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snipervtk4 chapter 2 . 7/8
List of GDI Operator should you want Arknights style:

- [Inser name here], Callsign Overwatch
Profile: A veteran of Tiberium war. He's not getting along well with most GDI troops, however he did have a close buddy that now working above the GST as his spotter due to his prior injures lead him regulated to a more safe spot. Now operate as Sharpshooter, unusual for any and all Sniper team.
Class: [?] Can deploy on ground lane or higher ground.
High power Tungsten AP round: Penetrate all enemies on a single ground lanes.
Call down Firehawk Airstrike( Ground lane only): Gain a single airstrike that can instant kill all enemies within attack area. Require at least 8 kill before can making the call. Have a 5s lasing delay. Upgrade skill allow to stack 2 additional Airstrike and airstrike replace HE bomb with Thermobaric Incindiary bomb, deal burn damage that last 10s after initial lethal strike, constantly deal damage every 0.3 seconds.
Target designator ( High ground only): auto-cast. Highlights all enemies within 6 blocks of Overwatch's deploy position. Highlighted target received additional 40% incoming damage. Improved Target Designator reduce number of highlighted down to 6 closest to nearby friendly Operator. Improved Target Designator enemies highlighted received 100% more damage and have a 50% chance of being insta-kill.
Call down Kinetic Bombardment ( High ground only): call down an Orbital Strike over designated area deal insta-kill over targeted area. Last 8 seconds and require 60s cooldown start at the start of the battle. Increase skill allow for Single Target Orbital Strike, insta-kill all target in the designated block with a single strike, and have 10s cooldown, as well as remove initial range limitations.

- [Insert name here] Callsign Lazarus
Profile: Retired Elite Zone Trooper and assigned to GST as Ground Troop Instructor and Security details supervisor. Once arrive at Terra, He was the first whom being recommended to making ground contact with Rhode Island Pharmaceutical. He carry a modified Zone Armor that made due post Ascension Conflict. He lead a contingent of Blackout Elite Zone Trooper within the GST. Former Commander assigned to defend Blue Zone A3 and personally request to command his troops directly on site. His Tactic and leadership make him famous within the rank of the GDI ground forces and respect from GDI flyboys.
Zone Armor MK II: Default. Reduce melee damage by 90% and medium calibers round damage by 50% and immune to Originum's slug damage. Can Stomp slug at close range. Armor aslo auto-cast Taunting, make enemies targeting user instead. Immune to Environmental hazards, as well as take less 75% Art damage.
Zone Railgun: Allow multiple targets penetration, and the gun leave a ionized trails indicated where the shot traveled. Damage reduced by 50% when attacking Riot shield enemies and can break Art Shield in 1 hit.
Calling Juggernaut Artillery strike: Call down Artillery strike at designated area. Can deal friendly damage should allies are nearby.
Call down Hurricane CAS: Call a Hurricane VTOL to provide Air support over a certain area. Hurricane deal single target damage and last for 60 seconds. Cooldown 15s.
Call down A-15 Orca support: Call down an A-15 Orca support gunship provide close range Machine gun and Missiles to attack multiple targets in the battlefield. Support last 20s and have 15s cooldown.
Advance Combat Intergration System: have a 50% chances to deal double damage against armored target and disable mechanised environmental hazards.

If you can think up more GDI Operator, then go ahead, contribute here. And Yes, Lazarus have 3 Active Abilities await his deployment, and they all enter cooldown at the start of his deployment. And "Advance Medical Training" allow GDI Operator heal overtime.
The Rupture chapter 2 . 7/7
In that Situation if I saw aircraft flying around Nuking Reunion I would assume It's Ursus Empire as they're the only one to likely have machine like that and send it to Chernoborg..

Keep it up..
Guest chapter 2 . 7/7
From: the guy that ask you don’t add the full might of Nod

That was just a suggestion from the first part and as well as this one. If you do add them don’t make the story to heavily in GDI and Nod because the arc-verse may became a third-party in story.

And quick question are you adding scrin? If you do, don’t add them they my make thing harder for you in the long-run because have juggle a lot of faction in a fight scene and they will Literally make the arc-verse faction useless third-party in the battle, that have to be save by GDI.

