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Slyther chapter 20 . 5/8
I mean, it had to be vampires
[12:38 PM]
like, what else
[12:38 PM]
but still
[12:39 PM]
I'm uncomfortable with how fast these revelations have happened.
[12:39 PM]
rose and scorpius are getting too lucky
[12:39 PM]
something evil is up to afoot
[12:39 PM]
and knowing green, one of them is going to become a vampire

I just copied and posted my discord live reactions lol. but I'm still watching you
Pilarofdoom chapter 20 . 5/9
So happy to see an update! It really feels like the plot is picking up now I am so excited! The lesson they had with rose and Scorpius on three same page, can't wait to see where their research leads them hehehe. Tristian wanting to give info was a very nice twist too, want really expecting him to take an interest. Also the whole Riley scene was so good and so sad! I feel bad for the little muggle girl and for Riley, but I feel like this entire scenes was necessary sands to confirm the ruthlessness of some of the vampires along with the reluctance of others. I feel bad for Sorrel he really didn't have a choice and yet she still blamed him. I really hope you finish this I can't see where the plot takes this story and all the well fleshed characters. And also Malina... Maybe vampire too orrr vampire hunter keeping it low key. I know she is probably gonna fit in somewhere to everything. Def looking forward to more. All the best and stay safe!
GingersnapBeat chapter 20 . 5/8
Huzzah! The Glorious Overlord hath returned!

I didn’t know I needed a pronunciation guide until you gave us one, and although I’m grateful I am also desperately hoping I never have to say any of this out loud because I swear most of the English language, in my head, sounds leagues different than it actually does. Like, I still don’t know the official pronunciation of “route”. Is it ‘root’? Is it ‘rowte’? I have no freaking clue, because whatever pronunciation comes out of my mouth is a coin flip. Moral of this completely unnecessary side tangent but I already typed it out so it’s staying: never ask me to narrate an audio book.

“Is there something going on? You've been… kind of quiet." / “No more quiet than usual.” I mean, Malina makes a good point, haha.

Therapist!Teagan may be the best Teagan, but Therapist!Rose…um…she could use some work. Okay, a lot. A lot of work. Is there a spell that can help Rose's social skills? Follow-up question: can they cast it on me?

So much vampire lore! Yes! YEEEESSSSS!

(I am greedily consuming all of this. The different clans and the differences between them! All the stuff about vampire hunters like the Guild! Aaaah!)

“The chalk glided across the blackboard. VRYKOLAKAS, it wrote next.” *Perks up* Vrykolakas? Like, as in those vampires I researched that one time for three minutes for a review? So you’re telling me werewolf vampires are still a possibil— *gets tackled and dragged into the darkness by future Ginger because holy moly this werewolf bit has gone on for waaaay too long*

Oh. Oh no. Oh noooo. I might be in danger of becoming a Soucayant groupie. A group of all female vampires, AND they’re local?! I love that for them. C-can I join the squad? I mean the whole seduction and beauty stuff is going to take a lot of work but the hag aspect I’ve got DOWN!

Yeah, no. Highly doubting Tristan’s claims of personally knowing the Guild of Light. Like maybe he was in the room while his dad was talking to one, but that’s as far as I’m willing to believe.

Ruthven is such a hard one to pin down. I don’t think he’s a vampire, because we’ve seen him in sunlight before and most clans seem susceptible to sun (unless Ruthven is a type that isn’t). Still wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being some sort of creature hunter who either a) doesn’t hunt vampires, just other things, b) is a very moral vampire hunter or c) is part of the Guild and is talking crap about them to maintain his cover.

Or maybe he is a vampire, born into a clan, but he didn’t get the genetics for it, like Sorrel. Maybe he found a way out of his clan and is now working to make it easier for other vampires to do the same?

Then again, he could literally be what he seems—a wizard who recognizes and teaches the gray morality of this vampire-wizard cold war to his students. That actually might be the most shocking twist of them all.

*le gasp* OR what if he’s Sorrel and Riley’s wizard father? Or uncle?! Or estranged cousin three times removed?!

“If there is tension with the vampires, why does it concern us at all? They're adults, we're teenagers. Why get Hogwarts students involved?” Ah, I see that Scorpius has not read the source material. You see, Scorpius, pal, you are at Hogwarts. EVERYTHING happens at Hogwarts. And when it doesn’t, it will make it there eventually because it’s Hogwarts. Also you’re a main character in this fic, you’re getting dragged into this no matter what.

