Reviews for A Conspiracy of Ravens
GingersnapBeat chapter 12 . 5/8/2021
Ah, what a beautiful day! Birds are singing, ACOR is surprise updating, Rose is panicking, Trislonnie are snogging—

*record scratch*

Tris...trislonnie are what now?

Oookay. Let’s, um, just put a pin in that because you can bet this discussion is not done. Not in the slightest.

Anyway, me and my inability to remember what I even ate for breakfast thanks you for the recap. ‘Twas very helpful!

Rose’s complete panicking, compared to everyone else’s “oh crap but eh what can you do” attitude is hilarious, but being a teacher’s pet myself back in the day I can admit that I would absolutely be acting the same way. I once faked a signature on my field trip permission slip and nearly had a panic attack, I can’t even imagine the terror that would come with erasing an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of my teacher’s memory!

Not that I want Rose in trouble, but I AM curious what she would do if expelled. Sure, it might send her spiraling towards a dark path of evil, buuuut it also might get her to pick up some hobbies outside of trying to be better than anyone else. Which, honestly, could do her some good.

Haha, Scorpius getting some great practice moving bodies. Yes, “practice,” because let’s face it there’s going to be a lot more by the time this is through.

"I underestimated you." Oh. Ooooh! Is Rose on her way to earning some respect from Karlin? Actually, better question: does Rose even WANT to earn Karlin’s respect? I mean, I would, but that’s simply because Karlin is a stepping stone in my masterplan to become best friends with Molotov.

It’s strange picturing the Room of Hidden Things as a giant ash pile, but I kind of love it. Kind of like being in an abandoned house—creepy and derelict and it gives the perfect atmosphere for whatever sketchy stuff Sorrel’s got going on.

Speaking of, this scar on his neck is noteworthy. How’d he get it—family, vampires, vampire family, tripping up the stairs? Does it represent something, or is it simply another way for him to look more badass and appealing to Abeo? Can’t wait to find out!

Honestly the whole “neither of us saw anything” deal they made was probably a best case scenario. Overall, Rose was very, very lucky this chapter, which just makes me more nervous for when her luck runs out.

“Freaking out is my damage control.” *sigh* Once again I find myself relating to Rose and this is teaching me things about who I am as a person and I’m not sure I like them.

“... few were green (literally, green-skinned).” Lonnie would be screaming in horror right now if she WASN’T SO BUSY SWAPPING SPIT WITH MR. POPSTAR!

Seriously, Green. I love ya, but what the HECK, ma’am?!

There was hope, before. No matter how small. Hope that this girl could snap back to her senses before things got too far. But now that they’ve had the mouth to mouth contact, I don’t think there’s any coming back from this.

“‘Ew,’ said Rose.” Big mood. But Rose, I am so disappointed in you. Not because you Obliviated the Mole, but because you should’ve gone over there and...and...broken it up! Shave the other side of Tristan’s head. Distract Lonnie with something shiny. Something! Anything!

Ugh. As my youngest OC child, Lonnie certainly acts like it. Trying to give me premature gray hairs. Y’know, I’m just going to turn my attention to Suzume chilling on her broom because that’s really cute.

How did Ruthven get to the West Tower? Because he’s a VAMPIRE, that’s why!

Oof, I feel kind of bad for the foreign students. Tristan sprung and planned the party on them, then left them to do all the clean-up. Not the best look, my dude.

Hahaha, I love how all the excuses are pretty believable and normal, and then we’ve got Halie over here who’s like: f o o d. And no one even questions it! I love her!

“A flash of silver at his throat caught Rose's eye. It looked to be a chain of some sort, for a necklace. Odd.” Hm. Weird. Like most things Ruthven. I don’t know much about HP lore around vampires/werewolves but my initial thought, at the mention of silver, is Maybe Ruthven isn’t a vampire, but instead hunts them? Like it’s an anti-werewolf necklace or something. I dunno. It would fit with him being the Ghoul Studies teacher. Right now I’m still leaning more heavily to the “he’s some sort of creature” side, but it’s something to keep in mind.

“No single rooms, Mr Zolotov." Ahahahaha! Classic Karlin. But aaaw, give it enough time and he and Minhyuk are going to become besties and Karlin won’t ever not want to share a room again. It’s gonna happen.

I really enjoyed seeing some Rose and Suzume interaction! Especially since it let us see a little more of Suzume’s personality. She’s so chill and unapologetic about her opinions and it’s a nice counterweight to the more high-strung Rose.

