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redemption007 chapter 96 . 5/11
Please update soon.i can't wait for the next chapter
Rimi chapter 45 . 5/9
Don't think you understand what a sociopath is. Great story though
Guest chapter 83 . 5/7
I wanna see Thor’s face when Naruto borrows his hammer for weight training
Guest chapter 83 . 5/7
Wonder why tony won’t ask Naruto for a sliver of vibrainium for his arc reactor?
Guest chapter 78 . 5/7
Narutos such an ass lol
Guest chapter 64 . 5/7
Can Naruto still summon the his frogy friends?

I think having humongous bipedal ninja frogs show up in fights would be hilarious

Think of all their faces if Naruto just scrubbed the electronic and physical evidence of that ever happening like an ass and just having a few people say a building sized mutant ninja frogs just saved the day?

Insane asylums I tell you
Guest chapter 60 . 5/7
Does Naruto even need the strength boost Tony’s armor gives tho?

I think having his jiongu as the muscles, vibrainium as the skin and more vibrainium chakra metal as the shell

And internal software for he helmet to help him in cyber space information gathering, communications and GPS and hacking

or maybe Naruto wants his armor to be autonomous for when his AI is in control? I guess having a super sombra on the side as support while you do other stuff would be useful
Guest chapter 58 . 5/7
LoL Stane just has the armor part of it lol
Guest chapter 41 . 5/7
This fic is cool but if ya could just connect the X-men story line this would be absolutely golden

The waifus in there could really help Naruto

Like jean grey, Selene the black queen and Emma the white queen of the hellfire club

Emma could totally handle all his flourishing businesses

Selene could totally teach him magic as a force multiplier after he talks no jutsus her and fuck her into a coma

Ooh and he could help jean not fall into the whims of the Phoenix like he did with kurama and travel the galaxy with her occasionally destroying stagnant worlds

But I guess the women on Asgard is cool too if you aren’t touching xmen

Enchantress could totally teach Naruto some magic and the wider galaxy (also after talk no jutsu)

Hela could totally fight Naruto if he doesn’t go all out with his city obliterating attacks

Dunno about MCU sif but I see her as a discount Ezra (just default Ezra with no telekinesis and Requip magic...she’s still strong don’t get me wrong but that’s like Spider-Man without his IQ and webs, still hela dangerous but he could be more...there’s humongous fuckin library full of magic there for ramens sake)
Comic sif looks badass tho
Guest chapter 24 . 5/4
Hmm you forgot that the rennigan can make literally anything

How else would there be a pein that shoots fucking homing missiles and cannons and other ordinances like he’s inspector gadgets army cousin?!

In conclusion Naruto could spawn anything he can dream of

He could probably make blocks of gold
Guest chapter 18 . 5/4
Hmm kinda wish you put naruto on an AU MCU with comic elements

Basically comic characters (who are in most cases stronger than the movie counterparts, especially thanos and Thor and the asgardians being real ass gods Not super aliens) following the MCU script somewhat

Cuz this naruto you made with all the endgame dojutsu with all the tailed beasts Jiongu sealmaster and the experience to use all those options? The mans a super Minato

Who can fight naruto who is basically a God that can spit out nukes like hes a gumball machine? You cant out speed or strength him cuz with his chakra alone he could probably crack the earth like a egg.

The only ones that could probably hurt him is the esoteric mystic arts like throwing him to another dimension or babishing him from the planet

But if naruto is also a Master in space time seals so that is option also fucked

The only ones that could hurt him are gods like odin or the phionix force and galactus and the Power cosmic and all the infinity stones

But since hes the Jinjuriki of all the tailed beasts and he uses the jiongu unless every bit of his physical body is atomized he wont die

Hell How can anyone hit him with the his hax eyes that would let him see fuckin everything and he can teleport?

Even if he is hit unless your also able to hit and obliterate his soul too he could probably reform because of his super charged chakra and be like a pseudo chakra beast and be like the sage of six paths but also kinda like kai from Kong Fu panda

I won’t discount Naruto crawling out of afterlife by sheer will like Kratos
Guest chapter 10 . 5/4
Lady luck loves the Guy too much
Guest chapter 4 . 5/4
Reaaally hope he doesnt Go for Natasha

Hes immortal and he SHOULD Go for someone Luke Hela or sif

Maybe Selene black queen of the hell fire club

He just needs to beat her up real good and talk no jutsu her

Or he could Go for jean grey the Phoenix avatar

She could probably be somewhat immune to age if naruto gets to her before she loses control over her Power

Plus they both have energy entities in them and is also shunned by society
Perfect fit

Plus red hair, cant forget that
Fandom novice chapter 97 . 4/29
Another great chapter bro. Please create a father-son relationship between Alexei and Naruto.
Interesting that you put that Red Guardian fought against Winter Soldier and had some kind of mental problem to confuse him with captain america. Even in the Black Widow movie it is mentioned that both organizations worked together on different missions.
Develop Red Guardian more as a character and bring back his physique by training with Naruto, even Yelena could join because her personalities are mixed and she could be another girlfriend for Naruto.
Arashiiiiiii chapter 46 . 4/29
Nice! A Lemon! :D
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