Reviews for Reborn
hzlanderson chapter 36 . 12h
I haven't been through Chemotherapy myself but I have been through a similar treatment that is hard on the bodyHaemodialysis. I was on it for 5 years. I have also been through countless surgeries, many of them life-saving.

For Chad to do all of that when he was so unwell is beyond impressive! Surgeries and treatment alone takes a lot out of you, so he really did push his body to the very limit to continue doing what he loved.

Great story and plot btw. Needs editing, yes, but unlike most fanfiction xovers I've read, it's completely legible.
Osborn123 chapter 25 . 16h
Well, that's it, this story is a waste of time... Such dissappointment... The author is completely copying the movies, only with the adition of a useless mc that changes absolutely nothing at all.

So since the events are the same as in the movies, then there is no point in reading this copy. Goodbye.
Ayush chapter 71 . 7/22
Bro can’t wait for the next chapter
Osborn123 chapter 24 . 16h
It is so ridiculous how the events are exactly the same as in the movies... Let alone that it is already annoying how the author is copying verbatim many of the dialogs, but most of all is that in this story, with the adition of Harry and his OP skills with his 120 years of experience, not a single problem or trap from the original story is avoided... The same problems with the same consequences are happening. So I wonder... does the author realice how uterly useless his mc is? If, after all, Harry's intervetion in the story does no provide anything at all. The same events happen with or without him...
pyande chapter 71 . 16h
One of the very few decent HP/Avengers fanfics I've read. I'm genuinely excited to read the next chapter
JManM chapter 38 . 16h
The last omake was so good.
Osborn123 chapter 23 . 17h
What is the point of the useless flashbacks? They are completely irrelevant to the story... To me it only serves to increase the word count.
Osborn123 chapter 22 . 17h
It is really annoying how the author completely nerfs Harry whenever is convenient... One moment Harry can do anything, the next he is completely incompetent... Harry should just read Loki's mind and stop making excuses... And then completely mess such mind as punishment for revealing his secret, cause if Harry doesn't make him pay for that I'll start to look down on him.
Nshv chapter 71 . 7/21
Please do not stop continuing this!...hope what you planned for help is worth the wait... your fic is awesome at the present
Osborn123 chapter 13 . 7/23
What's with the mc calling the ghostds from the other world? Is the author planning on turning the mc into a sad emo? Those characters are not even part of the story, so having them appear out of nowhere just to tell a sad story is just annoying...
ImmortalsDoItForever chapter 19 . 7/22
Your 0make 2 needs one more line:

No, they give her money! She can buy candy.
ToddGilliss chapter 71 . 7/22
Master of Death meeting the Goddess of Death

Rules of the game?
HP.HG. fan forever chapter 71 . 7/22
Love how you ended this chapter. Neatest way to shock and stop Hela.

Earlier you suggested going to youtube and enter the slap for and explanation about the accords. ?what I got was nothing but a bunch of people slapping each other.
Nshv chapter 71 . 7/20
Please for heavensake don't stop writing I am dying for your updates!
HP.HG. fan forever chapter 55 . 7/21
About people complaining about taking the city into space; simply remind them that what ever tech Ultron used to get the city in the air in the first place had to be very powerful, so why couldn't it continue out into space?
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