Rest in peace, the Last Year of Mole’s Memory. Rest in deep, deep peace, miles and miles in the ground because of it ever resurfaces Rose is screwed. It’s inevitable this is all going to come back and hit her in the face later on, but the longer we can delay that the better.

“Can't be! We just welcomed our first years, and none are as ugly as this lot!" LOL, okay, I might like the Mole now. Just a little.

Want to say the teachers being suspicious that there’s something, well, suspicious inside the castle is just further proof Ruthven’s up to something. But with your track record of red herrings, the likelihood that it’s someone or something else is just as high. So I’m not going to lock in any concrete guesses. I’ve been herringed way too many times and would like to give myself a little breather before I’m inevitably herringed again.

Not sure who’s fishing for a fan club but with how much the Discord loves (and rightfully so) these characters the answer is most likely “yes.”

It has been *6* chapters since Lonnie was trapped in the Tristan Zone for the love of God please someone #freelonnie before it’s too late
Pilarofdoom chapter 11 . 3/7/2021
Yeaaa! What a great chapter I love the make over, probably shocked Scorpius when she said she's was wearing something else in beginning, though I absolutely love that her cousins dressed the same way. Also I wonder what Rose said as well that had Scorpius leave her by the windowsill. I am absolutely love both Hallie and Teagan's character, and do both Rhys and abeo have feelings for Lonnie? Lol poor girl doesn't have a clue and def shouldn't be with Tristan of all people. Scorpius was so close on his spell should have modify it for adults instead of teachers. But omg Rose's response to just obliviate lmao I was sitting laughing but also worried for what will happen. Also I got a little confused foods this happen in front of everyone at the party Or just outside it? I can see Scorpius keeping quiet about what she did but not a whole lot of people, that's just screaming blackmail material waiting to happen. Great updated, loved all the Scorose moments ands how everyone's is telling and hinting at her the same thing. Looking forward to more moments ands the overall plot. Untill next time stay safe!
Primione394 chapter 11 . 3/7/2021
So excited that the chapter is finally here and it was definitely worth the wait! It is so good!

Rose and Scorpius just yes. That is all I have to say about that. And Rose what did you just do?! Abeo and Teagans friendship is so sweet and I love it so much. Do I see another ship between Halie and Teagan maybe? I think Abeo sees it lol. Also I am now super curious about what Rhys did (but I know that is exactly what you wanted). There is so much to this chapter and it is much good writing! I already can’t wait for the next one!
Rurouni Scribe8 chapter 11 . 3/7/2021
Not good. I absolutely love what you’ve done here and can’t wait for the next update.
SweaterSloth369 chapter 11 . 3/7/2021
Great chapter! Loved it so much
GingersnapBeat chapter 11 . 3/7/2021
This wand stuff with Tristan has me squinting my eyes so hard they’re basically just shut, now. That’s fine. If I can’t see, I can’t read, and if I can’t read then I can easily pretend there’s not any sketch stuff hidden in the background of the long-awaited party chapter. I’m wondering whether the problem is with Tristan’s wands, or with Tristan himself, but either way I’m nervous what his shaky relationship with magic is going to lead to.

I’ve decided the only Tristan ship I support outside TristanXCharacterDevelopement is Tristan and Banner Tristan. Not only is Banner Tristan funny, but at least in this relationship we know they’d shower each other equally with the attention they need.

Ahaha Halie, Brooke, and Teagan have all jumped on the Scorose agenda and I love it! No way Rose can escape it now.

I think Halie wins my vote for best party outfit. It’s so uniquely her and I love the image of her rocking shorts and fishnets while everyone else is in suits and dresses. And Rose’s sweater! By the way, Halie and Brooke, don’t you dare diss the Weasley sweater! Hoping that if Rose is good enough friends with them by Christmas then they are gifted sweaters too.

“Cooper immediately honed in on the food table.” Mooooood.

AAAH YES first Abeo and now Halie! The two groups are starting to merge! Halie and Teagan are kind of sweet—keeping an eye on that.

Leaping ahead a little. I am still a staunch member of the Rhys Protection Squad...but what did this kiddo do? Did he almost kill someone? Badly injure them and send them to the hospital? It makes me sad to see everyone treating my adopted son (because yes, I’ve decided I am adopting him along with Molotov) like this, but it’s also very interesting. Especially Rose’s distrust—though I’m thinking her problem with him is less from what the rumors say he did and more from how whatever he did broke rules and he didn’t get expelled from it, because we all know Rosie is a stickler for rules. But GOODNESS, Rhys, WHAT DID YOU DO? I have Alto’s picture of little Rhys sitting in my mind and ugh I’m just having a hard time seeing him doing something so reprehensible.

