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MDR chapter 9 . 46m
Personally I think Anna overreacted. If anything, Elsa's actions would be seen as a prank or practical joke. I sure hope Elsa never tries to throw Anna a surprise party, this Anna will faint crying out "how dare you trick me!"
CrystalKaouri chapter 12 . 7h
Ok, this chapter REALLY made up for all the crap Elsa and Jack have been put through. Not saying Anna has been forgotten or excused, especially not after what she said about that marriage (read BUSINESS) proposal, but seeing Elsa realize she is falling for Jack, and Jack beginning to do the same certainly made Anna’s portions much more bearable.

Depending on how the rest of the chapters go, you should be okay to start a sequel. Like I said, just have Anna have an epiphany about her behavior towards her sister, then apologize for it, and it’s all good. At her core, Anna is genuinely a good person. She just goes about things the wrong way. She was obsessed in Frozen with having what she wanted to have happen on her sister’s coronation day, even though the day was supposed to be all about Elsa, but when she realized she screwed up, she rectified it.

Please don’t delete this. It’s really good!
Aargemtum chapter 12 . 5h
Another beautiful chapter! I'm perfectly fine with how your handling the story. Ah! my heart melt when Elsa admit to herself that she's falling for Jack. I have to say it again, I'm loving the developing of their relationship. Thousand kudos to you & wishing you the best!
CrystalKaouri chapter 11 . 17h
First off, thank you for not chewing me out for the rants. It's very refreshing and reassuring when authors take the time to set their readers at ease like that.

As far as Pitch not showing up goes, I have but one thing to say: Oh thank you God! I did not want to see that blasted nightmare king go after Elsa.

On the subject of Anna and the others... other than their unwillingness to listen to Elsa, or to even entertain the possibility that she's telling the truth, they are very much in character. Kristoff would most likely just follow Anna's lead about this, and considering the fact that Olaf depends on Elsa for the magic which sustains him, I would expect him to think about it at least a little. Anna though... I would have expected her to give Elsa the benefit of the doubt, especially since she is the reason Elsa nearly froze the kingdom in the first place. I mean, all Anna wanted was to be close to her sister again, like they were before Anna convinced Elsa to sneak out the night it all went to hell in hand basket.

And I don't think you need to wipe the slate clean. Just course correct a little. Have someone close to the rest of them, like one of the servants who took care of the girls while they were growing up give Anna an adjustment in perspective, or perhaps have Anna think back to her childhood and realize what she's doing to Elsa now is the same thing their parents did to her before they bit the dust. That should be enough to get her to rethink her behavior. She doesn't have to automatically believe. She just needs to listen to what her sister is saying. And soon, before the damage becomes irreversible.

Your on the right track.
Fanfictions4ever chapter 11 . 22h
looking at this based off in there world honestly anna and co should be alil more open minded.
why well here are the reasons

1. Elsa has powers. not much to explain on that but lets look at whats happen so far.
Anna claims that elsa is doing all these things but her thinking is off. Elsa made a really bad snow day (eternal my foot it lasted about 2 days an only affected the castle an nearby town not whole kingdom) that was her without any control that set it off.
2 Now we have Anna in her sleigh part that was far away from Elsa herself nowhere near and riding a sleigh that was dodging an moving thru out the town easily.
3 Just now in this chapter Elsa had stopped a Revolt seriously. No one and i mean no one told elsa, no guard or anything of something like this happening. So even if Elsa somehows thinks she going crazy how and the world can she explain that to herself. Anna can go and ask the guards and people about this bc im surprise this flew over there heads when elsa mentioned it yes a revolt to kill her was going to happen but somehow the queen knew when she had no one looking into this situation and she knew who exactly it was AND they were all together come on.
3. Kristoff lives with Rock trolls one of them being magical btw. how can you judge if he himself would look like crazy person if he told people "hey i lived and grew up with rock trolls"

all in all instead of thinking elsa is sick and she needs to be fix they should try an figure out whats happening to her and see if maybe they can figure out test of some kind like hell easy one

How many fingers do i have behind my back. Anna does the fingers have kristoff and olaf watching around for any snow to make sure Elsa aint cheating hav Jack call out the fingers easy test.

you want to stay faithful to characters might be because ive seen frozen 2 and seen all there cameos but anna is pretty open to ideas she might not believe right away but she would try figure things out instead of thinking something is completly wrong. Kristoff for most is pretty grounded but he doesnt have any right to really speak considering most would think hes crazy.
4. there are living snowmen. i repeat living Snowmen if snow can be made alive im sure there are other crazy things out there waiting.