“My agent pre-wrote half of my essays in advance and I have nothing on this at all. And my agent is very thorough!" BAHAHAHA Tristian is terrible but oh my gosh I love him XD

Riley! …Riley? Riley, what are you doing? What the frick oh my gosh Riley NO—

I absolutely adore this introduction. It’s so dark, and messed up, and I’m not normally one for bad boys but I might just propose to it on a first date. It was so perfect. You can clearly see Riley’s doubts but also her loyalty. Her character could go any way and it is so, sooo fascinating! The Covingtons have such an interesting and complicated dynamic and I can’t wait for when her and Sorrel inevitably meet and the drama that’s going to go down there.

Also, vampire pov is pretty dang cool.

Sinead is now Ginger Enemy #1 and I’m so excited because it’s been a while since I’ve had a character to truly, legitimately despise!

The Feeding is some gross, disgusting stuff but wow the worldbuilding and atmosphere of the Abhartach Clan is amazing.

“I knew it," Sinead said, almost to no one, as she leant over the map. "I knew he would bargain for us poorly." THEN WHY DID YOU SEND AN ACTUAL CHILD TO HANDLE SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT?! Sinead you have nothing to blame but your own poor delegation skills and your stupid need to use power plays against your own grandchildren.

Oh, so Riley and Sorrel’s mother died, or more likely, was killed? Sinead just gets worse and worse each second she’s here.

The Abhartach Secret, huh? Is the secret that there is no secret? Or maybe Sinead has a really killer (pun intended) enchilada recipe that she’s extremely protective over.

I love how Riley and Sorrel are described as opposites that balance each other out. Again, this whole dynamic is amazing.

Casual child murder? In MY fic? More likely than you think.

Because yeah, sure. Why not.

Aaaaaaa this chapter was so good! Thank ya for the update, Green! Also, the biggest congrats on finishing your manuscript! Seriously, consider this review my preorder.
Slytherwitch chapter 13 . 4/30
So this is the first chap I haven't read yet and Malina :eyes: what are you doing? Not sharing your letters, engrossed in your studies... Its sus
But also, love Trolonnie and love the Abeo and Tristan slowburn friendship. Love all around, Slyther
Slytherwitch chapter 4 . 4/28
Aww, Malina's first pov. I remember staying up all night in order to get her spot. Hapoy memories :)
Pilarofdoom chapter 19 . 3/3
Wow I feel like everything fell into place and at the same time are really picking up with this chapter, sorrel’s whole family situation probably are what roses and scorpius are researching. Then minhyuk doing a great job of hiding though not good enough for karlin not to be suspicious, which is hilarious it’s him. I really hope you finish this, very curious to see where things go and look forward to more scorpius roses moments. Till next time all the best ands start safe!
GingersnapBeat chapter 19 . 3/2
Alright, I'll admit it: vampire!Minhyuk is actually pretty cool. Unwavering, a little cold, miles away from the precious cinnamon roll I considered him to be, and I dig it. The thought of Karlin being whiny and trying to exert his (Grandfather’s) dominance towards his roommate when said roommate is actually secretly a vampire is pretty funny. Meanwhile, Minhyuk has to put up with it.

I like how Sorrel is shocked that the messenger ISN'T the obvious choice when this entire time he's been waxing poetic about being sneaky and not giving anything away. It just shows how in over his head this kid is—which is definitely hammered home later in the chapter—and I have no choice but to feel terrible for him.

Oooh, a merger, huh? Right now theory 1: the crackening seems to be the mud sticking best to the wall. I know Minhyuk probably has a whole "mysterious vampire vibes" quota that he has to fulfill, but if he was a little less vague about what his troupe has planned I would not complain.

Okay I know Sorrel's grandmother is terrible and deserves to be staked through the heart but that gives no excuse for the Moroi. WHY are these vampire clans so set on sending kids to negotiate these important deals? Is it because they know sketchy stuff is honestly just the norm at Hogwarts?

"There are...things, in our possession now." Are my brain cells some of those things? Please say yes. They've been missing for quite some time and I could really use them back.

"He'd clearly only woken up from a nap." Ah, yes. Napping. Clearly.