Haha, Karlin policing the party! Ngl, I’d love to see Karlin’s guest list and just how empty (or non-existent) it is.

“I always have pens on me." Tristan if you permanently ink your name on more people so help me—

Scorpius’ reaction to Rose’s teasing is interesting. What part of it upset him? Mention of the internship? Maybe he got it through more questionable means?

Rhys and Albus are such a great Brotp! The way Albus teases Rhys, and the whole scene with him standing up to Thomas, and them checking on each other afterwards. Especially with Rhys reputation, there’s a nice balance that’s offered by their solid friendship.

“Funny how time away from a person could change one's perspective of them entirely.” Oh no. Oh no no no. I’m a sucker for this trope I can’t—

“She only reached to halfway up his chest, but Lonnie's hugs always had an effect on him, like being wrapped in a warm, fluffy blanket.” Oh frick. Frick. Friiiiiick. Fricking fetching dagnabbit NO I WAS TRYING SO HARD BUT SHOOT I kind of like this. Rhysonnie is growing on me and HOW DARE you you make me ship this, you green temptress, you, because I just know it’s going to hurt me later. I’m so torn because as part of the Rhys Protection Squad, I’m going to be so upset if Lonnie breaks his heart. But also, as Lonnie’s parent, I want whatever makes her happy (but not Tristan—I draw the line there). But also MAYBE the feelings are mutual in which case dang it I already know that I’m going to become so invested in Team TolSmol which will only make it a thousand times worse when you do something to hurt them!

Basically, this is my rambly way of admitting that you are starting to covert me to Rhysonnie and I kind of hate that.

Though whatever happens I hope their friendship remains intact because they balance each other out well. Introvert and extrovert pals are so fun! Again, following the Albus and Rhys discussion I’m so glad Rhys has at least a few friends who make sure he’s included because this kid deserves at least that.

Thomas—not referring to him as O’Hare because honestly that makes me think of that bad guy from the animated Lorax but also I hate Thomas so maybe O’Hare is fitting. Okay, O’Hare needs to be pounced on by a vampire or something because this taunting of Rhys is not. cool. man. He must go. I don’t care how, just get him outta here. Fingers crossed that bringing in Rose will reveal more of Rhys backstory—or, at the very least, what exactly the rumors are about him.

“So… what time are we going?" / “Going? It's only been two-ish hours." / Rhys grimaced. Why did it feel like days?

This convo right here just perfectly captures my mindset at every single social event, in full color, large-screen, HD, and surround sound.

Quick side tangent, but I love the characters whose POVs you’ve decided to write from. Abeo, Rhys, and Rose are all so different but each perspective is equally enjoyable to read.

Abeo has been promoted from my fave Hogwarts student to my favorite character, period. Karlin, sweetie, I’d apologize but I feel like you wouldn’t really care anyway. I’m invested with every single dynamic he has with his friends—Cooper, Lonnie, and especially Teagan. The breathing exercises with Teagan is so telling and perfect to their friendship. Seriously, I want me a best friend like Abeo. This guy is top quality.

"And if she doesn't come back?” / “She will...I know it." Lonnie’s going to die, isn’t she? NO IM NOT READING INTO THIS TOO MUCH LET ME OVERANALYZE DARNIT!

And I feel Scorose in this Chilis tonight. Like wow, the jacket, and Rose trying to tease him, and the “pretty’s”! Things are really picking up!

Which of course means they’re immediately dropped because Rose freaking OBLIVIATES the Mole! Rose, our nerdy, bookish gal, WHY would that be the first thing to come to your mind?! We got to work on your quickdraw thinking, because there is definite room for improvement.

But I am so, so excited to see what mess comes from this.

Y’all know the drill. It has been *5* chapters since Lonnie was trapped in the Tristan Zone. Please, if you have the time and means, sign this petition to #freelonnie
HippieSunshine chapter 10 . 2/11/2021
Rose has a solid point- surely at least one student thought to cover their tracks magically before. I wonder if this is has been attempted successfully before, just in secret. I agree with Rose again that Scorpius seems a little to confident their invented spell will work in such little time. Maybe Draco figured it out and told him about it at some point? Idk, but his confidence is a little suspicious even if he does work well under pressure. If not, this man will explode one day with all of his bottled up stress.

Another Rose thing, I think she's already growing a little just being able to thank him for his help. I'm not sure if she could have done with in chapter one.

