Reviews for Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon
Belletiger BT chapter 1 . 6/29
Wow, there was a lot of remakes over here but I still enoyed the story!
Lol, I laughted so much with Phillipe meeting the amazon princess and clan. poor guy but in the end he will get a harem for himself ( I can feel Kazu and Kenta will feel jeoulous of the guy). And I really enjoyed the relationship between Bram and Saya. I can not help but remembering my ship of Silmeria and Bram from Valkyrie profile series. KaixRenamon got me surprise. Not sure how to feel about the pairing.

the action scenes were great as usual! and Hoo is back and I love the reboot on how Rei and Hoo became one.

I am now eager to see how will be the continuation: Advent of Mythologies. :D
JNaegi chapter 1 . 6/29
Okay, I was able to finish reading this yesterday night. That was a lot of (condensed) material but I had to take a few breaks in between.

Dude, as a fan of this series for a long time by this point, I did feel skeptical when you announced this. I didn't think I would have liked it as much as the original I came to hold dear...and I'm a dumbass. MY GOD, you got me hooked!

Lots of changes big and small and you and Ford were able to trim the fat considerable without the OC's. Though some are missed in this AU, we still have the other continuity through existing so it balances out.

From Himura and Kotori being Tamers and a year older than Takato and the rest, him having BlackGabumon while Yui is a spirit detective, was a nice surprise. Looks like Himura and Yusuke are kind of opposed at points but they hold the girl dear to them so that was worth reading. Kotori really is hardcore with still holding her "Valkirye" spirit and being gungho. At least she formed a bond with the duel monster one. The unification of their Digimon forming Omegamon InuMizuchi was nice.

I have a new found respect for Philippe and now having his own Amazon Harem. I believe the word to use is "BIG PIMPIN!" XD

On the Tamer side of things, I enjoyed the interactions. No Takato being thrown into the emo side of the mid-00 era. Him and Rika will eventually hook up in some capacity. Or maybe Jeri? Sorry if I'm using their American dub names, old habits. I actually had to look up their names and Digimon to make sure I had it correct.

Wow, Renamamon and Kai, huh? It was an eye-opener, however, I'll say I don't have any objections. No, I am in no way a furry fetishist myself. I do know that there shouldn't be kink-shaming for any that enjoy that, so good for you furries, you get a win. It will be interesting to see where this leads, however...

Henry getting along with Mercury in that part of the story is something. They are both the brains of their groups, and they are in the same age this time around, him being a freshman and her a senior but I can see it going places.

You added some duel monsters and vampires I see. It took a moment to get into that portion of the story, along with the Yugioh GX generation's involvement, however, I started to dig it. Adam and Demona are adults in this incarnation while Saya will have her own boyfriend it seems and I'm happy for her.

Who would think that Jaden would lose? But that's a good progression for THUNDER!

Kaiba having his dragon bonder moment must be to please the Jojo fans. And of course, the "you thought it was them but it was me, DIO" moment. Granted I don't watch or have any patience with the Jojo, it got a chuckle out of me, it is one of the big jokes of the net.

You were right about the Yugioh OG being put to seldom use this time. Not that I'm upset, they are adults now and had their big adventure. Joey and Mai seem to be on the straight and narrow and nothing keeping them apart, they worked through the issues.

The Spirit Warriors were pretty prominent and this time, I don't think they will fall off the wagon this time given lack of OC's and story development. I like that you got Junpei to not pine his way for Izumi and be cool with Takuya going out with her. Hmm, a potential Junpei/Makoto ship? I approve, just have to see it somewhat explored, even if a brief paragraph but you got me on the boat!

YYH and I am enjoying it. You kept the link and story going for the two groups and it's easier to digest this time around with not so much dialogue. Kuwabara found out about Yukina and Hiei and he's cool and dealt with it with maturity.

Yui and Aoshi are a good combo for the group. Nice dynamic with their older sempai's. I just like how Kurama takes on a mentor role for the wolf boy. Along with Yui gaining her Tennyo mode. She will be a strong contender as she grows up.