"What could Sorrel even write?" Lol replace “Sorrel” with “Ginger” and you’ve got the story of my authorial life right there.

Vampire lore! Vampire lore! Interesting, INTRIGUING vampire lore! I freaking hate the grandmother ( you have a vendetta against old people, Green? Do you need to talk to someone about it? Do I need to start side-eyeing Eunice?)

Eeey, Riley! I wish we were meeting her under better circumstances but as messed up as this scene is it's so good so I'm honestly not wishing that hard.

"He was no vampire at all. He'd taken after his deadbeat father." Is his father a...werewolf? Sorry. I'll drop the werewolf thing...into my back pocket for later just in case. But okay okay, it seems like vampirism can either be genetic or done through the more traditional bite method. And a person can't be both an active vampire AND wizard? In that case, I'm assuming Minhyuk is similar to Sorrel, in that he's from a vampire lineage but has passive blood.

Also, again, screw Grandma Covington (screw that stake STRAIGHT into her shriveled geriatric HEART!) this curse is gonna be a problem. He can't talk about his family but he also can't betray them. This poor boy's going to be an outcast for the rest of his life if this isn't resolved and I don't like it :(

Luckily I LOVE all the lore that was dropped in this chapter; it's got me super excited for whatever's coming next. Not that I'm never not excited but, y'know.

(And another wondrous Green novel?! Yes please! I'll take twelve.)
GingersnapBeat chapter 18 . 1/19
Phew. Okay. Let's do this.

First of all, #ProtectAbeo20Forever because yeeeesh his ENTIRE FAMILY was just straight-up killed?! I am so curious about the who, what, when, where, and why of it all because this guy's already suffered enough and I just KNOW you're going to make him suffer more and there had better be a good reason for it.

I'm also curious because (and I might be remembering this wrong) at first I thought they were killed while he was at school but it seems like it was during the summer, maybe? Which raises a question of is this something that happened to the entire family and only Abeo survived, or did it happen while he was off doing other things and he had to learn that his entire family was killed? Either way it's horrible and shaaaame on you and Emau for all this but dang it I'm invested.

"An unfortunate accident." But was it? Was it really?

Abeo, this isn't "moving on''. This is bottling things up and it's not healthy and I'm really concerned for the repercussions it could have please for the love of frogs (aka NOT Princess Toadstool) go talk to someone!

I love the entire friend group's relationship, and Abeo and Teagan's friendship has turned me into this soft, disgustingly squishy creature. I love how he's her support in social situations, and how she provides him emotional support in return. And the entire flashback scene was so enjoyable! Baby Teagan and baby Abeo (with his family—ouch!) Problem is I'm now craving an origin story for how every single member of this group met each other. Technically my problem, but also you wrote this and it was so delicious that it kickstarted my cravings so I feel that this is your problem too.

Therapist!Teagan is best Teagan.

Hahaha! Rose getting jealous over Brooke and Scorpius? Love to see it. You're doing some great work, here, Brooke. Keep it up!

Agh not the necklace again! I seriously find the most suspicious part of Ruthven to be his jewelry—always specified to be silver—because what the heck is it for? Again I'm keeping tabs on that werewolf/vampire/undead hunter ruthven theory because this is so weird.

Interesting how Ruthven appeared in the class Minhyuk was almost late to. Checking in on the students, or is he suspicious of Minhyuk for something? Maybe he was following him? At the very least I think he suspects the foreign exchange students of SOMETHING. I'm not sure how your vampire lore works, but this line—"A stray beam of sunlight hit the side of his silken features, but it didn't seem to brighten him whatsoever"—is veeery fascinating.

Nnngh noooo Lonnie acting all weird when asked about Minhyuk nope nope nope! Curious (also terrified) about how much she knows. I doubt she’d know about the whole thing with Sorrel, though. She's very well tapped into the school's grapevine, so I'm assuming there's some other thing about Minhyuk that’s been circulating, or he told her a lie about his disappearances. But aaaaagh this is going to haunt me!

Hahaha, Princess Toadstool! Good girl! Maybe she got stage fright or it's revenge for calling her a frog or she's simply not tailored for Frog Choir, but I like to think she's just wingmanning Rhys by embarrassing Tristan.

