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tamilyn313 chapter 12 . 9/14
Perhaps Dean should establish emergency code words with Gracie. He and Sam have different codes for different situations... like "Poughkeepsie" for drop everything and run. That way situations like with Claire' won't happen.

I also think it's time for Gracie to get into some big trouble. She is still testing the boundaries with her "new" Daddy.
mak2018 chapter 12 . 9/14
Nice story. Is this the end?
MH76fanfic chapter 12 . 9/12
Nice wrap-up! Love the story. I definitely vote for more Dean and Gracie and Sam and Jack-Jack (and big Jack too).
wandamarie chapter 12 . 9/12
EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester chapter 12 . 9/11
Very sweet chapter! Would love to know what Donna said to Claire. Loving this story!
Elliesamdeangirl chapter 12 . 9/11
I've never roasted marshmallows, but melting them in hot chocolate is Claire apologised, and Gracie accepted it, and I wondered if Donna would rile Claire up, after all when you've been punished, pretty harshly, there's only so much grovelling you can do, so everything is settled, and they had a fun family makes a great dad, whether it's Jack or Jack if Granpaw Chuck could save Dean and Cas on Gracie's earth, and bring back their Sam and Jack, he IS God?But our Dean wouldn't want to give Gracie back, or she could have two sets of Dean, Sam, Cas and too many Deans in my opinion!
tamilyn313 chapter 12 . 9/11
Loving this story. I definitely want more Dean/Gracie time.
FoxFire90 chapter 12 . 9/11
This is awesome. Really, there isn't enough stories as Sam as a dad & it's amazing. I think, with Gracie and Jack, I'd like to see how disobeying/deceiving/general trouble is tolerated. Pretty sure i know how Dean would react, he's pretty straightforward, but Sam is a little more patient but also new at the parenting thing.

I've been enjoying the story and I'd like to read more of it if you're willing!
tamilyn313 chapter 11 . 9/3
Claire definitely deserved everything she got. Grace being an empath will prove useful with Claire's apology. She will know if Claire is being sincere in her remorse or if she is just trying to appease Dean. Loving the story thus far.
EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester chapter 11 . 9/3
I think you handled that very well and it's definitely what Claire needed. I would like to see the aftermath but I'll take it however you want to write this, even a flashback would be fine. I really enjoy your writing and love this story. :)
Guestee chapter 11 . 9/3
Hiya. Just wanted to thank you for your story. It’s a fresh story that hasn’t been tried (that I know of) thank you for having the imagination and bravery to post your story. Look forward to reading more and been happy with every chapter
tamilyn313 chapter 11 . 9/2
Claire has needed that for a very long time. Looking forward to the apology. Perhaps Gracie's empathetic abilities will indicate if Claire is being genuine.
Elliesamdeangirl chapter 11 . 9/2
Wow, Dean certainly doesn't hold back, and with Jody and Sam(look at those massive mitts!), I felt slightly sorry for Claire, but she was stupid trusting angels, and Gracie had a close call?Dean was very stern, and I wouldn't want to piss him off!I like how he offered comfort to her, she probably never got forgiveness before, and you just know she'll think long and hard before doing something to bring the wrath of Dean and Sam down on herself again?
wandamarie chapter 11 . 9/2
wow she did earned that spanking for every thing she did
wandamarie chapter 9 . 8/31
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