Monsieur Boiseries is very suspicious and I feel like possibly being paid by Tristan to keep up a facade. Maybe the new wand is also elder and the wand maker's lying? Probably not there won't be two elder wands, but I'm wary of this guy's reliability and Tristan's honesty. Rose and Abeo see it as they call it, but it also makes me doubt Tristan for not being able to see he's being conned. His love for the elite is what blinds him.

Again, I'm not totally convinced that Tristan didn't give Rose a fake to destroy. Maybe Tristan didn't care about being conned buying this temporary wand if his elder wand is still in his possession. I doubt an elder wand would appreciate being two timed though.

I will say it again! The blood red liquid Professor Monroe was carrying . . . in a story that's prejudiced against vampires . . . it's blood or a blood substitute for vampires or something vampy. The professors are in on something! Maybe. I'm not sure if McGonnogall would pull a Dumbledore and keep everyone in the dark about a teacher's species.

Also bonding with Scorpius and Rose! I think she'll try and stop being chummy during the party, but one or two moments will slip through where they let down their guards again.

Oh Grandmother Covington. . . what do you have brewing? This means Sorrel's been sneaking around at night checking for a candle . . . and contact will be initiated with whom? Hmmmmmm
HippieSunshine chapter 9 . 2/11/2021
I'd forgotten that Abeo was a prefect! It was nice to get to know him a little better. He seems to be the kind of Ravenclaw who values logic to a fault. Okay, I know knowing what I know changes my interpretation of how I see him and Lonnie, but he cares about her so muchhhhhh. I still love the idea of Ablonnie, it is just different. In another world maybe. His perspective, which I read as one that separates fact from feeling while acknowledging both, brings in how Tristan snatching away Lonnie really upsets the social dynamics of the core group and I inferred dominos a bit towards 6th years in general. Lonnie isn't one who stays low-key, so I'm sure her change of loyalties lately have been duly noticed. Also knowing what I know, Abeo groaning about Tristan not even being good looking is honestly even more funny. His hate blinds him, like Rose with Scorpius but hopefully in a different, just plain hateful way, which is a weird think to hope for.

It was pretty nice of Abeo to not press Rose on how she knew about Tristan's wand, considering how much he didn't want to be around Tristan period.

Personally I think it's fitting that Sorrel was introduced in Oliveria's class because of how I thought he could be a mentor to the Covingtwins, but that's most likely a coincidence and I put no stock in it as of now. I wonder who Abeo would rather spend time with: Tristan or Sorrel? It would be enjoyable to figure out the answer to that question later, but that's a self-indulgent request.

So looks like Sorrey's a strong boy. Interesting to note because . . .! Sorrel's so defensive, he's honestly being a big provocateur of their little spat here. Out of loyalty, I'm on team sorrel, but he needs some good ole positive reinforcement to soften those sharp edges.

Yesssss. I love Minhyuk and Halie, I love Minhyuk and Lonnie, I certainly love Minhyuk, Halie, and Lonnie. I also think it's notable that Tristan didn't want Abeo there! Granted they don't get along, but he could be trying to further the wedge between Lonnie and her friends. Smartly not pressing her too hard on inviting Abeo this early into his takeover, but I'm watching him! Nothing gets by me! Except what I don't notice of course LOL. That was stupid, anywayssss. Tangent, Liss/feliss is such a cute nickname for Felicity. I hadn't considered that nickname before, but I love it.

I feel for Sorrel not being appreciated by his housemates! My baby! Clearly he brings some of it on himself, but I hope he gains people who want to sit next to him by the end of the story. At the very least Riley!

Also late review insights, this lesson choice is a good progression for the plot- makes it feel like Scorpius is less of a genius, more so just innovative and skilled later. It just introduces some concepts so solutions don't come out of the blue later. It was a good call.

Also, Oliverio totally knows what's up with the students. I'd like to think he sees through their emotions and knew what he was doing when he paired up Sorrel and Abeo. I kind of see Sorrel's point where Abeo's criticizes for the sake of critique, but he should have taken it more gracefully. I just feel so bad that no one takes his side! Ik Lonnie is Abeo's best friend, but poor Sorrel always being the awful side of the argument.

It's interesting the Lonnie searched for Tristan before sitting down at lunch. It's like she's being groomed for his army. Lonnie change of opinion on the flying cat operation is very symbolic of her change in person lately. Also interesting the Abeo was like "it's not him" when Felicity threatened to tell him off for causing them to loose house points. Hmmmmm.