Hiei and Mars have their big fight and this time she isn't with her Valkyrie armor. You did it justice! By adding in the factor that the Manga/Crystal counterparts are indeed stronger their 90's anime versions, she was able to use ingenuity and priestess training to get a win in her fight against the speedy demon. I like this as he sounds more like his YYH self in the anime on why he started being a punk ass. Granted, she IS a priestess and of course, she could exorcise his dragon. Mars is no slouch. This will be good to see the progression of their relationship. Her gaining the Phoenix was nice and no Dark Yami this time! Not that was bad mind you. It just sets up the unfortunate consequence of Takato going emo for a few years and Rei coming to terms she had to die.

Now, the biggie for me, I didn't want to believe that, Venus/Kurama could ever be a thing! IT STICKS THE EFFING LANDING! I had to remember that this is the less hyperactive Venus and more serious leader one and of course it would stand that Kurama would find her interesting. They had a good rapport with one another through their scenes. Drunken Minako is a call back to her escapades in Wrath of Pharomon. Boy, I wonder how they will progress in their eventual relationship? Two Senshi with demons and it's the ones of War and Love. That's the way girls, get your demon boyfriends!

Giving the Inner Senshi their prototype forms for the beginning was a good start. They soon learn to gain their normal powered forms. What's this, Haruka and Michiru are not so boneheaded this time? They can deal with Takato and his group? Well, they ARE supposed to be the mature ones. Nice getting the Outers in a quick fashion.

Same with Sailor Moon and her eventual capture of Ghidora. It reminded me of the revelation over what occurred in DOC about her supposed to beat him without getting killed and that Sedna was supposed to be a sacrifice. At least nothing like that happened.

The final battle was something with the generals and him throwing down. It must be a wink to the chapter where the YYGDM Senshi meet their Crystal versions.

Look at that, Cain is here with his almost close to reality bigotry. And what's this I read, Sharon Rivers appears? And she 's not a possessive female but going all Sith mode? As a fan of hers, I am betting the tears are going to taste sweet when she gets jiggy with the chaos. Let's see where this goes.

I know I'm missing some others but it was long but I enjoyed it all! Take your time and have fun with this periodic story! If I have any questions, I'll be sure to drop a message.

Take care!
Jacob9594 chapter 1 . 6/28
This reboot look promising and has potential, I like it
caedwards chapter 1 . 6/27
Considering how long-winded your stories can get this is somewhat justified and finally get some closure with this Cain Bearer fellow. I swear man just have him interview them to get a better look at their personality
Generic Reviewer chapter 1 . 6/27
This is an interesting AU. As in embraces the weirder parts of normal YYDGM (Like werewolf Nami Asaji/Principal Takanawa, and God-Monster in a proverbial gimpsuit Prophet), and in some cases it works for the better (Modern YGO/Duel Monster Spirits, the YYH manga content, the new Omegamon from Himura and Kotori) and some cases it gets too weird (Philipe's harem, some battles being a bit too fast as much as I understand its more like NGE OVAs than normal episodic content, and Renamon x Human still bothers me intensely. Seems like Ford inspires you to write way hornier stuff, and I have no problem with that, but the Renamon x Kai is a bit too much for me.)

I also like how the higher overall power levels for the heroes makes it easier to deal with a rando space tyrant like Kaiser Ghidorah. I also like how Bonz got reincarnated as one of my favorite GX zombies; hope to see him in shenanigans with Balerdroch and Eldlich down the road. Later days!
Chaosblazer chapter 1 . 6/27
this was definitely an interesting read for an AU approach on things.

Not sure how I feel about the digimon/human thing but that's just me, and poor Philippe never gets a break does he on the "girl thing."

Interesting to see the entire radjita arc condensed into a chapter, granted they definitely seemed weaker than their original versions.

Mars and Hiei picking fights as usual never gets old.

and seeing Red Eyes Dark Dragoon was one awesome treat dude.

