Reviews for Eternal Tails: Chasing The Wind
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1
Did amy just kidnap tails? Lmao
AndTails chapter 2 . 6/27
What a fantastic follow-up! You do a good job of writing from Amy's perspective, and I was excited to see a continuation of this one-shot!

Even through her anger, misery, and frustration, Amy is a nice person at heart, and I think you really nailed this down in both chapters. Having Tails get on her shoulders was cute and definitely felt within character, as did the orange kitsune falling asleep while watching the concert. And to think Amy thought he was drooling for the musician on stage! XD

Sad to see that Sonic planned on going to the concert the entire time, but, once again, totally something he'd do: ditch Amy just to attend the same event that she was planning on taking him to in the first place. Her anger and frustration are definitely palpable here, and I appreciate the character development, having her leave the concert instead of chasing after the blue blur at the end.

Another superb addition to the Eternal Tails saga!
Cashlin Snow chapter 1 . 6/24
Ah this was a sweet read. Solid writing and good flow.
AndTails chapter 1 . 6/24
Amy Rose is generally depicted as a lunatic boyfriend who is overly-obsessed with the blue blur, and while some of this characterization is true, many who find Amy's behaviors creepy fail to look at things from her perspective: a young woman who has spent a good deal of her life chasing Sonic only to have him ignore her most of the time, or turn away in disgust whenever the pink hedgehog tries to show an ounce of affection or intimacy. I definitely sympathize with Amy's plight, and this story does a fantastic job of shedding light on her feelings, and whatever Sonic's ultimate reason is for running away from Amy constantly (shyness about his feelings for her, which seems to be the official canonical explanation, a genuine dislike of her affinity for him, etc.), I bet he'd confront Amy and apologize if he knew how much of a negative impact this had on her psychological well-being.

Throughout the ET series, we got to see Amy through the lens of Miles, but this story offers the opposite perspective, and it was quite fascinating! All of Amy's thoughts felt true to the character, as did her emotional state throughout the fic. Pan's writing had me rooting for Amy since the very beginning, and it really resonated to see her transition from nervously optimistic to angry and upset in a manner of minutes.

And Tails too, man...he would totally take several blows from Amy's Piko Piko hammer and not treat her any differently. It really speaks to how much Miles went through, especially in the ET saga, that a few hits from Amy's hammer doesn't faze him much at all, as well as to his caring, kind-hearted nature.

The ending was definitely cute and heartwarming. Once again, totally true to the characters, especially Miles' willingness to drop everything and go to the show. Hopefully they have fun!

Overall, another great piece!
LordChico chapter 1 . 6/24
Interesting view of the character. I was so used to seeing Miles side of the story and the way he viewed people that the concept of seeing through another pair of eyes instead was almost lost to me. Your characterization of Amy is intriguing to read.