Honestly, I'm not sure whether Abeo would have actually confiscated Tristan's wand, but after he flaunted his influence of Lonnie in front of him, Abeo's not the type to take crap standing down. I thought how the conflict was handled implied a lot about Tristan! He didn't deny allegations about his wand being dangerous really, but he bought himself time. I suspect that he's swapping out his elder wand with a fake substitute. How he got it idk and whether that's just the unrealistic thing ever idk, he's rich he can afford fakes, but I don't know if I believe the elder wand is just being taken off the table without any major repercussions or incidents- the duel was really an introduction to it considering how much damage it could do. Also it seems like Lonnie was going to try and stop Abeo from confiscating it by between the lines begging him not to "oh hey abeooo, what are you doing?"

I enjoyed the chapter and the intro to Sorrel. Seeing him from other's peoples eyes helps establish why he's an outcast and will make any secrets or drama with him feel more covert.
HippieSunshine chapter 8 . 2/11/2021
This was definitely the perfect spot to pick up at. It was a good call to have Halie be the first person you talk to too- it just ties the post-duel and what happened together to the pre-duel nicely. I also think Halie's warming up to Rose! Out of everyone in the foreign students group I can see Halie becoming the quickest friends with her. I also think Rose getting rendered unable to continue was a good way for Tristan to win without winning. It's interesting that Halie and Brooke take his side that he won. I think if Karlin wasn't backing Tristan, they would've both stood with Rose and gone against Tristan's wishes, but they're not about to unreasonably tell Karlin no after his participation in it, that'd be a lot of drama and I have no idea how that'd resolve anyways. Honestly I'm glad you had Rose accept it so quickly, it drives the plot forward so much more smoothly.

Tristan entered like the cocky returning hero, very on brand for him. If I'm reading the lines and predicting the future right, I thought it was really clever that you had Scorpius have a flickering smile at Tristan's goat that he was trying to impress someone. Like, yes Tristan, for once you seem to have gotten something right.

The Elder wand is a big game changer. Yeah it's not cooperative for Tristan, but it kind of begs the question whether someone's hands in Hogwarts could be chosen by it. It's like Karlin's a wild card that could be used at any moment, but the elder wand is a card perpetually on the table waiting to be used by anyone. Truly a wild wild card.

Lonnie's a good person to bridge that gaps between different people- she's so warm, welcoming, and out going. Tristan bringing her to help plan with Minhyuk, just lovely. Maybe I just love Minhyuk, but the whole thing just felt very genuinely friendly and gentle person like between the two. Like they both think the other person is great and worthy of respect and they want to have fun. Anywayssss, my rambling on minuscule things.

I'm glad you gave Rose and Scorp some kind of investment into the party- maybe they'll let loose for just for a minute if they feel like they're participating during the day of. Kind of like a, "well we're already here and partially responsible, let's enjoy ourselves."

Also NICE point by Tristan. If anyone goes against them, they'll face the wrath of his fangirls. It's potentially social suicide and at a boarding school that's dangerous ammunition! Even if he'd get expelled, people would perpetually be pissed at them.

Ruthven kind of reminds me of Snape, but in a more mysterious, less vengeful, less hands on way. Kind of like the parent who's like "I'd rather you drink in the house if you're going to do it" but the type who just installs cameras instead of hangs over their shoulders. I feel like he's more aware of what's going on than he lets on or than he lets the administration know. Just a guess!

I'm glad you threw in an aftermath scene with Rose and Scorp. It helps mellow out the tension of the loss, builds trust to have shared experiences that they're both on the same page about, and unites them in accepting the craziness of what happened.

Also! Rose acknowledged Scorpius gives her butterflies with the whole jolt and his hands. . . yes. And he was definitely into her- he thinks if Tristan can do that to HER, clearly thinking she's better than the average witch/wizard. Cuuuuute. I like that he values her intelligence and she thinks highly of his.
HippieSunshine chapter 7 . 2/11/2021
Scorpius is a major blind spot in Rose's logic- like with his clothes "what a weird thing to notice." Um, Rose, anyone would notice someone dressed unusually formal that day! She doesn't want to admit to herself that she was noticing him beyond just his clothes. I wonder if her self-afflicted blindness to how she perceives Scorpius will cause trouble or failure down the road? Like how Ron's blindness to Hermione being an eligible bachelor, how he made assumptions about her, during the 4th book before the Yule Ball caused a lot of aggression and ultimately created unnecessary challenges for the trio.