Really enjoyed this, this was a great job to both you and ford.
Allfather-Ford chapter 1 . 6/27
At last, the four OVA-chapter legacy fanfiction, that is the reboot of YuYuGiDigiMoon has arrived! This story, upon reading the first arc, has renewed my love (and that extends of rekindle your creativity besides UL/AnM/debut novel after the burnout of mainstream YYGDM) of YYGDM (granted, Shin-YYGDM is a different continuity altogether) of me helping out a lot of new concepts/changes and a reminder of what makes personal canon great in the first place. I first thought of this concept back in 2019 when me and Kanius thought of something to end the original YYGDM’s Gaiden in a summarized reboot setting (just before the Farewell My Friend Gaiden is uploaded in Feb 2020), then, ideas and new concepts come up from both of us, having a total of four arcs which take over the part of the original YYGDM’s scrap Crystal Age OVA that would have had four OVA chapters (Before it’s change to become Defiants’ epilogue chapter in covering these four TCA events as a bookend, meaning after experiencing/completing Shin-YYGDM’s OVA arcs, this future epilogue chapter that’ll conclude the whole YYGDM-01 franchise and fanfictions in general is imagine combine the word count/length of ‘four arcs template use for Shin-YYGDM’ in making this future epilogue work the longest chapter and highest word count to date.), and with these new ideas pop up in the outline (Especially those that are more extension practices for official works) leading to the rest is history of becoming impress of what we have. This reboot is meant to show to general and new readers a chance to know about YYGDM with the help of prominent canon elements (such as the complete Adventure tri. and Last Evolution, alongside Bonds Beyond Time and Dark Side of Dimensions finally use in a YYGDM setting) that general readers are more invested than AU fandoms being used. Since the original mainstream YYGDM looking back is too huge with a lot of reasons why such as the sheer length (especially from the Season Trilogy)/AU dated elements (such as Granasmon and Valmarmon that are dated Digimon OCs)/too many forgettable OCs/too many crossover events/overusing Takato’s depression issues/etc that makes readers today hard to get invested except a few (Remembering Generic Reader’s response back in Digimon Fusion Ascendancy Ch 69: I am very sad YYDGM never really caught on; felt like the Raijita and Taiyokai arcs would generate some kind of massive fanbase, but I can see the 90s comics esque continuity later on and the slower parts of Dawn of Chaos will probably scare off normies.), the author and contributors have a burnout since the completions of VA and CG relating to YYGDM, and why the mainstream YYGDM series is currently on a long hiatus with only the series finale (Defiants) remain (We imagine once Shin-YYGDM is complete, when the original YYGDM will return in the future for its series finale, it’ll count as an Unreboot (It’s like a interesting thing we did, since the difference shows DFKai was first released years after the original DF ended, while here the original YYGDM is on hiatus with Shin-YYGDM taking over)). As me and Kanius are now doing official works/debut novel and Akane no Mai (and finishing up Urban Legends) as main priorities, we look back at this rebooted continuity in being portrayed as a legacy work in having great stories to look back from back in our fandom years rather than a mainstream work like YYGDM-01.

In comparison of remember Lazer did convince to greenlit and release WoP Redux as a soft reboot and came up with the original series’ title, it’s a callback of myself convince you to greenlit and release Shin-YYGDM (and myself come up the title) as a full-out continuity reboot. Both works are things to improve on. Now, this is your chance.

The cold opening shows our main villain of the first arc is about to embark into Earth in tributing Independence Day and its song use (Being set in 2016, it happens before the sequel is released). It begins, with Yuki Judai as the first character to appear followed by Takato. This kickstarts the plot of friends reunited from four anime franchises (taking place properly after their series ended instead of events in-between back in YYGDM-01) come together to AnimeJapan. Here, Kaiba introduces new dueling summons in the form of XYZ and Pendulum summons. A tournament commences. At one point when Judai duels Accelerator and the latter summons an XYZ dragon, Seto goes “Oh my money!” taken from Abridged with Lyn glaring the dragon in a jealous matter and Jonouchi pointed out that Kaiba just got a boner, haha. Seto doesn’t take it well and calls the guards, only to be stopped and let Jonouchi have the fun. We also see first interactions of Hiei/Mars (How it’s different from the mainstream YYGDM since Mars is based on Manga/Crystal instead of the 1990s anime), Kurama/Venus (Making this the second Sailor Moon/YYH pairing to appear), and Alice McCoy makes her debut in a YYGDM-related setting (A big change since she’s not around in the original). Then the finals with Judai vs. Manjoume, and holy hell, Manjoume wins, I repeat, Manjoume Thunder finally wins the tournament as one of the biggest Throw the Dog a Bones in fiction (And a reference of Manga!Manjoume did win against Judai back in the manga continuity). Just as celebrations occur, the first wave of the Rajita Invasion has arrived.