Oh. Minhyuk was Sorrel's contact. Cool. Very cool.

Y’all can’t see me but I’m currently doing a happy dance because I freaking knew it!

Like there's a lot to unpack here. Sorrel is part of a clan—a vampire clan presumably. If Minhyuk is the "envoy from the enemy clan" then does that mean he's a vampire too? Or has ties to them? Are they both vampires? Are neither of them? My brain hurts. My brain is white noise. My brain is a dial tone, beep, beep, beep, call back later because I don't even know what to make of this.

But I do know that I knew it. And how did I know what I knew?

Mainly Minhyuk's tendency to be late/disappear, but Miss Green you are great at dropping hints and there are a LOT of them. Rose stumbles on Sorrel in the Room of Hidden Things to hide the Mole, and soon after Minhyuk disappears from the party. He was late to the quidditch match, and we now have the latest instance of tardiness in this chapter. There was that letter Minhyuk was acting kind of cagey about (directions from his clan, like Sorrel got directions from his grandmother?). Minhyuk also attended the duel, which took place in the Room of Requirement (where all the messages are being exchanged) and showed deep interest in how the magic worked.

Sorrel also keeps mentioning a curse (that scar on his chest), and Minhyuk has expressed interest in being a curse-breaker, which is an interesting connection.

Anyway, excited to see what this is leading to!

Some theories (that are partially serious but let’s be honest, about 90 percent crack), in the meantime:

Theory 1: The Crackening

Sorrel is from a family of vampires that are being hunted. Drawing attention to the end of chapter 10: “...even one small misstep, his entire family would be destroyed. Wiped from the face of the earth. And then he’d be next.”

He keeps mentioning time running out, and how much his family relies on him. This “bargain” between his and Minhyuk’s clans could be to make a truce/plan to combine forces and either fight back, or take out whatever is threatening them before it can do much more. What/who is hunting them? Uh…Ruthven? Like sure he’s probably a vampire too buuut it also fits with my hunter!ruthven theory so I’m gonna mash them together.

Theory 2: Crackatoa

Sorrel has a curse that is very slow-acting, hence all his “time is running out” and “a bargain worth more than his life” comments. Not sure what would happen when time runs out, could see it either being something that affects his health, or is a threat to his family. Maybe the curse will cause him to turn on his family?

Theory 3: The Theory Hasn’t Cracked, Ginger Has

Sorrel’s a werewolf. That’s his curse. He’s trying to break/reverse it, or something (I mean, one of Minhyuk’s heroes is Bill Weasley who’s had some werewolf experience so it might not be THAT far fetched). The scar on his chest could potentially be a werewolf bite or clawmark. Oh oh oh! Or maybe Minhyuk’s clan is one of werewolves while Sorrel’s is vampires and that’s why they are enemy clans and shoooot I’m back on Twilight again. I haven’t even read/watched the books or movies whyyyy are you like this brain?

Aaaand I’m going to take that as a sign to go sleep. I look forward to reading this review later with regret *finger guns*

Thanks for the updates, Green! They're always the best.

Also, pasta and alfredo sauce for life babaaaay!
GingersnapBeat chapter 17 . 1/19
*casually slides review under door*

Late? Pffft, noooo. I have no idea what you're talking about this was totally posted like a month ago along with its corresponding chapter whaddya mean late I don't even know the meaning of the word ahahaha...haha...ha...

(Holiest of fricks this is so late Green I'm so sorry but better late than never, right?)

So the tie between Romania, Greece, and the Caribbean is still eluding me. Best I can say is that all of these countries have vampire myths, but that's only because I'm making assumptions knowing vampires are a thing in acor. And honestly, who DOESN’T have vampiric myths nowadays? It could very well be a coincidence. Although I did learn that apparently one of the causes of vampirism in Greek folklore is dying alone so if anything at least my research is helping prepare me for my future!

Something interesting of note: Modern Greek myths include "vrykolakas," which are basically undead creatures primarily associated with vampires BUT the word itself means "werewolf". Romania has a type of vampire called a "pricolici" which is like a vampire/werewolf hybrid. The Loogaroo—a blood-sucking hag-like creature—is a Caribbean myth which, to directly quote this completely accurate wiki page I'm reading because I'm lazy, is a term that "possibly comes from the French “loup-garous” (meaning 'werewolf'). What I mean to say in this interesting but ultimately meaningless paragraph is I wouldn't be surprised if werewolves were to pop up in the story at some point.