Also, shucks, I love Minhyuk and Halie. Also, also, totally on board with their friendship. What would phase this guy? And Halie's boldness and Minhyuk's fearlessness. Maybe a ship. Idk. But I like their dynamic and they lightened the moment after Rose's stressful conversation. I think this was actually a great addition structure wise for the chapter. The stress and seriousness of Rose and the seriousness but pragmatism of Scorpius juxtaposed with the unity of Halie and Minhyuk and their respective seriousness about treating the moment lightly and enjoyably. It makes you think about what Scorpius and Rose could be or could never be and I think sets up a good opportunity for the roles to be reversed at some other major event later on. Ya know, Rose and Scorpius choosing to enjoy the moment despite the circumstances and let Halie and Minhyuk grow a little stepping up to handle the situation. Anyways, long winded way of saying I really liked the dynamic with those four.

Also, it's notably that Karlin so quickly acclimated to the antagonistic side of things. I can see him becoming a co-villain with or being used by Tristan later in the story. Social grooming?

Scorpius teasing Rose right before the duel is lovely. To me it says he has faith that she'll do fine. It's serious, but he doesn't think things will go against plan because Rose is a reliable and competent witch with a lot of determination.

Aaaaaand Karlin pulls out his wild card! It's interesting. Even though he comes off as someone who'd fight for the sake of fighting, I feel like he did this just to get a jab at Scorpius. A little vendetta of sorts. That's certainly a quality that could be fostered and manipulated by the right sociopath . . .

I appreciated how you structured the duel. I think it's the kind of thing that can easily get boring. It's one after the other, very repetitive, but you called notice to the details of each move in a way that was different each time, it kept me engaged. I liked how you tuned out of Scorpius and Karlin's thing pretty quickly after establishing they were both holding their own, but Scorpius was going to be the likely champion. Tristan's reactions were something I've been thinking about. I feel like with how much he has riding on winning the duel- his reputation, his plans for the party, and whatever he's setting up for after party- after his wand started not cooperating he was genuinely expressing himself. He's really not as capable as he thinks he is- something that could be his downfall. Although I would enjoy it if it turns out he's a master duel AND actor and he has one more battle for all the roses at the end. I'm also just a drama, tension lover. Don't be afraid to kill someone in this story Green!

I appreciated Albus' loyalty to Rose and wanting to do something. It was just nice to see Harry's son have that similar unwavering loyalty to those he considers family. I also really liked Rhys and Albus. Their friendship was fun and I like that the cloak of invisibility has come into play. I'm somewhat curious whether James gave it to Albus after he graduated or if Harry thought Albus was the one who should have it. I also enjoyed Scorpius low-key wielding authority when the moment demands it. It's nice to see someone who has good work-life balance LOL. It's a weird line for him and Rose to have to walk with the foreigners - friend, mentor, and appointed leader. I just liked a lot of things in this chapter, so I'll start ANOTHER sentence with I like. I like how Rhys flashed his Gryffindor qualities and risked his safety/place at school to save the others. They're not close, I think, so that speaks volumes about his character. (Last I like sentence, I promise) I really liked your addition of the Mole too. It was a great way to create realistic tension about getting caught without being excessive or unrealistic tension between the foreigners, Scorpius, and Tristan was drama. Scorp just isn't that dramatic and he probably gets 3 monologues tops in this story before it's out of character and one of those have to be him professing his feelings for Rose, so it'd be a waste to use it just sneaking through the hallways at night anyways.

Ruthven always interests me and I think the way you're sprinkling him in here and there is good for planting curiosity but not starting off with "HMMM, he's suspicious." "ooooh, he llama level sus." (LOL.) When Ruthven does (or if ever) get thrown in as boom, drama/plot device, it'll feel like a bigger slap in the face, like why didn't I notice this before? Because Rose has unrealistic trust in her professors! Because Tristan doesn't care about people aren't affecting his immediate future! Because Karlin's like cyka blyat. Etc. It'll just be a really great moment when he's like "blah bleh blah, I'm Ruthven. . . Lord Ruthven . . . of vampires!"

Great chapter- my favorite so far! I can't think of any way you could have structured it better and your creative additions like choosing to introduce Rhys here and the mole and drop Ruthven in it were all awesome choices.
HippieSunshine chapter 6 . 2/11/2021
Okay Green I'm going to stop being a bad reader and do a long catch up on your well-earned reviews.

It makes sense that they'd play on the house teams- I don't think there's enough of the foreign students to make their own team. I also can't see Brooke being too enthused about a quaffle flying near her face!

Malina seems like a very internal person- a lot going on in her head, but seemingly unfazed by the world. I can see her kicking herself over the cauldron incident and going over 3 ways to kill the professor, herself, and maybe the entire class for how embarrassing the whole thing was. Her melancholy is of course in contrast to the brilliant enthusiasm of Suzume and the fiery retorts of Karlin. I must say, Scorpius grows on me every chapter. He's like a refreshing voice of reason. Rose takes herself so seriously, but Scorpius has a healthy dose of "f that" to the stressors of his life and doesn't let stress phase him. Although I bet that means he eventually explodes over a series of stressors. . . anyways.

