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DragonTetho chapter 7 . 2/27
Yeah fuck this, I am sorry my man but I am dropping it. Thanks for the chapter and story, while it was brief. It was nice.
DragonTetho chapter 3 . 2/27
Thank God for that, I may have liked Issei as a Protagonist when I was a teen but man I am glad Asia didn't go and "get together" with the dude. No offense to all those who like Issei but yea.
DragonTetho chapter 1 . 2/27
I really hope he don't go with Issei schtick or something else goddamn.
primalparadox chapter 5 . 1/29
I keep trying and failing to read this. It's incredibly aggravating.

Your interpretation of the Doomslayer has him as a goody two shoes (which doesn't really make sense but is otherwise fine) with ridiculous power. This is cool.

Then you put him in situations that he has to compromise, accept shitty treatment and manipulation all to reclaim his stuff while for some reason hiding his real power.
(I presume he's hiding his strength anyway, because otherwise he's in a world full of ants deliberately and knowingly poking a sleeping dragon which is insanely suicidal.)

He's fully capable of throwing a single devastating punch to cow everyone and have them willingly hand over all his stuff, possibly only needing to flex his aura to do it, instead he puts up with politics and never ending bullshit. Just because he's what trying to be nice while actually causing far more damage? It makes no sense, asking for his stuff back and actually negotiating to get HIS OWN STUFF back is going to lead to a ton of fights, and worse politics, with every faction. Making them realise just what they're dealing with would solve this in an instant.

He choses the pulling teeth method of maximum annoyance. Grrrrr.

To me at least you've written pure irritation and aggravation and made it interesting enough that I want to know what happens while constantly being forced to rage quit. It's maddening.
So I'm forced to ask, is this a deliberate troll? Or do you actually enjoy politics, scheming and endless minor issues? I'm genuinely asking because I've encountered several books that do the same and I've never been able to figure out why anyone would want to write them.
primalparadox chapter 3 . 1/29
Umm pretty sure Doom Guy had kids and a wife, part of the humor in why losing his bunny set him off was so funny. So yeah unless his kids were jesus then not a virgin.
MXIX chapter 12 . 1/21
I never realised it before but… does the planning in this chapter remind anybody of the trials and tribulations of Hellboy in the comics?
nexusplayer chapter 2 . 11/19/2023
Hell yeah.
Australia is the place where everything comes together.
My home country
Erasiel Darkar chapter 12 . 11/18/2023
It sucks just like all DxD crossovers, it's Narutards, Gokutards or whatever tards but you all call yourself Doom fans and write a Slayer who thinks Devils Demons that killed Daisey also really know jack shit about DxD and make a mockery of it because you guhs hate Anime but as a Doom fan these shit crossover section is an insult.
trjz chapter 11 . 11/10/2023
why make tiamat a architect out of curiosity isn't she a dragon of chaos and or destruction. it's kinda hard to put building together with that I'm not really sure and to lazy to actually put in the effort to look it up
Mitsuashi chapter 1 . 9/14/2023
I just came across something unexpected, and I feel like I need to share it here — turns out there was a 'Universal Bible' (like a basic guideline for a project, be it a TV series, movie, etc.) for Doom written by Tom Hall in 1992 but ultimately ignored by the developers.

To famously quote John Carmack: "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It’s expected to be there, but it’s not that important."

Nevertheless, I still think it’s worth reading for the 'fun' of it — it’s called "5 Years of Doom" (hosted by DOOMWORLD). If you can’t find it online, then access it from the appropriate Doom-related links under the 'Universal Bible' TV Tropes page.
The Astronauts chapter 12 . 9/13/2023
Forgive me for bothering you but I just had the most 'random' thought while revisiting this story…

Imagine if the Doom Slayer’s exploits in this world led to the creation of the very first DOOM game back in 1993, and subsequently the first instalment in the DOOM franchise (or at the very least a 'homage'/'parody' of it in the context of this world)…

And then humanity and the supernatural get together as a DOOM modding community, taken further through the 'wonders' of Magitek… producing 'magically tricked out gaming rigs'!
Boin Shark chapter 12 . 8/17/2023
To 'DispiritedUser' (Aug 3, 2023): You could always check out ImpulsiveWeaver’s "Universal DOOM" or Firestorm808’s "Against All Evil" if you haven’t done so already since this story might be the ONLY one on this website (as of this review) to depict the Doom Slayer as a literal 'Game-Breaking Physical God' that not even video game journalists can screw up while playing "Doom Eternal"…

If you’re interested, check out 'Silver W. King' for their Action/Adventure/Comedy "High School DxD" crossover stories featuring overpowered (and either undeniably badass or comically ignorant) protagonists (in defence of humanity) that make the supernatural world (Devils especially) their BITCH.

Their latest updates (and the majority of their aforementioned crossover stories) can be found on Questionable Questing, but you need an account to see all the 'good stuff' since the website is Not Safe For Work. Still, it’s quite worth it when you come across quality stories that trolls can’t 'bog down' due to vigilant moderators…
—Yucchris 411843
DispiritedUser chapter 12 . 8/3/2023
Author, do you know of any good doom fanficts that keep the slayers powers lore accurate like yours?
raven2327 chapter 12 . 7/23/2023
if its dead can you add dropped to its name or dead or something telling people to not read it
Suoiresnu-Fan chapter 12 . 7/5/2023
Thank you for your service to the DOOM Crossover Archive, Sir Yeetus Deletus.
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