Vampire and werewolf war?! No? Wrong franchise? Not enough wizards? Okay. Just a thought. Think on it.

The pop-up illusions are really cool but, and stick with me here, could someone technically eat them? I mean, Scorpius was poking the mushrooms so they have some kind of physicality. In theory, couldn’t someone just...nom nom? Study break and snack break.

Ohhh I love the ctrl-F spell! Very creative!

Lonnie, my lovely, darling, baby girl! :hearteyes: Ngl, I feel a little guilty seeing her search for her mom, but also it's kind of my fault and I kind of love to see it because *drama* and (light) *angst* and ALSO I know just about as much as Lonnie so I won't be much help theorizing. Super-duper curious to see what you do with this!

Rose is impressive. Not only is she not picking up all these hints that Scorpius is dropping, he's full-on pelting her in the face with "YO I LIKE YOU" vibes and she's STILL somehow missing it!

Hmm, Albus and his scribblings are suspicious, especially since he won't even let Rhys, his best friend, in on it. My first thought is maybe he's still doing something to help with whatever mysterious thing happened with O'Hare (since it seems he played a part in getting Rhys in that situation in the first place, maybe he’s trying to find a way to get him out of it), but I don't see a reason for him to hide it unless he knows Rhys would complain or try and stop him. Plus it’s been like a year, so it's probably something completely separate.

LMAO EVEN THE PAINTINGS LOVE TRISTAN BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DO! Rip Rhys. He just can't catch a break, can he?

"I mean, obviously. Who wouldn't want to see me? I'm great. Yes. Witness me." Ahahaha! I'll have to give him a low score on flirtation but he gets full points for adorableness. Yes, I just called this 6-foot teenager with a sketchy-ish past adorable. No, I won't apologize because it's true. He named his toad *Princess Toadstool* (a name which injects me with a rush of serotonin every time I read it btw), for goodness sake!

*sigh* Lonnie we need to have a talk you don't just volunteer people's pets without even asking their permission! And also Rhys I know you like her but you don’t have to take this! Might do Lonnie some good to have someone let her know when she’s overstepping tbh.

"I don't really get those two...are they dating or are they not?" Preach. I swear I’m back in high school again, which I guess just goes to show how accurately you're portraying 16/17-year olds haha.

Already shared my suspicions regarding Sorrel's contact a bit in discord and since they are basically confirmed in the next chapter I'll save most of that for the next review. Which I will get started on right away before another month lapses because good grief Ginger you’re supposed to be better than this!
Pilarofdoom chapter 18 . 1/19
Loved the chapter I feel bad for Abeo and hope he confides in Teagan more, I love their first meeting. So sad about his family. Loved all the roses scorpius moments, it’s be great if she could recognize her jealousy lol. And totally was not expecting Minhyuk to be the one Sorrel was meeting. Can’t wait to see how this goes till next time stay safe and all the best!
rysa chapter 18 . 1/16
i would love some miso ramen right now but my current favorite food is probably pasta (my favorite drink would be boba / bubble tea / milk tea). thanks for another update queen mean green bean
Altomi chapter 18 . 1/17

FIRST Abeo holy shit, I think this is our first confirmation that his whole family really is dead.
I loved the inclusion of Hannah Abbott and the reference back to the second wizarding war. “even when such memories clung to her like wet clothes. She fought on despite what had occurred so long ago.” The prose you used for this whole scene describing trauma through Abeo was really beautiful, I loved this little line in particular. Abeo wants to move on so badly it doesn’t seem like he is allowing himself to grieve at all which is so heartbreaking.

And while this scene was painful, Teagan and Abeo’s friendship and first meeting was anything but. They were such cute kids! And Abeo’s stories of Hogwarts from his sister, my heart. He clearly loved his family so much, knowing what happened to them makes the moment so bittersweet. And Teagan god this girl is so sweet even if she has a hard time showing her emotions. I just love the two of them so much ok? Ok. Please Green don’t hurt them anymore ;-;

Rose and Scorpius interactions always get an A from me. Oh no Rose do you actually like spending time with Scorpius? Oh dear. Oh my. Who ever would have thought something like that possible. I loved the scene with the Frog Choir, Rose and Scorpius covertly bickering in between the performance like the idiots they are, beautiful.


