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FirePheonix11 chapter 39 . 1/20
The wood carving scene made me snort a small laugh. And so did the "geriatric warthog" retort. But on a serious note, the mermaid carving made me tear up. I do wonder what Johanna's reaction will be when she sees Marin's sister and her baby up on the platform in Four. I also hope that Johanna's Victory tour goes well, (and her family's still there when she returns!). Side note: I forgot you're Australian, and hence measure temperature in Celcius rather than Fahrenheit. So, when I saw "40 degree *heat*" in one phrase, I was very confused until I realized how hot 40 degrees in Celcius.
LoupDreams chapter 1 . 1/20
I love Johanna, so I'm excited to see what happens. So far, I think you did a good job at capturing her character.
tracelynn chapter 37 . 1/6
wow this was an interesting and relevatory chapter for sure! it was really interesting that it was just dialogue between Blight and Magnolia; Blight is commonly portrayed as duller than many, so I think it's cool that if this carries through to your universe, that his POV is just dialogue because he wouldn't be one to describe stuff as much as others.

Blight is Eurydice's dad! I did not see that coming at all! I probably should have but I'm just in utter shock. That's crazy that 7's three biggest Victors (At least in this story) are all so strongly bound to her, and now she's dead. I love Eurydice but her death really is propelling as a plot device, and it's just crazy that Blight never got to tell her, although it definitely makes sense. I'm a little surprised the Capitol never found out through a blood test or something, but it's also believable they didn't because they wouldn't be expecting such a thing. At least Eurydice didn't have to die in the Games.

I'm scared to see Johanna accepting the rebellion, it makes sense that things are about to blow up, but I agree with Blight a bit; things might be different, but Johanna's actions could hurt her little brother. We know they do, actually, which just makes it worse. It's just like watching a car wreck, and even though I know at the end the country falls and Jo succeeds, it's still so scary and tragic that her family is going to have to perish :(

also im curious how far you're gonna take this story; are you stopping after the victory tour, or are you gonna detail future events past that into canon from her POV too? That could definitely be intriguing, although you'd have to work tightly within the confines of canon so that might be less fun. Or you could go AU entirely. Still, even if it ends at the victory tour, I think that's a great place for this story and it's been amazing so far. Can't wait to see where your strong writing takes us next!
tracelynn chapter 36 . 1/6
sorry I haven't sat down to review these yet! Don't feel the need to apologize about the length or the fact that we're taking a break between the Games and the Victory Tour; I like seeing more details of Johanna settling into her life, and it's nice not to just skip six months of her life after you've put so much detail into her narrative thus far.

The nightmare was terrifying, imagining having no legs or arms like Johanna did after the bear bit them off was absolutely horrifying it made me shiver LMAO and it was so sad seeing all the tributes, but most of all Eurydice taunting her. It's just sad she's going to have to see that for a long time and if it was possible for me to love and feel bad for Johanna more, I started loving and feeling bad for her even more lol

