Reviews for Some Aggression Required
Cytisus chapter 1 . 6/24
This takes an oddly weird ending for a game and makes it so much more reasonable! For one, I don't think Eggman would just willingly offer himself as a projectile (and/or a conduit, I suppose), and it also gives a nice explanation as to *why* Sonic couldn't just use himself as a hedgehog missile.
The repertoire between the two is hilarious, and now all I'm picturing is Eggman sitting like a couch potato, watching The Princess Bride with a share-size bottle of Tums. :D
Haha, I'm honored that I'm the one that planted the seed that grew into this short! One-shots tend to slap you across the face at 75 mph, and will repeat the process until you get those ideas into some form of medium.
So, in other words: I regret nothing!
catthyyours chapter 1 . 6/24
I am not mad; quite the contrary, I am thoroughly pleased and thrilled! That game was unfortunately not on my to-play list which is why I had absolutely no qualms spoiling myself (and got confused by some things like who's Emerl but oh well). I must say, Sonic and Eggman's chemistry is hilarious. I already love your Eggman and Sonic versions separately but together damn! It almost makes me sad that Eggman can't become some sort of Vegeta existence and slowly but surely transition from enemy to anti-hero to completely unexpected rival (because most of the time, Sonic doesn't do friends but rivals...)

As always with you, the action scenes were great! I love how you articulated them around their banter, it was real smooth. I won't be giving shout-outs to particular lines because all this story's first part would become a shout-out :') But on another note, the story's second part was what got me thrilled! (pretty uselessly perhaps) It's just so awesome having you write the other characters of the cast, in this case Amy and Cream, because I'm very fond of the characterization you have for the Gremlin Island cast and always curious to see how the others would translate through your words. (Not that Amy had many lines lol, nor did Cream really) But it was a pleasant experience nonetheless!

I'm still hooked up fully on Gremlin Island, but I certainly don't mind those random tidbits of other things! I keep repeating myself so much my words may not bear any meaning anymore but you're a writer I really enjoy reading, and I'm glad you're still coming up with things and enjoying them yourself! It's a sad thing I can only leave you with some puny reviews when you're putting so much work and care into your works though... Ah well, life's unfair and everyone knows it. I'll be there next time as well!