So you know it, you love it, #FreeLonnie. I think having someone "on the other side" with Tristan is good for the storyline, it just is painful that the sunshine of the core Ravenclaw group has been dragged elsewhere. It'd be nice to see the group dynamics more without Lonnie in it. Maybe a sprinkle of Felicity, Teagan, and Cooper because I don't think I know them as well as say Abeo. As much as we love to hate him, Tristan's good comic relief. Definitely one of those most memorable characters in the story! I think it's interesting that when Tristan said he had a proposition for the foreign students and Rose, everyone took note. It's honestly a reflection of the power he holds, which feels comical and not as immense as Tristan thinks he has, but he definitely holds power over most, if not all, of the characters. He can bring people to a room and expect results.

Also, he went after Scorpius by going after his history- clearly he's done his research. I'm more and more indulging the idea that Tristan became a Ravenclaw for a reason. His over the top persona distracts from when he's low-key, like this. He's getting information to use against people from his fangirls. It makes me curious what he's gotten out of Lonnie and how that'll play into the plot later (presumably) against the core Ravenclaw group if he takes the role as villain. It's also as if he's purposefully trying to position the foreigners against Rose and on his side. As if he recognizes her as a threat for success and is trying to weaken her credibility and social standing. He's distracting her with his party idea (and contributing quite a bit of stress on her shoulders) and I wonder how that will impact her academic performance longterm.

I also think it's strategic that he wanted a foreigner to be his second. It ties someone with ownership over the common room to his plan- like liability. If Lonnie or a fangirl had been his second he would have had more support but even if he won, the foreigners could likely still be like "well Tristan just took over" if something happened. They're now all invested because he chose Karlin.

Something that I now wonder if it's foreshadowing is Karlin wildly overshooting the quidditch post. He's used to probably more strong direction flying on a tree, so the subtleties of the broom evade him. Maybe he's going to yield his strong personality, expecting similar results as at his home institution, but he overshoots and his original motives having to be adjusted for his new circumstances. Just me speculating mountains out of molehills!

I'm glad Suzume killed the tryouts- quidditch has been a primary part of her character, so it's a feel good moment. Something I'd like to see from her longterm in the story is a moment of volunerability- I feel like we don't know her as well as the others. Halie's the artist, a little rageful but nothing out of control, she's loyal and passionate, appreciates others who are similar. Karlin's the little sh- well you know. He's outspoken, arrogant, purposeful, spoiled, kind of a wild card, but unintentionally funny. I think I've figured out Minhyuk's just quieter, but he's still actively engaged with every conversation, he's light hearted, has big goals, doesn't really make enemies- a pacifist, but brave and not afraid of change. Malina's introverted, harsh on herself, an over thinker, unremorseful, sincere, goes into things 100%, she watches and learns. But with Suzume, the gist I have of her is she's energetic, bubbly, and loves quidditch. I'd love to see more of her.

I like when Rose and Scorpius work together. Scorpius is a nice voice of reason and Rose is starting to see beyond him as her enemy and potentially him as her ally. The plan to attack Tristan's vanity is brilliant and although I know how it'll go, I think the plotting to attack his character is great planning as an author. Good job! It was also super cute to have them talking about the girls going gaga over Tristan and Rose of course being different.

This was a well constructed chapter! Your writing feels so natural and logical, like how Rose would notice and interpret things is how I and I think most people naturally would notice and interpret things. A lot went on in the chapter now that I reflect on it and things that happened here will dramatically influence the rest of the story, but I'm ending it whelmed and the more thought I give it the more I notice the small details that I think will follow the characters. Maybe it's because Karlin's so brazen (and probably really fun to write), but I feel like I've heard from him significantly more than the other foreigners- if there's not a planning purpose for focusing on him my one advise offering would be to have Rose/the pov character to get to know different particular foreign students more in depth in various future chapters.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/7/2021
I have a feeling that Scorpius is trying to impress Rose with his wit and it’s so cute! Our dear Rosie really is a sapiosexual without even realizing it
GingersnapBeat chapter 10 . 2/7/2021
Rose to the library is like me to chocolate. Except all that chocolate does is make me feel fat and sick but maybe if I eat enough of it I’ll fall into a coma and hallucinate the answer to my problems, so I keep trying. Thankfully, Rose has a Scorpius to help her out and doesn’t have to go to such extremes.

Le gasp! Doth mine eyes deceive me or did Rose just notice the sweet scent of Scorpius before a BOOK?!