Aargemtum chapter 11 . 22h
I don't know what to say, I'm conflicted! You said that the next chapter were going to be difficult to all of us who thought that Anna was being obstinate, and you were absolutely right. My heart is breaking for Jack and Elsa, mainly for what's surely about to come to them. Again wishing you the best :)
ultron emperor chapter 4 . 7/2
Yes, I will review EVERY single chapter.
I am loving the way you are slowly building the feelings of respect and affection that Jack has for Elsa, as well as their friendship. Many authors often make the mistake of making them fall in love in just a couple of chapters, without giving the reader even the chance to understand what's going on. Fortunately, you are taking things slowly and above a realistic way.
mlpfanceline1 chapter 11 . 7/2
Sorry if I'm not writing that often. I'm a "quiet" reader, meaning that I mostly stay quiet by not commenting, but still reading actively.

I think, that it's ok. It's reasonable. Even I wouldn't be thinking this or that is real, if someone would come up to me and say to believe in that being. But, I think that now, after Elsa explained to them, that it wasn't her, that was doing those snowy things, I think that they maybe now could be more observant. They can think about it more through if something like this happens and maybe look around. Elsa has powerful magic, yes, but she can't do magic, like the sleight ride, where the snow is making the road. Elsa has to be their and see that. And if something like this should happen again, I would be a little more confused on how this happened.

Me as well have seen (and felt) some crazy things. It's hard to explain and a lot don't believe me, but, let's just say, some unexplained and paranormal things happened to me, whenever I'm on a place, like a graveyard. It's hard to explain but ever since that day, when it first happened, I believed, that something's out there. Something paranormal. But I probably bored you now. Soooo. Yeah. Hard to explain...

But think about what I said. Glad if I could help
CrystalKaouri chapter 10 . 7/1
While I thank you for acknowledging my stance on Anna, let me explain this about it: I blame not only Anna's parents for the trauma Elsa suffered in the first movie, but Anna as well. After all, if she'd simply listened to Elsa as her Queen, not just her sister, then perhaps she wouldn't have had that brush with death by freezing the way she did.

As for the whole thing about the Tooth Fairy, I hate to break it to you, but my cousin, who is more like my younger sister, does that on a regular basis. It's not news to me, nor is it likely to throw a curve ball at me. When you live with someone acting like that long enough, you don't bat an eye at anyone else doing it.

And unintentional or not Anna is still undermining her sister's confidence. I can foresee Elsa withdrawing again, only worse this time because now she questions her sanity in the process. And even Jack won't be able to help her. That's why I think the Man in the Moon needs to step in, now, before the situation spirals out of control. God forbid Pitch Black comes back and hears about Elsa.

Am I right in thinking that perhaps the rock trolls will knock some sense into Kristoff before Anna completely destroys what tiny relationship she has with her sister, not too mention scaring off Jack?

If so, then it needs to happen soon.

I apologize for being overly vocal about my dislike of Anna, but I've known too many people like that in real life, and it's never ended well for me, so I have a very hard time with it.

Just bear in mind, this likely won't be the last ran you get about her.

About the other chapters... (shrugs) nothing in the rulse says I can't skim over them.
BewareYourFrozenHeart chapter 10 . 7/1
So one review for the last two chapters since I read them both in one go-
Regarding character actions, I don't think that you are being a lazy writer. In fact, I think your willingness to not give away character moments like candy (Ala, Anna sees Jack and we're not even ten chapters in, hooray!) shows your commitment to getting the characters right and creating a story that forces them to develop. While the depths of Elsa's desperation felt truly believable and dark in a way that I've always felt Elsa could be (see Monster from the Broadway album for instance), I felt like the self-forgiveness at the end of chapter 9 was a bit more dubious. Thankfully, that willingness to let it go is counterpoised with Anna's terms in ch. 10, which raised the stakes quite nicely and ripped open the internal peace Elsa had come to. If Ch.11 and 13 are as hard as you're saying, you may get some flame but don't hold back! It's exactly that character conflict I'm here for
Aargemtum chapter 10 . 7/1
Oh man! Even though you're warning us, I think I'm going to stick around despite the distress that is sure to come our way while reading the next chapters. Again wishing you the best.
BeatriceRicci chapter 6 . 6/30
I'm looking forward to Anna seeing Jack
BeatriceRicci chapter 5 . 6/30
Anna is thinking Elsa is going crazy XD
BeatriceRicci chapter 4 . 6/30
Amazing ️ I'm loving
Aargemtum chapter 9 . 6/30
I haven't had many experiences to go by and I'm not saying in anyway that I could give a valid opinion on the matter, I guess as someone who is really close with her sister like them (excluding the part where we didn't isolated from each other most of our lives) I'd like to believe if I did it to her, she wouldn't jump to an aggressive (verbally speaking) conclusion and because she knows me she would know that I'd did it for a reason (also I'd like to believe that my sister got more faith in me). I'm not really sure if I reach a point, now I'm just rambling in my head on to my sister. Maybe someone else will have a more conclusive opinion about this. Again wishing you the best in all your projects.
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