We get to see the four main Rajita generals and the Big Bad Ghidorah himself appear. Ghidorah as the first Big Bad instead of Pharaohmon back in the original is a big and scarier change, as if it's like Darkseid being the first villain of a series. Not to mention we haven’t seen a form of Ghidorah in a YYGDM setting for a long time since the original version’s death back in Rajita (aside from flashbacks), so the Shin-YYGDM version is a change to re-introduce his character. During the first battles, a surprise to see that the Sailor Senshi are first regaining their powers through the use of prototype forms, eventually they will regain more of their full powers throughout the battles. The four anime franchises unite to face a common enemy. We see Dorothel makes her debut in getting acquainted with Ryō and Alice. Likewise, the Vampire Duel Monsters make their first appearances, with Bram getting acquainted with Saya in playing the role of Tsukimaru (YYGDM-01), the Vampires are searching for their enemy Sheridan who plays the role/personality/voice of DIO himself.

Oh boy, I actually laugh during the scenes of Renamon and Kai’s relationship are written, I remember your words saying “color me surprised and wonder how readers will take for a Digimon/human pairing”. Terriermon the lovable rabbit dog gives a sneaky grin of called it, alongside Ruki is bewildered by this surprise. :)

We see Ōkami’s backstory shown. I know I have changed the identity from simply a snake demon to an Uwabami Yōkai for diversity. Then, Sailor Moon is captured by Ghidorah, and it’s a big change instead of the YYGDM-01 version being killed back in the original. Then, the two worlds of Digimon and Duel Monsters merge together thanks to Seto, and holy hell, a huge change is coming for both species to interact and teaming up to face a common enemy. DIO and Evil Gennai are using the Orichalcos for their nefarious purposes. DIO kidnaps and kisses Saya (alongside sending Philippe flying), yes, this is how we show a big love-to-hate towards Sheridan (Not to mention that he has revived Camula). Fubuki is kidnapped by Kuiiza and becomes his dark warrior thanks to Darkness. Nice seeing Philippe meets the Amazons, especially Princess in thought he’s a girl till she feels his penis, and I see Philippe and Amazoness Princess have a one-night stand for the pretty boy to gain confidence in talking to Sasha.

One of the biggest moments back in the original YYGDM has been remake of seeing Mars vs. Hiei, and what you said of writing in today’s standards. Eventually, both put aside their differences and bond. Then, the Sovereign and Huanglongmon are controlled to become Orichalcos Gods. One of the pivotal scenes shows Mars meets Hōō in the Rajita ship (alongside seeing easter eggs of two alien elves that are based on Sailor Moon filler villains in the 1990s anime), this crucial interaction forms a bond between these two for Mars to become the cosmic phoenix’s vessel. Sailor Moon is then rescued.

The moment is here that Judai’s group confront Kuiiza and the controlled Fubuki. Fubuki becomes a dragon much like Joey (YYGDM-01) does back in mainstream YYGDM, Yugi and Jonouchi’s ace monsters become Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon in turning the tide, and that Fubuki is saved by his friends. This shows that it is not as harsh and no one dies unlike Joey (YYGDM-01)’s situation. The Vampire Civil War occurs for the final showdown between Bram’s forces and DIO’s forces. Oh man, it’s all Halloween horrors out there and DIO going USELESS! USELESS! USELESS! Wwwwrrrrryyyyyy! DIO and Camula are finally slain.

After freeing Huanglongmon and the Sovereign (And HuangDevamon finally makes an appearance, because it’ll be a very long time before the mainstream version will appear in YYGDM-01/Defiants), the final showdown against Ghidorah and his four generals begins. Ghidorah is a powerful opponent for sure. One by one, the generals are defeated. This leaves Ghidorah as the final phase in transforming into his literal three-headed dragon kaijū form. Now with inspirations from Legendary’s King of the Monsters, we can see Ghidorah firing more lightning bolts (remind of Ghidorah given a power boost from the electric cables) and hurricane attacks. But with the combine strength of earth’s mightiest heroes, they destroy the Rajita ship and Orichalcos crystal, alongside Moon (as always, she will punish evil), Dukemon CM, and Hōō Mars are the ones to finally destroy Ghidorah. Also nice that Ghidorah’s final head destroyed is another Legendary reference of Ghidorah’s final head is literally blown apart by Godzilla’s atomic breath jaws. Holy fuck, this is one of the biggest cathartic factor moments. Back in the original YYGDM-01, remembering Yami Houou killed Ghidorah (looking back it remains more brutal that not even Shin-YYGDM can’t touch) shows the bittersweetness of the heroes didn’t defeat Ghidorah proper. Here, even if it's not the mainstream version, Ghidorah is finally defeated by the heroes in fanfiction history.