Ahaha! Cowboy Canyon. What is it with this dude and being named after hiking trails I’ve been on?!

Monsieur Boiseries is...something. Yeah, Tristan getting access to a elder wand definitely makes sense now because Duke Weaselton here seems like the kind to sell his own mother for a fruit snack. And I know he’s a good-for-nothing con man and TRUST ME, I am pissed at him for exploiting Tristan like this but also he’s a fun character. The fake accent, the dollar-store quality wands...good stuff. Not for the characters, of course, but very enjoyable for us readers.

Male bovine faeces XD

Green, if that chair Tristan just poofed randomly appears in the finale, falls from the sky and crushes the bad guy, I will wire you 1,050 dollars myself. Not right away because money, who’s she? But if I send a dollar a day you’ll get it eventually.

AAAH AND ABEO CONTINUES TO BE BEST BOY! He hates Tristan yet he’s still so concerned about him getting scammed. He’s protective of his friends to the point he’s looking out for a not-quite friend and I adore him for it!

Can kind of see the hype behind the Abeo and Tristan ship now. Still not shipping it because Tristan has a LOT of growing to do before he can healthily handle a relationship so the thought of him with ANYONE has me ready to pull out more petitions, but yeah I can understand why some would ship it.

Anyway the thought of Abeo and Tristan eventually becoming friends? Very appealing.

Olive Garden wand eidhquxhehsj what a beautiful line! Forget wands, I’m craving breadsticks like crazy right now.

I’m going to keep raising this question—feed it, clean it, read it stories about rebel plots and party princes and mafia boss sons (because only the best of literature will do) and tuck it into bed—until it is answered. But HOW THE HICKORY-DICKORY-DOCK DID TRISTAN GET INTO RAVENCLAW? Is this some master plan of the sorting hat?! Or is it truly, legitimately a simp for Tristan’s music and just bowed to his will?! Because Tristan very much exudes the exact opposite of Ravenclaw.

Okay. Alright. Say I’m STILL giving Tristan the benefit of a doubt and trusting that he’s got some sneaky intelligence locked away in there. What if he made a fake elder wand to give to Rose? Because her being able to break it and rid the world of its evil just like that is awfully suspicious and I have a hard time believing that’s the end of that.

But again. This is Tristan. If he actually managed to pull something like that off I’ll eat Canyon’s hat (sorry, Brooke. Not all of us can afford to be vegan. Also, bacon).

I LOVE how it took seeing Scorpius’ intellect to set Rose on the path of seduction. Or, at the very least, on the path of being nicer to him. For a bit. She obviously still has some things to work through. How very Rose of her.

Professor Monroe sounds sooooo freaking cool and I SWEAR if that spell does something bad to her before we even really had the chance to meet her I will riot!

Sorrel, you sneaky scamp. What you doing? And oh. A grandma. Those have...a controversial history in the GLU. Interested to see which side she’ll fall on.

My first thought is all his family are vampires, because at least one of them is, but...huh. I don’t know. But I don’t think Sorrel and fam are going to be full-on villains. Morally gray? Probably. Antagonists, yeah, but not the BBEG. I...don’t think they’re evil? Well now that I said that they’re going to be evil. It’s a toss-up right now.

Thanks for the update! One chapter closer to this party and the disaster it will undoubtedly bring! Huzzah!

It has been *4* chapters since Lonnie was trapped in the Tristan Zone. Please, if you have the time and means, sign this petition to #freelonnie
Frenchie Is French chapter 9 . 2/7/2021
No matted what anyone says about him, I absolute love Sorrel. I have a thing for asshole characters, you see, and he just happens to fit the bill. He is now my son, thank you and goodbye.
Doctor Kay Strange chapter 3 . 1/29/2021
There’s something about how even teenagers studying at a magical castle still fangirl like my old middle school classmates that’s inherently charming. Even if I’ll cringe internally at it LOL

Hell yeah buff grandma headmistress I am all here for that

Oh. Oh no. No, no, no. I hated Lockhart so much in CoS I can’t take another one. Please. Green. Have mercy. Still, I’m very intrigued as to why Tristan was placed in Ravenclaw. I guess with Lockhart you could say he wanted the knowledge to make himself look better so I wonder what Tristan’s motivation is.

Felicity gives me such soft vibes and I love her already.

Super sus of Ruthven again like my guy, chill. But I really loved the little scene of Rose and Scorpius working on the banner and looking over the foreign students’ files. It’s just kinda soft and sweet yknow? I don’t know what I’m saying I’m tired lmao
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