Reviews for Fate: Sword Order
501ar chapter 8 . 11/30
The Savior of France is here!
Wicked.A chapter 21 . 11/27
Nice chapter
Guest chapter 5 . 11/27
Considering that he is getting all the saberface alters can't wait for you to get to LB 6 morgan would be a great waifu but please if we reach Babylonia don't make Gilgamesh hate shirou too much I believe he could be also a good mongrel in Gil's eye as his child form is quite fond of him meaning there is a chance that this mature version of him would too.
MetallicWolf-FN2004 chapter 21 . 11/20
The only reason Avalon works is because of Artoria. It works for Shirou because he’s had it inside him for most of his life and through his servant connection with Artoria. It won’t work for someone else. This can be seen in UBW after saber was taken by Caster.
Noob Saibot 24 chapter 21 . 11/18
Avalon vanished.
ObeRun chapter 21 . 11/11
Guest chapter 21 . 11/8
oooooh...I wonder how long it's going to take Saber Alter to realise that she can use the dress to seduce Shirou, thus getting her ahead of the game between her and Jeanne Alter
Super98 chapter 21 . 11/7
MannaLowe chapter 1 . 11/7
I just realized that you just made the most dangerous team ever. Just imagining how many female servants Shirou and Ritsuka will seduce scares me.
Guest chapter 21 . 11/6
Oh my god to the Guest below. Shut up.
Pathreader chapter 21 . 11/5
I could picture Shirou’s bribe Salter to go along with the promise to cook all the meals specially for her, and cuddle every night if she perform well, then Jalter get jealous of the bribe and try to compete. That would be hilarious.
E chapter 21 . 11/5
RabbitHaremLover24: BB of all people?! I don’t doubt my man Shirou could charm her but are you trying to get him killed?! She is guaranteed to try rile up the girls that liked Shirou in all kind of ways and watched the chaos unfold as she laughed while Shirou is looking calm but is sweating thinking “BB, am going get you for that! No cooking for you for a week at least!”
DarkFusion chapter 21 . 11/5
In which our main team goes to Rome and SAlter learns the pains of being a Saber-face. At least she'll have something to talk to X about. Prior to that we get Olga trying to maintain her sanity as the craziness of Chaldea begins to set in; I look forward to her coping when the GudaGuda duo show up XD. I look forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready.
ssj3gohan007 chapter 21 . 11/5
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
Velshard chapter 21 . 11/5
I'm sure Salter's mortified face in this instance would be quite amusing.

Thanks for the chapter.
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