The aftermath of the public discussing the heroes, both good and bad, one of which is Cain Bearer himself (Who is similar to his mainstream self, but some differences such as hearing a different voice actor from Young Justice’s Lex Luthor). There’s celebrations for our heroes, knowing this is the first of their crossover adventures. Wait, did I see Taichi referring to Yamato as Yamakins? Oh boy. Haha, Venus is speaking German and does karaoke like her YYGDM-01 self. :P They see the news of Cain, Jeremiah, and Sharon’s talking about the heroes. Seeing Pluto looking like she sees something familiar of Sharon, we obviously know it’s a bad foreshadowing of what’s to come. Adam and Demona have another of their intercourses. Oh yes, Renamon and Kai having sex is sure going to make furry fans proud (enjoy fapping this scene folks). :) Philippe is having an Amazon harem going for him. Takato and Judai are about to have a duel for a match of ages.

It ends with the Paradius duo (referred instead of Paradais duo in YYGDM-01 since we’re using the canon corrective name of Dartz’s company) making their appearances and going over their Gamera project. As we can see, the Prophet and Charon’s relationship are different like the Sith’s Rule of Two such as there is no ‘my love’ from both of them, the Prophet (Shin-YYGDM)’s voice remains as Keith Silverstein (instead of the stoic/mysterious tone of Paul St. Peter of YYGDM-01 version) in finally allowing his proper evil voice tone (without any hidden stuff to allow the expressions to flow) to hear in sounding like Hawk Moth and Juzo Mido (Alongside a tribute back in the original WoP/original YYGDM of the Prophet once had a more evil voice and was a single main villain before Charon is added) and showing we finally have the chance to redeem the Prophet’s character.

In general, Wrath of Ghidorah is Lighter and Softer and less bittersweet than Invasion of the Rajita. Back when Invasion of Rajita (YYGDM-01) was first written in the 2000s, it had more darker elements relating to embracing the full AU fanfic boundaries of being an underground hardcore fandom, and anime has yet to be mainstream, writing this the first time is a hard (and it’s challenging such as remembering the laptop crash back then) yet wonderful experience. Wrath of Ghidorah (Shin-YYGDM) to be released next year in the 2020s shows the writing being accessible to more canon elements, written around the time where anime and its fandom became more mainstream/diverse, more general audience awareness, and your writing skills improve shows you can handle this well as an OVA Arc chapter. Ghidorah is defeated by the heroes without interruptions. No Yami Houou that threatened the universe. No Takato going depressed (Also, while Shin-YYGDM!Takato is still a main hero, he’s not an all-important/overboard main character status and going rounds of depression issues like his mainstream YYGDM-01 self was (And we have big plans for our dear gogglehead by the time in Defiants)). Uranus and Neptune are nicer towards Takato (Of course being based on Crystal, while their YYGDM-01 versions are 1990s personalities), especially their Shin-YYGDM versions comments towards the gogglehead. No ‘sequel hook’ plot that leads to the Neo-Rajita empire (since that doesn’t exist). No bittersweet ending here.

Loving Shin-YYGDM shows that we made the right decision of making this an OVA fic yet shows a lot of cool and interesting scenes and dialogue of characters both old and new, at one point imagine of what if it could have been a main series like the original, but after experiences a lot in these past years and real-life with reminded burnout of mainstream YYGDM, we’d rather focus on our beneficial futures of wanting a new start instead of stay writing fanfics forever. Still, a four chapter OVA is clearly enough to immediately get a general reader and myself invested (and actually showing a lot of heart since embracing the canon elements) instead of reading too many lengthy chapters of the original. As we know, updates are spaced out since it is an OVA legacy work. This coming second arc (which is going to be one of our fave works) will be much longer, harder, and gives a Growing the Beard to the story, so there’s a lot of planning for this one and the fourth/final arc being as long/hard as Arc II. Stay tuned!