Reviews for Dance
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17/2020
I liked it. Bart was great, Cissie and Cassie pretending to work while being more invested in Bart's romantic life than he was was funny and I liked the references to the supposed last time and am now trying to figure out who brought alcohol (Conner's highly possible, Anita a distant possibility, but if they were there so too might Courtney or especially Mia or Kara).

One thing I felt needed to be clearer was when this was supposed to be. My first instinct was after Bart, Conner and Steph came back to life and Cass came out of that weird assassin phase but I'd have liked a more definite reference. Cass's love for ballet was from Rebirth era but if New Earth Cass had encountered it she would probably have loved it too. Still, it didn't ruin the story.