Reviews for Naruto: The Avengers
biob1 chapter 96 . 3/19
That was fun good work
Power of Magic chapter 96 . 3/19
A good chapter, and I look forward to the next one. Glad that you were able to update when you could, as I thought that you forgot all about this fanfic, and I hope that the next chapter will be updated sooner. I think the Osprey is much better than that helicopter they used in the movie, as the Osprey has a weapon while the helicopter didn't (plus, more room in the Osprey too, to help get those other Black Widow's somewhere safe)
Deathknight999 chapter 96 . 3/19
fucken Naruto, I absolutely love the prankster still being strong with him, and the ways he does this shit to people as a fucken primordial God level SOB
Shadow chapter 96 . 3/19
Awesome work as always, loved it!
PsWilson chapter 96 . 3/19
hell yeah i'm already addicted tot his series
oneoddtodd chapter 96 . 3/19
welcome back for me to Long hiatus man thank you for another chapter and I hope you have a halfway decent day
frankieu chapter 96 . 3/19
nice chapter thx for writing it
WhateverPlus chapter 96 . 3/19
I liked this chapter
shapeshifter340 chapter 96 . 3/19
great new story chapter cannot wait to see what happens next continue as soon as possible
R-king 93 chapter 96 . 3/19
Awesome chapter
4Alucard chapter 96 . 3/19
You always leave me guessing if you have retired or not. Well it was nice to see your work again and look forward to more!
Qhaq chapter 96 . 3/19
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
Guest chapter 96 . 3/19
Good to see this series back again
DeathCrawler chapter 96 . 3/19
nice chapter look forward the next one's
Neo Infinity chapter 96 . 3/19
Thanks for the great chapter welcome back.
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