Tristain’s toad finishing the song with a beautiful burp!




Oh and Minhyuk being Sorrel’s contact happen too I guess.
Ok but in all seriousness holy shit. Shout out to Ginger who I am pretty sure was the first to call Minhyuk on his sus behavior. And just oh my god. In hindsight it makes total sense, especially with this chapter leading up to the reveal but still that didn't stop me from being shocked. Does this mean Minhyuk is a vampire too? Or some other kind of supernatural creature? Or maybe he is just involved with them? I don’t know and I want to know so baddddd. What are these two boys going to bargain about? what will be the outcome? how much of the Minhyuk we know is an act? will Tristan ever find a club he will stick with? I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

(As for a favorite food Salmon is currently ruling my life)
Fairysecret01 chapter 17 . 1/8
Omg so I have a lottttt of thoughts.

So with the looking and the library I lowkey have a bad feeling about it. Like I don’t think Rose and Scorp are gonna find anything. Going from my previous knowledge of Greece and Romania and the Carribeans I think they should just forget all about looking in the library and take a month long cruise to all the countries just for funsies.

Now I know that it is very probably vampires given Sorrel and Riley And all but I have a different idea. I think that it is not vampires but instead a gang of rampaging unicorns on a mission to take over the world. Let me explain:

So one, we know that Sorrel has some sort of curse. To cast a curse you need magic, and you know who has magic? Unicorns.

Second, Greece had a lot of mythology like Centuars. Centuars are half horse. Unicorns are also half horse. This the Unicorns are a new form of Centuars.

Third, we all know green has a probably unhealthy lust for bloodshed. But we also know that she likes to do the opposite of expected. Vampires are associated with blood which makes them something that logic will land on. But Unicorns are not really with blood. So Unicorns would be unexpected.

Anyway, moving on, I feel kinda bad about Lonnie looking for her mom. I hope she does find her, but I love this girl so much. Like the girl got her new boyfriend-ish/ friend who is a boy a literal toad so he could be in the frog choir. Literally iconic. Speaking of which, Tristan is not that bad tbh. If he becomes more humble and self-aware and less prone to accidentally killing people with his cheese wand then maybe they could have an actual relationship. Who knows
Pilarofdoom chapter 17 . 12/26/2021
Thanks for the Xmas present! Also thanks for the catch up at the start! I liked the scorpius roses moment at the start and made me wonder if Lonnie is up to something more. Also brilliant toad name and very curious to see what the bargain is and how everything connects. Best of luck into the new year till next time stay safe!
GingersnapBeat chapter 16 . 8/19/2021
I'm serious about that petition. Abeo deserves at least a 10-second hug every day for the rest of his life. His long, HAPPY life, you hear me?

Here's something really important that needs clarification: when Abeo says "dead family," does he mean that singular, as in just his sister, or plural, as in this kid is literally by himself in the world? Because that's pretty messed up. Makes me even more soft for his friend group, because they could very well be all he has left, and NNNGH my heart! It hurts!

This means you won't do any else to make Abeo suffer, right? Because he's already been through so much, right? Riiiight?

Creepy as she is, I would 103 percent read a spin-off detective story of the Mole if only because I'm morbidly fascinated to see what goes on in her mind.

Hmmm. Wailing in the North Tower. Marking that down for later, because currently I've got no theories, only fear.

How the hell does Scorpius manage to cram all this stuff in his schedule?! Foreign student liason, working with Bristlecone, classes, quidditch—this kid has to be taking some sort of potion and I'll take 20 of whatever it is he's having.

Sorrel's section is just one big record scratch, because excuse me, wHAT?! Scars? Curses? Not to mention the weirdy-mcweird candle thing, which who even knows what's happening there. Is it related to the wailing tower, or the odd stuff going down in the Caribbean (et al.), or both, or is this a completely separate problem that we're going to have to add to the list of problems the gang is going to have to deal with further down the road?

Really don't like the word 'signal'. Too ominous. It's a steroid shot for my paranoia. A signal for WHAT, Sorrel? FOR WHAT?! We're in YOUR mind stop being so vague with yourself!

I should probably put the #freelonnie petition here but let's be honest, we have much bigger concerns at this point.
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