I'm happy Johanna is able to talk to Magnolia more again, and I'm happy she got her tokens back. Thinking about Minnow without Marin was sad as always :( I love Johanna's idea of repurposing the tokens though, that's an awesome idea, but I could totally see that being the reason she and her family get in trouble even though she told them not to talk about rebellious stuff. Her siblings especially seem to be a bit innocent, so I could sadly see one of them slipping up. I'm just happy we get to see some happier moments of them, like Rowan cuddling Jo, before they die :(
FirePheonix11 chapter 37 . 1/5
Blight... was Eurydice's father.
I. Am. Shocked.
Maybe there was some hinting about this earlier that I missed, but I wasn't expecting this. It's interesting that Magnolia's the one pushing for Johanna to be a part of the rebellion. I'm guessing that she's old and tired of losing the people she cares about and just wants to get this over with. And losing Eurydice just added more impatience to the mix. I'm very interested in seeing how Johanna reacts to all this, and if she ever finds out the relationship between Blight and Eurydice.
FirePheonix11 chapter 36 . 1/3
When I was reading the books, there was a line by Haymitch that went something like this:
"Nobody ever wins the Hunger Games."
And that really stuck with me, because I feel like it rings true. The people who manage to survive the Games, aren't winning or really living. They're just barely surviving. Most of them, if not all, have PTSD, survivor's guilt, night terrors, and a lot of them slipped into addictive behaviors that are slowly killing them. To me, that's not living. I like how you described the nightmares that Johanna is experiencing. Even for someone like Johanna who appears to be strong and without weakness, it's natural for her to be experiencing survivor's guilt and being especially guilty over Marin's death and the subsequent orphaning of Minnow. I like how Johanna also decided to return the fallen tribute's tokens to them, and I'm starting to guess why exactly Snow eliminated the Mason family (in Catching Fire, she said that there's nobody left she cares about and I always assumed they were killed as a result of her defiance.)
FirePheonix11 chapter 35 . 12/23/2020
Great chapter. I'm really glad that you decided to delve into the funeral services and rituals that may have been provided in Panem. It does make sense that there would be different Cemeteries for the different classes of the deceased. You write the grieving process very well, and I'm very glad that you included the rebellious books that Eurydice had in her procession. The books that you listed were all very familiar to me (and most of us readers, I should think), and very dear to my heart. And, yeah, I can kinda see where you're going with them, but I'm interested in seeing how it all plays out.
tracelynn chapter 34 . 12/20/2020
I read this chapter a while ago and I thought I left a review but I guess not sorry! I was in agony alongside Johanna waiting for her to be able to see her family again on the platform, that was written very well, and it was so relieving when she was able to be with her family again. I'm happy she gets to see her parents and be with her siblings before they get taken away from her :( I really don't know how Johanna survives all of this but it's a testament to the strength of her character and explains why she's half-insane in Catching Fire lmao. I'm scared to see her have to talk to Eurydice's mom, that's going to be a rough encounter, and I'm also really confused about what Blight was trying to tell her on the train. The Games are over but it seems like you still have a lot in store for us and I'm excited to see the other twists you add in!
AmeliaOdair chapter 34 . 12/13/2020
What a great chapter! I was so scared you were going to kill her family before she got home, so I'm SOOOO happy she gets a little time with them before... well, you know. And I am OVER THE MOON about your new story starring Marin :) I can't wait to read it!
FirePheonix11 chapter 34 . 12/12/2020
Eurydice not being there to see Johanna hurts. It hurts more than I had imagined it would. But I am glad that her siblings are there to keep her company. And, wow, Bear is so cute and charming. He reminds me of my own baby sister. This chapter, out of all of them, made me start crying and I'm not exactly sure why. You conveyed Johanna's emotions so well, and it's very easy for the readers to feel for her as well. And, side note, I definitely relate to the school struggle! I cannot wait for the 'Marin wins' AU. I just want to see her getting back to her baby and find a happy ending. Though, I'm pretty sure the Capitol would jump at the opportunity to prostitute her so she probably wouldn't get her happy ending. Ah, life in Panem ~sucks~
tracelynn chapter 33 . 11/28/2020
This was a really good chapter. I feel so bad for Magnolia and Johanna they’re just going through so much right now and I wish I could comfort them! You write their pain so well it feels like I’m experiencing it in the room with them. I thought it was funny how Johanna used the word basic like younger people do today I guess language trends come back around eventually. And I think you wrote snow very well he was very chilling and terrifying. I’m happy Johanna is going along with his plans for now but I’m scared for the future. And the part at the end about Eurydice was so sad but hopefully Johanna can gather the strength. She does help overthrow him after all!
tracelynn chapter 32 . 11/22/2020
aubrey I wanted to cry this whole chapter! I could tell how hard it was for Magnolia to tell her, and Johanna had the exact extremely emotional reaction I thought she would have and that she had every right to have. It's raining where I am now too and god. This is just so sad. I know Eurydice had to die for plot reasons but Jo's already been through so much and I love their romance and I wish they could be together again. Hopefully they will be someday, she did see her soul or ghost or whatever as she was leaving the arena. In the end this was a harrowing chapter but very well written; it's hard to write scenes like this so I'm impressed with the quality of this chapter. Keep up the amazing work I can't wait to see the rest of this even though I know it's going to be an emotionally rough read even more so from here on out
tracelynn chapter 31 . 11/22/2020
I absolutely ADORE Johanna's torture of her Capitolite aides lmaooo, in most stories they are either not that annoying or the tributes respect them, but I think it's true of character for Johanna to be rude to people like Nona and her escort and I loved reading those exchanges. Johanna definitely was a little bland in her interviews but I understand why she did that, although Magnolia is right that the Games never end and Johanna probably should've made herself a bit more interesting. I am really scared now though because Johanna will probably find out Eurydice is dead soon :( I'm also a little surprised by the part at the end about the Capitol doing anything to her if they just don't hurt her family, because I thought they killed her family in canon because she wouldn't prostitute herself for Snow. That might just be some headcanon I mixed up in my head though lmao. I'm just sad because I know Jo's gonna go through a lot more still but I'm still loving the story your writing evokes the sadness of the situation well and I love how Johanna is still fighting for the ones she loves.
tracelynn chapter 30 . 11/22/2020
This little chapter between Magnolia and Blight was nice, I feel so bad for Magnolia that she lost her granddaughter and has to tell Johanna. I hate that type of anxiety of knowing you have to tell someone badnews so I completely understand Magnolia's pain its excrutiating to read about. And Blight was just doing his best but I understand why Magnolia wants him to shut up. I wouldn't be able to handle the stark truth that immediately after the death of my grandchild either :(
tracelynn chapter 29 . 11/17/2020
I'm catching up and this chapter is just so bittersweet. We know Eurydice is dead and Magnolia is concealing it from Johanna because she is too fragile to handle it right now, but that is just waiting to crash down and I'm really scared and saddened at the fact that Johanna is going to have to deal with that. I do like how Johanna is understanding what it truly means to be a Victor however, and the scene between her and Magnolia at the end was especially powerful. Lovely as always!
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