Ps Good luck my man have great day and don’t work yourself to hard.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/7
It’s great in all but don’t add the Full might of NOD. NOD alone can defeat the arc-verse with there arsenal alone, how they are overpowered in their stealth tech and tiberian. Add with there mind set they might spread the Tib-crystal. if you do add them, make them a somewhat strong splinter-cell that can challenge GDI. I do love your idea take care my man and keep up the good work.
halolord chapter 2 . 7/6
I have to say the story itself is attractive. So generally here some suggestion:
consider the timeline for TW in your story GDI may have no time to consider about Terra(at least for now)as they were still struggling with scrin invasion. so maybe its a good idea to add some CNC4 unit(unnecessary to take kodiak as they can just tank every faction in Terra).
since originium is somehow similar with tiberium there can be lots of things to discuss about(maybe even revive sonic tank in TS that use sonic crystal?)
TheGamerTwilight chapter 2 . 7/5
I cannot wait to see their reactions when they find out how common a gun is to the GDI compared to their world
Elitetrooper124 chapter 2 . 7/4
So far i'm am loving this story can't wait to see the next chapter
4dv1ct0r14m2017 chapter 2 . 7/4
Nice chapter!

Looks like Murdoch's Orca unleashed hell against Reunion, and I think the enemy bosses are the only ones that are a legitimate threat to GDI's air assets.

And I have a question...

Where is GDI camping at? Somewhere out of Rhodes Island's way? I can't wait for the group at Rhodes Island see a sprawling military base unfazed by the Originium Catastrophe.

Anyways, hope to see more chapters of your work.
Dean Hunter chapter 2 . 7/4
The combat is hella satisfying, couldn't wait for the next chapter :D
Degenerate-san chapter 1 . 7/4
Very cool.
GDICommander001 chapter 1 . 7/3
Keep up da good work bro!
RealEWF chapter 1 . 7/2
The only game I've played in this sections is Generals, so a Question? What does Murdock look like? It would be cool if a description is made. So for now, I'll assume he looks like MW2 Ghost
snipervtk4 chapter 1 . 7/2
Trust me, GDI pretty OP as they are during and after 3rd Tiberium War. And especially during Ascension Conflict. And Ascension Conflict units, especially air, can Self-rearm, including Orbital Deployment Crawler ( replacement for Old MCV system due to 3rd Stage Tib Mutation, rendering Harmonic Resonance tech useless in reclamation & risk of stationary assets lost to Tib).
So, if you intend to write new chapter, please use Ascension Conflict units instead. There are some exceptions however, like V-35 Ox, Most Tib War 3 units and Special Command units like Hypersonic Fighter.
If goes for ground Warfare, most Tib war 3 Anti infantry units are more or less effective against Reunion. I mean, Watchtower pretty OP, considering they essentially Twin Automated Rail machine guns, and Guardian APC basicly a Watchtower with out stealth detection and have IFV bay. Same goes with later literation of Wolverine walker and their successors, Wolf tank of Offesne class and Amarillo APC of Defense class.

And Ascension Conflict units like Titan Mk IV, Striker and Paladin are examples of laser weaponry intergration in GDI arsenal.
Oh, and the different between Tiberium and Origintie that is, Tiberium can be harvested by different way, i.e Tiberium Spike( think of them as Oil Derrick in Red Alert Universe), and while Origintie came AFTER natural disasters, Disasters follow AFTER Tiberium arrival.

Dealing with Reunion is much easier compare to dealing with Nod, because Nod play propaganda games along with Disaster relief"effort" to recruit more to their cause. Along with it, their in-depth knowledge of Tiberium ( famous for Tiberium Infusion) allow them wreck havoc without any control from a tech inferior GDI in contested Yellow Zone and badlands Red Zone.

I'm not playing Arknights, but one thing i DO know, that GDI tech can easily cure Origintie infection. But as similarity between Origintie and Dust in RWBY, i doubt that remove Origintie can be removed from using any time soon. But hey, as long as Harvesting Tib at slow pace of Tib Spike, and use those Spike to collect converted Origintie into tib ( yes, Lore of Tib Spike did said that they're the only safe way to harvest resources using method i called Flash Harvesting without spreading Tib to surrounding environment, and this method is used in area at the edge of Blue Zone to prevent Tib spread, should you pay attention to Tutorial mission), then, GDI can slowly reclaim the world of Arknights.

And thanks 4 your work. I'm looking forward to next chapter.
The Rupture chapter 1 . 7/2
Keep it up.
nyetman123 chapter 1 . 6/29
Well, as a CnC Fan, I am genuinely excited for this story, as I am a fan of the Tiberium Series, funny note is that I planned to make a story like this, except it's with Twisted Insurrection, guess what happens as soon as I decide to check the CnC section out?

It's pretty good, and the fucking Scrin man, always the god damn Scrin.

Originum Harvester when? (I'm half-expecting the Harvesters to accept Originum just like they would accept Tiberium lmao)
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