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RandomName3064 chapter 101 . 5/14
*cracks knuckle* ok so i have spend like 50-55 hours reading this story for the past week.

its a very well done story so far. all the characters, growth, relationships. so much stuff to talk about, from Ilda getting jelly, S1 Shoto...existing still. Stain getting the f***ing RIDE of his life, the not-a-quirk-quirk hiding, Enji getting emotionally slammed. Miriko actually existing a bit more. even all the politics from the teachers.

comedy is spot on. nothing is ever gonna top 'Hells Kitchen: Bakugo' for me in an MHA story. second to him and Miriko just going at it.

Izuku x Momo is an interesting pair, Katara and Shoto is cute as hell, Bakugo getting feelings for the one person that wont take his shit feels so on brand, and the other thing you have been hinting towards is rather cute and i hope to see some more of it.

i do have few issues.

Grammar is great, except when you sometimes use what i assume is spellcheck without double checking. IIRC 'someone' got replaced by 'so's' in one chapter. absolutely cracked me up after i re-read the sentence.

some of your sentences or dialogue repeat words sometimes. and this problem i see i nearly every chapter. even in this very one you have Toshinori say to 'take time with this', then say it AGAIN in the next sentence. it is the weirdest mistake i have seen in a story before.

the last one is a plotting issue. errr...sort of. i actually have no issue with it being just Katara. hell, up until i got to Chapter 68, i was tempted to say you should run a sister story in this version of the A:TLA universe about all the changes going on there because of Katara being gone. lots of fun angst to be had there.
uhhh anyway, the plot and even the changes to MHA so far have been fun and/or interesting. i am SUPER interested to see where its gonna go without Hawks going UC, considering SO MUCH of the plan later is based on his intel. but when you got to the Hunter Arc is where the issue kind of came in.

the arc was actually really good. entertaining. i enjoyed the OCs. the master plan was so well done, even having a lie detector to throw off the subterfuge. and as soon as the plan was revealed, i immediately called how it was gonna end. the only things i was curious about was how many OC you were gonna kill and if Dabi was gonna be revealed. thats not to say it wasnt still great to read. it absolutely was. it was well planned, paced, and executed. but because it was rather clear in intent you had more to say and write, i knew nobody important was gonna die.

Katara's near death moment was a great surprise. (minus her waking up and just...being able to move and talk. 100% too fast for an injury like that), its just a bit sad that it kinda ends up feeling predictable in its climax.

to add to this plotting, lets talk bloodbending. it does not need to be during a full moon. Korra's terrible idea aside. this is all information from not only the original Bloodbending episode itself, but from the Avatar Wiki page. the moon is needed for a Waterbender to reach full power in the A:TLA universe. you have not only Kyoshi, but a Katara that is far and above a much bigger powerhouse than anyone in A:TLA. legit Avatar levels.

now i can understand not giving her free access to such a broken power. believe me, i get it. i grew up watching Goku ride up Powercreep mountain, but with her power increase, she should be able to bloodbend whenever with practice. obviously, her big thing with that is morality. even the OG episode speaks on this. they make it seem like a dark otherworldly power. something only true monsters would use. and its punctuated by Hama's actions of kidnapping and her amazing vocal performance throughout.

if you need a better reason than her fighting morality to keep the power used less, you have the commission running around trying to find more reasons to kidnap her ass. finding out she can do this? they about ready to send the hero equivalent of the national guard to her bedroom in her sleep. but the actual point is that bloodbending is based off of power and is not actual related to the spirits or the moon itself.

this week has been fun getting down and reading a nice long 850 words to mellow out. i sure do hope to see more of it (and if you PM me, it might take a bit to respond cause i dont check every day, but i do check). until the next chapter, keep on writing this goood stuffs
Wibble5 chapter 101 . 5/12
Congratulations on the new Baby, I hope they bring you much joy.

And another great chapter, I think you manage these simple emotional scenes very well.
nathan.tan.whcl chapter 101 . 5/9
Not me thinking the Lida family was being held hostage by the HPSC or selling out Katara lmao.
Airchampion chapter 101 . 5/7
My favorite parts of this chapter by far was the surprising sweet moment between Bakugo and Kendo that was building up for some time along with Katara getting her pendant back and showing her gratitude to Bakugo and Kendo.
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 101 . 5/7
And here I was thinking the necklace was the gift. Well played.

Greyfox2 chapter 101 . 5/7
Thanks for the fantastically sappy chapter; congratulations on the new addition to the family!
zakan chapter 101 . 5/7
Great chapter!, even if it feels a little off being released almost in the middle of the year
Guest chapter 101 . 5/6
Congratulations on the new member of your family! He will bring joy to your life in ways you can't possibly imagine.

This chapter was amazing, so many wonderful things happening. Katara finally gets her mother's (mostly) repaired necklace back. Shocker of shockers for me, Bakugo kissed Kendo, I thought he was going to blast Mineta when he started walking towards Kendo but you pleasantly surprised me. I don't have much to say about Katara being officially adopted by the Iida family, you wrote that scene out so well, it's such a lovely chapter.

Once again, congratulations on the new baby boy.
Matheus Bezerra de Lima chapter 101 . 5/6
Easily one of the most beautiful, touching and heartwarming chapters in the whole story! The great emotional moments never stopped coming! The Christmas Celebration of the students was beautiful, the gifts were wonderful, with the highlights being the picture album from Tenya to Katara, the necklace that Shoto gave to Katara, and Endo giving Katara her mother's necklace back! I also love that Endo told about Bakugo! And now his love for Endo is public as well! I loved Katara's gesture of using from now on the necklace that she received from Shoto!

When I thought that the chapter had already delivered all its emotional punches, we get Katara being officially adopted! That was beautiful!

I look forward to Izuku telling Katara about One For All!

Nice to get confirmation that Katara and Midoriya forced Mirko to truly go all out! And I love how Mirko figured out the secret!

Looking forward to next chapter!
AniMegStories chapter 101 . 5/6
This is a very amazing chapter! I’m so surprised with how amazing this turned out! The Christmas party was so sweet. I definitely wasn’t expecting that mistletoe kiss! Katara got her necklace back! So good! I can’t wait for more!
Yellowpikmin88 chapter 101 . 5/6
First of all, congratulations on your new child! Wishing you and your family all the best.
Second, this chapter was wonderful. After all she’s been through Katara has Officially found a new family
bonnieandjangolove chapter 101 . 5/6
I damned near fell out when I saw that they wanted to adopt her. I’m so happy for her. Of course we know the stupid commission is going to try and rain down on the happy parade. But this chapter was a great belated birthday gift.
Guest chapter 101 . 5/5
My emotions! My boy Bakugo! My girl Katara! Aweeee!
Yoyon586 chapter 101 . 5/5
Got me all teary eyed throughout most of this chapter... congratulations on the birth of your son!
silverhawk88 chapter 101 . 5/5
wow that was a heart warming chapter to read. I think the moment I liked was Katara hanging out with the girls playing video games. that gift giving was a great time. I liked the goggles for Momo. and also the necklace from Bakugou. Though I think what shocked me the most was the kiss Bakugou gave to Kendo. That took me off guard! Looking forward to the next chapter and thank you for posting it!
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