so bad for Leon
ArganRose chapter 23 . 7/7/2020
This just keeps getting better and better, my only regret is that no I actually have to wait for updates. Like I said before, it is an amazing story, love the OCs, love the plot, and how everything develops seamlessly. I'll look forward to your updates!
lydo99 chapter 22 . 7/5/2020
This chapter is definitely an emotional roller coaster. I’m curious to know how Arthur would respond to what happened to her (if he even gets to know right now). And I think that Elena’s destiny may have lined up with mine as well :)
Elizabeth170 chapter 21 . 7/4/2020
This series is one of the best OC insert fics I have read - I love the approach you have taken and it’s well written too! Great work!
lydo99 chapter 21 . 7/4/2020
I’m happy that Merlin has someone on his side :)
lydo99 chapter 16 . 6/26/2020
Yay! Now that he’s back in the picture I wonder what mischief they’ll get into
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