Reviews for The Soul of Innocence
VGBlackwing chapter 1 . 6/29
Pft yang can say all the crap she want but one thing is for certain she let her friend die without protecting her (her punches mean shit and her semblance is nothing what more she a liability without a weapon) too me I am happy that this is a bloodborne fanfic thwt doesn't cater the RWBYverse like I am getting sick and tired of rwby fanfic with MC or OC characters that has no choice bu to join Beacon and have to literal be it he an Emo of that has the "i have seen shit" or "i must protect them from what I have endured" like come on what does everyone cater RWBY verse so much...the one thing that I was disappointed was the fact someone died to quickly from RWBY sure now the know that every action is dire and dangerous but to kill of a character this fast? It would be better if you held it back like either chapter 2 or 3 but anyway thank you for the fanfic
Evankey chapter 1 . 6/26
As usual for me, I can't review anything on grammar or punctuation 'cause I'm crappy about those... Tho, I can say that this 1st chapter is understandable.

From what I could get, RWBY are in Yharnam. Somehow, they don't have access to Aura. Since hits aren't blocked and Ruby can't use her semblance. The reason is unknown, for now. They're saved by a hunter. The bells toll. The end.

The first chapter ain't exceptional and it's too early to judge if it's good. At the moment, it also isn't bad. Only time and more chapters will tell if it's good.